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Serinose Pvt. Ltd. was founded in September 2020 by young gamers. Our main mission is to make a complete guide for all types of gamers. With gaming becoming a bigger industry there are several problems faced by gamers every day and we had decided that we will reach out and help them in whatever ways we can.

We will go down and select the best gaming products for all the price range so that you as a gamer can focus on gaming and save your time for finding gaming products from all over the internet.

We are also developing a community where gamers can exchange their ideas, chat with each other and solve each other’s problems. We will also answer those questions which are not answered by anyone. From recommending products to solving problems we will do it for you whether you want to become a professional gamer or you do gaming just for fun, Serinose is at your service.

Gourang Parekh


Being a gamer who was not so privileged, we have decided to make gaming easy for every gamer in India.

Sahil Kakde

Senior Manager HR

We are consistently working on making a platform that is one-stop for everything a gamer needs in their journey.

Rudra Dubey

SEO Manager

We want to reach and solve every single problem of an Indian gamer and make a community that takes Indian gaming to the next level.

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