What is Macro in Gaming Mouse? And Debate Around

macros in gaming

The most widely used and also the most controversial tool/trick among gamers today are macros. For the non-gamers out there, macros are basically shortcuts or anticipated moves that the gamer can record and use later during their games. During a game, it is all in a matter of seconds. You can either win or lose because of that one-second delay due to the time it takes to respond to an action.

While macros are considered to be cheating by most games, they are common among gamers and are used on a daily basis. Gaming mouses are introduced with the facility to incorporate macros as they are largely bought by the gaming youngsters these days. 

How they are used

Using macro editors, if your gaming mouse is one among the connected devices, then a macro list can be created where you can add obvious events by recording them. For instance, you frequently use the action “dodge-shoot-dodge” in a game where you can record it as a macro.

If we press the button we assigned as the macro, it will perform the three actions in a single click. Some of the common mouse macros are reloading the gun when out of bullets, jumping, sprinting, changing weapons, and much more.


The cost of gaming mice with macros ranges from even $5 to almost $100. The large variation in the prices is the result of the quality of the mice. The lowest costing mice do not have high battery life and their quality is of the local market’s products.

Also, the price affects when the mice are wired or wireless, the number of buttons and functionalities it has, and whether it has blinking lights in them. The main factor in the prices is the functionalities or the number of macros that a mouse can provide.

The lowest costing mice have the least amount of macros which are suitable for a novice gamer. For expert gamers, they tend to research a lot and go for the high-priced ones with the maximum macros.

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Leading Brands

There are a large number of companies providing gaming mice. A mouse is the most important tool for a gamer if he wants to be at the top of the board. So when he/she purchases a mouse, they tend to do it from reputable and trusted brands.

The best gaming mouse in 2021 is said to be the Razer Deathadder V2. This particular mouse has various macros with an excellent and firm grip. The main pro of this mouse is that it has great sensors in it.

Another great gaming mouse in the market is Logitech G203 Lightsync which is also an affordable mouse with amazing quality. It is stable, consistent, and possesses 3-zone RGB lighting. Other best gaming mice brands are SteelSeries, Corsair, Asus, and much more.

Controversies For Using Macros

using macros cheating ot legit

The recent controversy prevailing in the gaming industry is about the use of macros in Fortnite. The world-famous game banned the use of macros as it leaves the other fair players at a disadvantage.

The macros used in Fortnite mainly aim at speed. For the players to move at lightning-level speed, they incorporate macros. In Overwatch, despite the strict implication of the game, gamers still use macros to rebind keys and use macro built-in programs like Razer Synapse. It is alerted that when found, the gamer will be completely banned from further use of the game.

In Blizzard, gamers use macros by installing third-party software where they have a saved macro list. Blizzard’s strict penalties do not refrain gamers from indulging in such activities.

Using Macros – Cheating or Legit

The main question in everyone’s minds including mine is whether the usage of macros should be considered cheating. The answer greatly depends on the situation and the macro that the gamer used.

While using simple macros like jumping or running where we assign an action to a button seems appropriate, it is not fair to combine three actions or to get help from a third party while playing a game.

It gives you an upper hand from the other players and requires immediate action on the offender. It is not right to completely ban the use of macros as without using small shortcuts and mouses, the game becomes tedious and long as the gamer has to manually do the same operation an endless number of times.

Just like how the use of Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V is not called cheating, usage of simple one-step actions can be allowed whereas if a series of actions are performed, a penalty should be given.

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Tell us in the comments what do you think, we will be back with another amazing topic until then happy gaming.

Written by Pavithra Sowmiyan
Pavithra is a coder in progress, an aspiring writer, a tech enthusiast, and a violinist. She is an avid book reader who loves to travel. Her favorite place to visit is Greece and always wishes to explore new cuisines and cultures.


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