What does Clutch Mean In Gaming – How to Perform One

What does clutch mean in gaming

Many times you might have hurt players saying I have done a 1 v 5, 1v 4, 1 v 3 clutch, or something similar to this. You might be wondering what does clutch actually means in gaming. People started using this term when online shooting and competitive games became popular. Well, we will help you understand what people mean when they use the word clutch when it comes to gaming.

Meaning Of Clutch In Gaming

A clutch is when a player single-handedly defeats two or more players in an unfavorable situation or when the odds were against him. This term is mostly used in Battle Royale and other online FPS games. In these situations, the player uses his all-game knowledge, abilities, and skills to win over multiple opponents.

Clutches mostly turn the outcome of the game and indicate how well the player has performed in a particular game.

Clutches in gaming are mostly expressed with the verses (vs) symbol. For example, if you have done a 1 v 4 clutch that means you have defeated 4 players single-handedly in a situation during a game. Similarly, 1 v 5 means you have defeated 5 players and so on.

In this video you will see some of the best 1 v 5 clutches in CS: GO

What you need to perform a clutch

You cannot just perform clutches anytime in the game. Clutches happen according to the situation you are in. But to perform a clutch efficiently in a game you will need.

  • Skills for that game
  • Presence of mind
  • Practice and experience in the game
  • And a bit of luck

You have to be able to keep your mind cool and let it focus on the situation. If you have the appropriate skill set for the game and you know are able to sense the next move of the opponent then you just have to act accordingly and most likely you will end up doing a nice clutch.

Already you are against two or more players so apart from the skills you also need to have some luck on your side. Just try to keep your mind cool and do not panic. Believing in your skillset and your practice will help you cool down your mind and you will act smartly even in adverse situations.


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