All-Time Best Websites to Download PC Games for Free (2022)

One-third of the world’s population likes to play games. They play games on one or the other platforms. However still one of the most famous platforms is PC gaming. PC games have seen a huge rise in the number of players in recent times.

Not everyone can afford to buy paid PC games. So people move to the free alternatives. There are many sites on the internet but finding the legit ones can eat up a lot of your time and energy. So we are here with the best sites to download PC games for free.

All the websites listed below are selected on basis of their popularity among gamers. So without wasting any more of your time let’s start with the list.



Well, Romspedia probably has the best collection of Retro-games out there. Their collection is vast and the best thing is that the downloading speed of the site is fast enough.

Apart from PC games, you get ROMs(games) for different consoles such as PSP, PSX, PS2, PS3, and many old consoles. Also, the site provides emulators of different consoles. So even if you don’t have the console with you you can just download the emulator and play the games on your PC.

You should absolutely check this site out if you want to recreate the old golden days of gaming right into your pc and you get all the tools to make it happen on the same site.

Ocean Of Games

Ocean of games

Ocean of games is one of the oldest and most famous websites to download PC games. All games they offer are absolutely free to download and play. From action, adventure, arcade to survival, strategy, and sci-fi They have a very large variety of gaming genres to choose from.

The download speed of the website is also decent. The only thing which you may not like is seeing too many ads while downloading any game.

You can also get many famous titles such as GTA V. Also they have made many games much smaller in size to download which can save a lot of space on your computer.


Free steam games

I am sure that you have heard of steam. Steam is one of the biggest platforms for game downloading. In case you don’t know steam has thousands of free games on its platform.

Some of the most downloaded free games from steam are CS go, Dota 2, and Valorant. Every month there are new free game releases. Also, there are free trial periods for many paid games

Start downloading games from steam you just need to make your account and you are good to go.


GOG get old games

If you are fond of old classic games then go nowhere. GOG which stands for good old games is a great website to find old games for your PC. They have a very large collection of old PC games that are absolutely free to download.

Also, you can download and play free demos of new games that get released every month. You do not need any internet connection or activation code to play free games. You just need to create a GOG account and add any free game to your cart.

visit GOG dot com to download free games.

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My Abandonware

my abandonware

Now my abandonware is a great website for old games. You can get thousands of old games which were released between 1978 to 2010. All the games available here are absolutely free to download and play.

Also, this site does not require you to register before downloading any game. The community is also very good. You can sort games on basis of their genre, developer, publisher, year, or platform.

The site is very user-friendly and the download speed is also decent. If you love old retro games or if you want to relive that era then this is the place where you can start.

visit myabandonware (dot) com

Skidrow Reloaded

Skidrow Reloaded free games

Skidrow is not actually a game publisher but a torrent service provider. You can easily find many cracked versions of games on their website. The group and the site have been operational since the 1990s and they have managed to keep their identity anonymous even today.

Skidrow reloaded shows many pop-ups and will redirect you multiple times when you try to download a game. This can be very annoying for a user, so you can install a pop-up blocker or redirect blocker to save your time and energy.

While we do not recommend downloading cracked games, but if you have decided to download one, you can get a lot of cracked games here. You should be very careful when downloading these games from any torrent because they might contain a virus or malware.

visit skidrowreloaded (dot) com

The Pc Games Net

Pc Games net

If you are looking for compressed versions of games on your looking to download famous games for free. Then you can try thepcgames .net. This is another game downloading website that provides you with cracked versions of famous PC games.

If you cannot download GTA V at once then this is where you can get it in parts. For all games, they will provide you with a Rar file. Their server speed is good and you will be able to pause and resume your downloads.

visit thepcgames (dot) net

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Game Top

Game top free pc games

Not any demo for trial versions of games, yes all the games in gametop are free and legal. You will get full versions(most cases) of the game and they will be free to play for a lifetime.

Gametop is one of the best websites to download free games, their server is fast and they offer one-click download.
Many new free games are released every day, so there is so much to explore and try. They have so many categories which make it easy to search the game according to your preference.

There is also a very good chance that you can get the same games for free which are for paid on other platforms like Steam.

visit gametop(dot) com


Yes, CNET does have its own platform for downloading games and software. The best thing is all games are legal and safe and you get the official versions of all games.

There are mainly three categories that are free games, free to try games and paid games.
You can get thousands of games in each category. You can also sort games on basis of their genre.

Not only PC they have games for Android and IOS too. CNET games is best for free trials of newly released games.



g2a games website

Now, g2a is not exactly a game downloading platform but it is a platform for Gamers to exchange, buy or sell games, in-game items, and much more. It is very likely that you will find a great deal here. You can get many games for a cheaper price or you can also sell your own game or game keys.

So if you are looking to buy a game at a cheaper price then you can try out this website. Make sure you always verify the authenticity of the seller before buying anything, this will prevent you from any scam.

g2a (dot) com

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Fitgirl Repack

Fitgirl repacks provide a game repacking service, they have a very large collection of games and all the games are in a compressed format which makes them easy to share and download.

The website is trustable as their main job is only to repack games. But the games you get there many times are not free of malwares so you should always scan before installing any game on your PC.

Also when it comes to repacked games you cannot expect the same quality you get in original games. It is illegal to download and use repacked games just as it is illegal to download craked games.

fitgirlrepack (dot) co

Microsoft Games

microsoft free games

Well if you are serious and do not want to download any pirated game, so what’s better than the official Microsoft site for downloading games for your Windows PC or laptop.

There are hundreds of free games to download and many games are accessible with an Xbox game pass. The cost of an Xbox game pass is very minimum and believe me, the price you pay is nothing when it comes to what you get.

Even if you do not want not the Xbox game pass still there are many games that are available for free and you can always try out free trials of games for a certain period of time.

OVA Games


ova games

Now again, this is a very old website to get pirated and cracked the games. They provide you with links to download Crack games. So if you are looking for a cracked version of a game then over is one of the oldest websites you can visit.

Always be careful while downloading games from such websites and always scan their files for viruses or Malware.

Their main source of income is advertising so yes it can be quite annoying while downloading games.



Game Jolt is a content-sharing and community website for gamers. But with this, you also get a large variety of games to explore from various developers in the world.

You can download games from gamejolt client. There is no cost required to download and play games and all the games are legal. Gamejolt also ensures that there is no viruses/malware in the game. Overall video, their servers are also fast and secure.

Also, the community is fun and interesting to be a part of. There is a separate community for each game and the members are very helpful. This site is great if you want to share your own gaming content.

gamejolt (dot) com

EA Games 

ea free to play games

Even if you are a casual game I there is no chance that you have not heard of EA games. They are functioning for almost 38 years now and they are one of the biggest video game makers and publishers in the world.

Apart from their paid games they also have free-to-play games for almost every platform. You can download many popular PC games for free from their website.

However, there are a limited number of free games available for pc, but some of them are worth giving a try. To download visit EA’s official website.

Know more about Game Publishers here


blizzard games

Blizzard is another world-leading game developer and publisher. They are the developers of Call of Duty games. They offer some of their games free of cost. Games are one of the most interactive and most played games in the world.

Game such as Call of Duty and Overwatch has a huge international player base. Again the number of games they provide for free is limited but even a handful of them are better when compared to other hundreds of free games.

to download go to their official website blizzard(dot) com

Download Pc Games88

This website is similar to pcgames net and there you can get free games that are either compressed or cracked. The games are already sorted out into categories which makes it easier to find them.

Also, the game files are already checked by their team to make sure they are working. However, again like other crack game downloading websites you will see some ads while downloading any game.

Other than that always scan the games before installing them to make sure they are safe for your pc.
Their website is downloadpcgames88(dot) com

Disclaimer: Downloading any cracked or pirated version of a game is not legal and can contain harmful files. So we do not advise, encourage any user to use pirated games.  We also do not take any responsibility of any consequence faced by the user by using the websites mentioned above.

Also, whenever possible please buy the real game from official sources as it helps the developer of the game. We support game developers who are working hard to bring awesome games to us. We encourage viewers to buy games to support game developers which will help the gaming community to thrive in long term.

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