How to Uninstall Steam Games Completely and Install Later

Are you out of space? And still, you want to download more games. You just feel like a game is taking up a lot of space and you don’t play it anymore, whatever may be the reason you want to uninstall steam games there is a way you can do it.

Uninstalling old games that you don’t play anymore will save a lot of space to fit in other games or any other thing that you want on your PC.

Also, if you uninstall a game from steam you can definitely install it again whenever you need it.

To uninstall a Steam Game

Go to the Library option

Library menu steam

You can find it on the topmost menu in the steam app

Choose the Game You Want to Uninstall

Choose the game to uninstall

In the library section, you will see the list of games that you have downloaded now simply choose the game to that you want to uninstall

Click on the Gear Icon

click on gear icon

After opening the game from the list you will be able to see a gear icon on the right side of the page click on the gear icon

Click on Manage>Uninstall

The last step is to click on manage and lastly uninstall. Now you are done with uninstalling.

Congratulations you are done uninstalling now you can use the space and whichever way you want. Don’t worry you can always install the games you have purchased from steam.

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Re Installing a Game on Steam

Reinstalling a game on steam is easy 

  1. Click on the library menu
  2. now go to the list of games and select which game you want to reinstall
  3. now go to the steam page of the game and there you will see an install button
  4. when you click to install a new window will open click on next
  5. and then I agree to the terms and conditions

Now your game will start getting downloaded again.  After your download has finished just  start the game again and your game is ready to play

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