8 Best Gaming Keyboards Under Rs. 3000 for Pro Gamers (2022)

Selecting a gaming keyboard is not an easy task. There are various factors to look at before finalizing a keyboard that fits in your gaming setup.

After analyzing all the features and factors Serinose has selected 8 Best Mechanical Keyboards under ₹3000 and you can find out which keyboard suits best to you and fulfill most of your needs.

The prices are as of the time of researching the product and prices in e-commerce platforms change from time to time.

Redragon K551View on Amazon
Amkette Evo Fox KatanaView on Amazon
Redgear InvadorView on Amazon
Zebronics Max PlusView on Amazon
Cosmic Byte CB-GK-03 (Black Eye)View on Amazon
Cosmic Byte CB-GK-12View on Amazon
HP gk320View on Amazon
Ant Esports MK3400View on Amazon

Redragon K551

Redragon k551

Overall Best

  • Red Switches
  • Dust Proof
  • Metal Base
Warranty1 year
Weight1.80 Kg

Redragon k551 one is at top of our list, this keyboard comes with 104 dust-proof switches, the keyboard is fully mechanical and here you get the Otemu red key switches, at this price point it is usually difficult to find red switches.

The keyboard has a  Rainbow LED backlight and it comes with 19 different lighting effects, there are also two user-defined game modes available. The downside of the rainbow-led backlighting is that you cannot change the color behind the keys but only the effects of the keyboard.

There are over 87 anti-ghosting keys and 12 multimedia keys, the design of the keys is economic and it does not let your fingers slip even during intense moments while gaming.

The overall design of the keyboard is also very good there is proper elevation given at the top of the keyboard so it makes it comfortable for typing as well as gaming. Overall the build quality of the keyboard is great the base is made up of metal alloy and the top is made up of abs plastic, the materials used here make the keyboard very durable.

The keyboard gives a good tactical feel and as Red keys are more preferred for gaming compared to Blue keys, the keyboard is also not very noisy but you hear a nice click sound as you expect to hear from a good mechanical keyboard.

Customizations can be easily made using its software and the software is very easy to use.

  • Overall durable build quality
  • Red Keys gives awesome feedback
  • Finishing could have been more better

Amkette Evo Fox Katana

evo fox katana

The All-rounder

  • Dust and Spill Proof
  • Detachable Wrist Rest
  • Great Tactical feel and sound
Warranty1 year
Weight1.30 Kg

Well if you are a fan of Amkette products Evo Fox has one of the great lineups of gaming products under the budget categories.

The design of the keyboard is sleek and slim the keyboard is overall made of plastic but the material used is very durable. The good thing about this keyboard is you also get a rest pad which is also detachable, you can detach it using a screwdriver which also comes with the keyboard.

Coming to the keys, all the keys are anti-ghosting keys and you can create macros using almost every key. Apart from that, the keycaps are curved and in this keyboard, you get blue switches.

Here you do not have to worry about the print on the keys getting faded because they are laser engraved. Also, the cable is braided which makes it more durable and it is almost 1.8 m long, you get an interference inhibitor on the cable so that there is no signal interference from other wires near it.

What I liked about the keyboard provider is that they understand the needs of the customer so deeply, you will also get a cable organizer which will help you to organize your wires if the cable is too long for your setup.

The software is designed for Windows 10 and above and you can almost control everything from backlighting effects brightness speed settings. Assigning macros is also easy and you can also create complex macros according to your gaming needs.

Also, the keyboard has on-board storage which allows you to create multiple gaming profiles and also so import or export them whenever needed. As the software does not work on Mac so if you are a Mac user you will have to use gamer profiles for all the settings.

  • Long and braided cables
  • Detachable wrist rest
  • On board memory
  • Software not supported by Mac OS

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Redgear Invador

Redgear Invador

Silent Performer

  • Brown Switches
  • Chroma Lights
  • Fully Anti-Ghosting
Warranty1 year
Weight1.10 Kg

The next mechanical gaming keyboard on our list is the redgear mk881 which is also called invador.

The overall build of the keyboard is sturdy and has a hard plastic base. All the keys you get here are anti-ghosting so you do not need to worry about any action being missed while intense gaming.

In this model you get two options one is the blue switches and the other of the Brown ones both of them do not have much difference the only difference is that blue switches sound louder when clicked than the brown ones.

If you are not a very big fan of sound produced by mechanical keyboards, you can go with the brown keys’ version.

You will get floating keycaps with a crisp and tactile feel. The keys are durable and are tested for over 70 million clicks.

Coming to the lighting part it has Croma Luminous lights and you get up to eight different LED modes and 6 different profiles you can adjust led easily.

The only downside of the keyboard is that it does not come with a driver so you will have to set everything using function keys. There are over 8 different LED modes and 6 different profiles you will be able to set on the keyboard.

The cable is long enough and it is also braided so it adds up to the overall sturdiness of the keyboard. Pricing done is slightly higher than rupees 3000 but you can easily get it below 3000 with offers or during sale time.

  • KAILH Brown switches are very silent
  • Long and braided cable
  • Overall sturdy build
  • Color of lights cannot be changed

Zebronics Max Plus

zebronics max plus

Value For Money

  • Heavy Base
  • Good RGB effects and adjustments
  • Great Feel
Warranty1 year
Weight1.53 Kg

Zebronics Zeb Max Plus has a very clean and simple design, overall it looks slim with decent elevation given for good typing and gaming experience.

It is a full-size mechanical Keyboard which comes with blue switches. The feel and the feedback it gives is just awesome, if you like the sound of a mechanical keyboard and are used to it then you should go with this keyboard

Here the keycaps are suspended and are double injected which makes them more durable.

It has rounded keycaps, so it does not let your fingers slip through it. Moreover, it also has wrist support which is slightly elevated above. The elevation can be favorable for some and not for others.

The quality of plastic used here is good and the weight of the keyboard is around 1.27 kg the cable you get is also very long and the length is about 1.9 meters and the cable is braided.

It has RGB lighting and comes with 10 different modes to choose from so that you can blend your keyboard with your gaming setup. The lights are bright enough and the effects are visible even in a lighter room. Although the letters are clear they could have made the printing more clearer.

  • Long and braided cable
  • Heavy base gives good stabilization
  • not ergonomic

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Cosmic Byte Black Eye

cosmic byte black eye

Sturdy and Silent

  • Brown Switches
  • All Platform Compatibility
  • Aluminum Body
Warranty1 year
Weight1.12 Kg

The next keyboard on our list is the cosmic byte black eye gaming keyboard. The build quality of the keyboard is great you get a full aluminum body here with perfect elevation and wrist support. Also, wrist support is long and wide which provides you comfort while typing and gaming.

You can choose from the blue and brown switch versions so it is suitable for both silent and other gamers who like the sound of mechanical keyboards.

The overall design of the keyboard is attractive and ergonomic if you are a coder blogger or gamer it doesn’t matter you can sit with this keyboard for long hours. Even if you don’t want the wrist rest you can always detach it.

For durability, the keys are double-shot molded and have a life of over 50 million keystrokes

The lighting is decent as the keyboard comes with RGB lighting and it has over 13 different lighting modes to choose from. The only downside of the keyboard is that you cannot make profiles and save them which you would expect in a keyboard at this price range.

  • Sturdy aluminum body
  • Full length wrist rest is comfortable
  • brown switch variant available
  • no impactful cons

Cosmic Byte Neon Rainbow

cosmic byte neon

Blend-in Pick

  • Light Weight
  • Good RGB Customizations
  • Aluminum Body
Warranty1 year
Weight0.90 Kg

Cosmic byte CB GK 12 also known as that neon rainbow is the next best mechanical keyboard by cosmic byte in this price range.

The keyboard has overall study built as the body is made up of aluminum and you get a compact and tough design. The elevation provided is good and you can also adjust it up to over two levels.

Keycaps here have a good texture on them and the keys are made to last long and are tested for over 50 million clicks. The keyboard is full size and all the keys are anti-ghosting so you do not need to worry about loss of input while you are in the middle of extreme action.

The keyboard is fully mechanical and it comes with blue switches again blue switches are not for silent Gamers but if you like the sound of mechanical keyboards then this is for you. Also, all the keys are anti-ghosting so there will be no loss of input here.

The main highlight of the keyboard here is its lighting, You get to see the lighting on the sides or you may call the bezels of the keyboard. It increases the attractiveness of the keyboard and you can adjust it up to 4 brightness levels. 

The keys have Rainbow LED lighting which you can set up to 10 different lighting effects and hear you also get 3-speed adjustments. You cannot change the color of the keys but the overall lighting is very good and it helps your keyboard to mix with your game setup very easily.

  • Good RGB lighting even on bezels
  • Overall lightweight
  • No wrist support

HP GK320

HP GK320 Gaming keyboard

Brand Value

  • 3 years limited brand warranty
  • Matt Texture and Keycaps
  • Compact Design
Warranty1 year
Weight0.87 Kg

If you are a brand lover, then HP has something to offer, well this is a full-size keyboard but overall it is a compact one. this keyboard is easy to carry from place to place and especially if you use it with a gaming laptop. Well, the keyboard also has a very slight elevation.

The overall tactical feel of the keys is nice and crisp. The keys have up to over 50 million click life so it will last longer and the mechanical sound coming out of it is satisfying. Well, you don’t get wrist rest here so you may need to purchase it separately as some might require it because of the elevation.

The keyboard has Rainbow LED lighting and it has some decent lighting and breathing effects to choose from.

The cable of the keyboard is braided but you do get a magnetic ring to reduce outer interference. The USB connector is designed to reduce oxidation which will make it last longer than a normal one.

  • Compact and easy to carry
  • 1 year full warranty and 3 year limited brand warranty
  • no wrist rest

Ant Esports MK3400

ant esports mk3400w

Budget Pick

  • Splash Proof
  • 26 Anti-Ghosting Keys
  • Highly Durable
Warranty1 year
Weight0.99 Kg

Ant Esports MK3400W has a sleek and minimalistic design and it comes with a sand texture finish. It has an overall plastic body but it is hard plastic and not the one that breaks so easily. Speaking about the overall design aspects it looks quite stylish from the sides. 

It is a fully mechanical keyboard and the Keycaps are curved and removable so cleaning will be easy here. Also, the keys are durable and are tested for over 15 Million clicks. The keys have brown switches so so there will be not much noise here.

Coming to the lighting part keyboard has RGB lighting and comes with 13 different light modes. Apart from the 13 light modes, you cannot customize much for yourself but the light modes are more than enough.

Well, the keyboard is suited for all types of gamers and is a value for money product for someone who is starting off with his or her gaming journey.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Durable build
  • not all keys are anti ghosting

So these were some of the best mechanical gaming keyboards you will and under ₹3000. You can also see keyboard lists under different price brackets. Tell us what do you look when buying a gaming keyboard. We will be back with other articles until then happy gaming.

7 Best Professional Gaming Mouse Under Rs. 3000 in India 2022

best gaming mouse under 3000 India

If you are about to start your esports journey or looking for a mouse for your gaming PC build. We have selected the best gaming mouse under Rs. 3000 with the best features, design, and sensitivity.

Gaming mouse has become very important as it gives you a competitive edge. Also, normal mouse lacks features that are essential for gaming such as DPI adjustments.

If you are low on budget then check out our list of other budget category gaming mouse.

Note: the prices are of when we researched about the product and prices in e-commerce platform fluctuate from time to time.

SteelSeries Rival 110 62466View on Amazon
Corsair M55 RGB View on Amazon
ASUS ROG Gladius II CoreView on Amazon
Razer DeathAdder EssentialView on Amazon
HyperX Pulsefire HX-MC004BView on Amazon
G402 Optical Gaming MouseView on Amazon
Asus TUF Gaming M3View on Amazon

1. SteelSeries Rival 110 62466

Steelseries rival 110 gaming mouse

Best Performer

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Truemove-1 Sensor
  • DPI up to 7200
Warranty1 Year
DPIup to 7200

Steelseries is a Danish company well known for its premium quality gaming products. It is one of the most recognized brands in the professional gaming industry.

The SteelSeries 110 has a simple design and has a smooth texture from the top. The mouse easily fits into the hands and the texture on the sides are rubber pads and provides a good grip. Also, the mouse is very lightweight weighing only 90g. The cables are also made thick to make it more durable but one will expect braided cable at this price.

It has 6 programmable buttons including the DPI button and the buttons are smooth and easy to click. Also, the buttons are durable and are tested for over 50 million clicks. The placement of the side buttons is also good and in reach even for small hands.

It has RGB lighting which can be seen through the scroll and logo and can be adjusted through its software. The mouse has a very good gaming-grade sensor called Truemove 1 and its DPI can go up to 7200. Also, it has 240 IPS tracking for faster and accurate movements.

You can assign macros and save your preferred settings to the mouse itself. You can use the mouse on any device with our preferred settings without downloading the software again. 

Overall the mouse is very good. It has all settings you need, a good sensor, high sensitivity, and a premium built quality. The mouse is good for FPS and MOBA games. This is the ideal mouse for those who prefer an overall small mouse. It is one of the best mouse in this price range. Also during the festive season, you will get this at a cheaper price.
  • Premium build quality
  • Better grip
  • Good sensor
  • Lightweight
  • Non braided cables

2. Corsair M55 RGB

Corsair M55 mouse under ₹3000

Sensitivity King

  • 12400 DPI
  • PMW3377 sensor
  • 8 Buttons
Warranty1 Year
DPIup to 12400

Corsair is a leading gaming peripheral manufacturer and their products are of top quality.

The Corsair M55 has a simple but elegant design, it can be used pretty well by both left and right-handed players. Overall the mouse has a very good palm rest which makes it good even for players with big hands. The mouse is also very lightweight being 86g only. The build quality is top-notch and the cables are also braided.

The main feature that justifies its price is sensitivity. It has a highly sensitive gaming-grade sensor(PMW3377) and the DPI goes up to 12400 so you are going to get high precision and easy movements even on a 2k or a 4k monitor.

Now coming to the buttons, the mouse has 8 buttons that are programmable through its software. The buttons are Omron buttons which are known for their durability and are tested for over 50 million clicks. You can also assign remaps and macros to the buttons using the software.

The mouse has RGB lighting which can be seen through its logo and the scroll and you can control the lighting using their software.

The Corsair M55 has very good specs especially when it comes to sensitivity. Also, it is very durable and comfortable to use. So if you want a mouse that servers all your needs while gaming then this is best for you
  • Good build quality
  • Premium quality sensor
  • Omron buttons

    3. ASUS ROG Gladius II Core

    Asus ROG Gladius II core mouse

    Overall Best

    • 220 IPS
    • Aura Sync
    • Armory II software
    Warranty1 Year
    DPIup to 6200

    Well, when it comes to gaming products Asus has left behind many other big companies. Their gaming products are top-rated in terms of specifications and performance.

    The ASUS ROG Gladius II Core has an ergonomic design and is suitable for all types of grips. It has a texture on top and enough finger rest, also the rubber grips at the sides make the hold more strong. Cables are also braided making them more durable

    It has a gaming-grade PAW3327 optical sensor which is the top-rated sensor for a gaming mouse. This allows it to go up to 6200 DPI and maintaining accuracy at the same time, with this you get 30 G acceleration and 220 IPS sensors.

    This mouse has a total of 6 buttons and all are programmable. The buttons are made to sustain for a long time and are Omron buttons which are already tested for over 50 million clicks.

    To completely merge the mouse with your gaming setup this mouse comes with Asus Aura sync by which you can also sync the RGB lighting with in-game action.

    The mouse comes with the Asus Armory II software which allows you to control almost everything in the mouse, plus it is very easy to use and the user interface is also nice.

    The Asus ROG Gladius 2 is a perfect gaming mouse considering its ergonomic design and good sensors supported with its software. If you want a competitive edge in your gaming then this mouse is best for you


    • Ergonomic design
    • Braided Cables
    • 220 IPS with 30 G acceleration
    • Omron buttons
    • Easy to use software
    • Not for people who want a very lightweight mouse

    4. Razer DeathAdder Essential

    Razer Death Adder gaming mouse

    FPS King

    • Crisp Buttons
    • Long Cable
    • Mouse Memory
    Warranty1 Year
    DPIup to 6400

    Razer is a reputed brand in the e-sports and gaming industry and they have been making top-quality products for gamers since 2005.

    The Death Adder Essential has an elegant design. It has a smooth texture on the top with enough palm and finger rests. Also, there are rubber grips at the sides to provide a better grip.

    The mouse is sturdy and the cables are also long and braided. So it will be good even if you have a wire mess behind your setup.

    The DPI can go up to 6400 which is enough even if you play on high resolutions. The DPI can be adjusted using the DPI button and its software.

    There are 5 buttons in total all of them give a good crispy feel while clicking. Also, the placement of the two side buttons is also very accurate and at the same time, they just align with the design. The buttons are also long-lasting and are tested for over 9 million clicks.

    The mouse has RGB lighting which can be seen through the famous razer logo at the top and the scroll wheel. You can adjust the lighting using its software. The software can also be used to assign macros and pre determine settings. Once you are done with all the settings you can delete the software and the mouse will remember your settings. See one on one comparison of Logitech G102 vs Razer DeathAdder Essential

    Razer’s DeathAdder essential is a very good mouse for FPS gamers and if you are just starting off with your esports journey then at this price it is one of the best performing mouse. This mouse will also work well with high-end gaming setups.
    • For FPS lovers
    • Ergonomic Design and provides better grip
    • Long and Braided cable
    • Set and forget settings
    • Some people will feel it is big in their hands

    5. HyperX Pulsefire HX-MC004B

    HyperX Pulsefire gaming mouse


    • Very Lightweight
    • Ergonomic
    • 30 G acceleration
    Warranty2 Year
    DPIup to 6200

    The HyperX Pulsefire has a symmetrical and sleek design. The build quality is tough and the design makes it very comfortable to hold as it has more of a slope towards the front. The weight it only around 87g making it easy for the hands during long gaming sessions. Also, the mouse has braided cables which are long enough to allow some big movements while gaming.

    The mouse has a high gaming-grade sensor that is Pixart 3327. It has DPI which can go up to DPI giving you enough space to adjust according to your needs. Also, you get an acceleration of 30 G with 220 IPS. The DPI can be adjusted using both the software and the DPI buttons. The mouse is very good for FPS games as it provides enough sensitivity adjustments which a gamer needs.

    There are 7 buttons that can be programmed using the software. Well, 7 buttons are usually more than enough for any gamer. The buttons are smooth to click and are durable and tested for over 20 million clicks. The side buttons are very easy to reach and they just merge into the design.

    It has single-zone RGB lighting and can be seen only through the HyperX logo. You can change the color of it through its software but most likely it will be covered through your hands while gaming.

    The software which comes with the mouse is named Ngenuity and it can be used to control RGB lighting and program buttons. You can also assign macros using the software. Well, the software is very easy to use however it is not available for Mac users.

    Overall, the mouse is very good for all types of games and it has every setting that a gamer would need in their journey. Also, the mouse has a very good grip which enhances smooth and accurate movements
    • Lightweight
    • Ngenuity software
    • Good sensor
    • Sturdy design
    • Software not available for Mac users

    6. Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury

    logitech G402 gaming mouse

    Value for Money

    • 32-bit arm processor
    • 500 IPS
    • 8 buttons
    Warranty2 Year
    DPIup to 4000

    Logitech is one of the best companies when it comes to gaming peripherals. Most of their products are of superior quality

    The Logitech G402 gaming mouse has a sleek and attractive design. The mouse is designed in a way that makes it more comfortable for gamers who play for long hours. It has enough palm and thumb rest which will prevent fatigue while gaming. Also, the base of the mouse is made to move smoother to reduce friction and enable faster movements. The only downside with the build is that it does not have any braided cables which are expected at this price.

    This mouse has some amazing sensitivity settings, it has DPI which goes up to 4000 and you can set it anywhere between 250 and 4000 DPI. With this you get a tracking speed of 500 IPS, so no worries about loss of tracking, this allows faster and precise movements and also makes it a very good mouse for playing FPS and MOBA games.

    The mouse has over 8 programmable buttons including the DPI buttons. Overall the buttons are crisp and durable. You can use its software to program the buttons.

    It has a 32-bit arm processor which helps you to create custom macros for different games, this can be done using its software.

    Well the Logitech G402 has so much to offer and it is a very good mouse for FPS games. Also it has best specifications at its price. So with all necessary features it is an excellent mouse if you are just starting with esports or looking for a budget mouse for professional gaming
    • Comfortable grip for long gaming sessions
    • 8 programmable buttons
    • 500 IPS tracking
    • Good for FPS games
    • Cables are non braided
    • Software not for Apple Macbook users

    7. Asus TUF Gaming M3

    Asus Tuf M3 gaming mouse

    Budget Pick

    • Tough Build
    • Teflon Base
    • Armory II software
    Warranty1 Year
    DPIup to 7000

    The Asus TUF gaming mouse is very sturdy. Made of hard plastic, the mouse may also survive falls and snags. The mouse fits very well in the hands and weighs only 84g. Even if you play for hours you will not feel any pain in the hand. The base of the mouse is made of Teflon to reduce friction and make the movements smoother.

    The mouse has the lowest DPI of 200 and it can go as high as 7000 DPI. You can adjust the DPI with the buttons and the software. Also, it has a pooling rate of about 1000 Hz so no lag issues here and you can concentrate on your performance.

    You get 7 buttons that are programmable through its software. The buttons are also tested for over 20 million clicks.

    The mouse has RGB lighting which is controlled through its software, here you are getting Asus Aura sync which lets you choose from thousands of different colors and also lets your mouse sync with the real-time in-game moves and actions.

    The Asus Armory software is just lit, apart from DPI and RGB settings it helps you to assign macros and also shows real-time hardware stats while gaming.

    The Asus M3 is has a tough built quality. With the built it satisfies all the need of the gamers. Also, the Armory II software gives you a more immersive gaming experience. You should consider this if you are slightly low on budget. Overall this mouse is value for money.
    • The mouse is very Lightweight
    • Tough and durable build quality
    • Armory II software
    • Asus Aura Sync
    • cables not braided

    Well, this was our list, tell us your suggestions in the comment box. If you want it any other range then check our gaming mouse review for the ₹2000 category