7 Working Ways to Solve Sweaty Hands Problem While Gaming

solve sweaty hands problem while gaming

Your hands start sweating whenever you start playing games or it happens after you have played for a certain period of time. Well, this problem is common and is experienced by many gamers all around the world. Sweaty hands not only disturb you from the game but can also reduce your speed significantly.

There are various reasons why your hands may be sweaty while gaming. Well, you do not need to worry because this problem can be solved. There are several ways which you can try to counter the sweaty hands’ problem

Alcohol-based Hand Wipes

alcohol based hand wipes

Alcohol is a natural astringent, so when you use the alcohol-based hand wipe, it will dry up your pores and narrow it down so so there is little or no sweat coming out of your hands while gaming. The effect is short-term but it is good and does not have any bad effects.

You can also use hand sanitizers, apply it thoroughly on your hand before gaming and let it dry and then you can continue your game

Use Baby Powder

baby powder for sweaty hands

Another way to encounter sweaty hands is to use baby powder. Baby powder will dry up your hand and will work as a temporary solution to sweaty hands.

Make sure you use powder that does not have talcum in it because studies have shown that talcum is harmful. The Powder will absorb any fluid on your hand and you just have to sprinkle a little whenever you feel your hands are getting sweaty. If you cannot do it in between the session then make it a habit of applying some before the gaming session.

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One of the easiest ways to reduce hand sweat is by using antiperspirant or hand deodorant,  these are mostly used to treat hyperhidrosis. Basically, the chemicals in this product will mix with your sweat and fill up your sweat pores so the overall perspiration is decreased.

To use it, take a very small quantity and rub it on your hands for up to 1 to 2 minutes and let it dry. While this can work wonders for some people, it can develop some side effects for others so if you ever have any side effects then please consult your physician.

Coconut Oil

One of the most natural products that is effective in reducing and sweat is coconut oil. Coconut oil is also a natural antiperspirant. The lauric acid present in the oil helps eliminate sweat-causing bacteria.

coconut oil for sweaty hands while gaming

While gaming it may be difficult to use coconut oil as it can make your hands slippery but if you make it a habit to apply it every day you will certainly see a good reduction in sweating. The best thing about coconut oil is it is natural and it does not have any side effects.

To use it take 4 to 5 drops on your palm and rub it thoroughly like a cream. You will start noticing the difference within 2 to 4 weeks.


There are a lot of options available in the market and gloves are one of the most effective ways to reduce the impact of sweat on the controller on the keyboard. Even if you sweat inside the gloves you will not lose the grip on the controller or the keyboard.

If you have decided to go with gloves then make sure they are breathable and can soak up sweat to a certain extent. Half finger gloves are one of the most popular among gamers. You can also go with full gloves. This totally depends upon your problem and your needs and what glove you are most comfortable with.

gaming gloves for hand sweat

It is not compulsory you go with a certain one that is marketed as a glove for gaming, you can also try out your normal gloves. If they work for you then you have saved some books and no need to buy a new one.

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Most of the time you may experience stress at the time of intense movements and a rush of adrenaline. But sweaty hands could also be a consequence of improper diet. If you are fond of eating too much junk food and food that usually contains a lot of acidic substances such as vinegar then it can be a major reason for sweating.

junkfood increases sweating

Apart from that if you much of sugar aerated drinks then it can also cause you to sweat because the body makes a lot of insulin to process the sugar and change it into energy, the result is you will sweat more.  Keep a healthy diet and avoid sugar and caffeine drinks. Sugar is not at all healthy for your body and leads to many health-related problems such as obesity, diabetes, and heart diseases.

Taking Necessary Breaks

Whatever the game might be you always chances have to take small breaks. The major cause of sweat in the hands is anxiety and tension while gaming.

take breaks while gaming

It is normal for you to be tense during an intense gaming session. But it is always better to take small breaks and relax for a while, this will help your body to cool down and in the meantime, you can just walk around, do some stretching, go out and breathe some fresh air and then come back for the game.

Use Anti Silicon Slips

Anti silicone lips are super easy to get you can get them on any online store or e-commerce website. These are some sticky small materials and they will never let the controller go out of your hand. You can just stick some of those onto your controller or you can roll some stickers together to cover your fingers. This can be a temporary solution to enhance your grip.


How To Keep Your Laptop Cool While Gaming

Cool laptop while gaming and prevent overheating

Gaming laptops are really great, especially when compared to a normal laptop. They offer speed, they are good for multitasking and most importantly gaming. Overheating is an issue but there are many ways to cool down your laptop.

Gaming laptops usually use a higher grade of hardware. They have a higher-grade GPU, backlit keyboard, high-quality displays with higher refresh rates, and much more. With time they are now becoming slimmer and compact. They are not any less than a desktop when it comes to performance.

Cool laptop while gaming and prevent overheating

They are great, but there has been a problem with gaming laptops since the beginning, which is overheating issues. With so much to do at a single time, heating is inevitable but most of the time laptops maintain that temperature themselves. But if your laptop is overheating while gaming or performing any other tasks, this is a serious issue because it can significantly reduce your laptop’s life and reduce performance.

So we are here with ways to keep your laptop cool while gaming. You will be able to reduce the temperature of your laptop significantly preventing overheating and increasing performance.

Placement of Laptop

use laptop on flat surfaces

Proper placement of a laptop is very important especially when you are playing games. The ventilation system in a laptop takes in air from the bottom of the laptop and releases it to the sides.

So if you keep it on uneven surfaces like your bed for your lap then the vents do not get proper air intake. So it is important to keep your laptop on a flat and hard surface which will allow the fans to take in enough air for proper cooling. If you still want to keep it on your lap then you can use small plywood as a stand or else make sure you are not blocking the bottom vents.

Keep the Room Cool

Ok, so just the placement of the laptop is not enough. Sometimes it may happen that your laptop is overheating because the external environment hot. So keeping the room cool is also necessary. The cooler your room will be, the cooler air your fans will take in keeping your laptop’s temperature lower.

You are more likely to experience this problem in summer than in any other season. Will the ideal room temperature for the laptop to function properly is between 18°C to 35°C. So if your room temperature stays above 35 degrees celsius then that can add to your laptop’s temperatures rising up.

So make sure your room is properly air-conditioned and you maintain a cooler environment while gaming.

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Clean Your Laptop

Dust is the enemy of hardware, the air going in through the vents builds up a lot of dust on your internal hardware. Whether you have a messy room or you have a very clean room, dust will find its way to your laptop so you can’t prevent it. You should clean your laptop every 4 to 6 months.
Well here is how you can do it:

  • First, switch off the laptop and let it come to the normal temperature, and then clean the vents and the sides with help of a small soft brush
  • If you know how to open a laptop(unscrew from the backside) then open it and clean the parts again with a soft brush, be careful and do not try to move or disturb any part.
  • If you do not know how to do the above step then take it to a nearby service center they will do it for you. If you can’t go there then try buying some compressed air spray and then spray it to the vents. Make sure you keep the spray bottle straight upright. Keep doing until you see no dust particles.
  • After you are finished doing the above process, switch on the laptop and then run your fans at full speed. You can do it by using various software available for free. This will help you remove any dust that is left inside.

If you follow these steps, then you are good to go to play games again. You will start to see noticeable changes in temperature and it also increases the life of your laptop.

Use Cooling Pads

Apart from the above-mentioned steps, you can also use an external cooling system to lower down the temperature of your laptop. To do this you can buy a cooling pad, cooling pads are usually cheap and you can manage to get one around 10-15$(₹800-2000).

But before you buy a cooling pad you need to see which type of cooling pad is best for you. Only buy a cooling pad that is powered from an external source and not from the laptop or else, it will only decrease your battery performance.

laptop cooling pads for gaming

There are two types of cooling pads available in the market, one which throws air towards your laptop and the other which throws a year away from your laptop, choosing one actually depends on what laptop you are using and in what environment. Also, go for a cooling pad that has more than 2-3 fans because only two fans will not be enough especially for a gaming laptop.

Look for software problems

There can be many software problems that can cause your laptop to heat. These can include problems such as too many software running in the background or a particular software that is clashing with your current game. They can also be used with the cooling software designed for your gaming laptop. There are several ways in which you can solve this issue

laptop cooling software

  • Go to the start menu and search for task manager, now click on processes and close all unnecessary tasks or applications which are running in the background. To end a task right-click on it and choose the End Task Option.
  • Go to the Dedicated cooling software of your laptop, for example, it is Nitrosense for Acer Gaming Laptops. Now look for any setting which can cause an issue, mostly the dedicated software will give you enough options to cool down the system and increase performance.
  • If you stream using your laptop then compare the temperature when you stream and play and when you just play. The streaming software can put an extra load on your laptop. Try a different streaming software or stream using a different PC connected.

Lower Game Settings

Well, this is obvious but it is one of the best ways to lower down the temperature while gaming. Your laptop might perform well when you bought it but with time passing and games being updated every year they demand more and more hardware capabilities such as a more advanced GPU, extra RAM, and much more.

Lowering down the game settings such as resolution and frame rate can help you in lowering the temperature of your gaming laptop as it will significantly reduce the burden on the CPU and GPU.

Playing in medium and low settings will also make your game faster as there is data to render. This is mostly done by fps players to increase who play online fps and other competitive games.

Look for Fault in Fans

One of the Other major reasons that your laptop is overheating can be due to any fault in your fans. This is more likely to happen in old laptops. There are several ways you can find that your fans are working properly or not.

Faulty fans in laptop

One of the easiest ways is to download any software which shows the fan speed. Usually, your dedicated cooling software also shows the fan speed. Check if the speed of a fan is very low even when you are playing games. This might indicate that your fan is broken or damaged.

Also if you hear a cracking/rattling sound from your fan then you can take it as an indication that your fan is damaged. It is best not to take matters into your own hands as changing fans in laptops is not an easy task.

If your warranty is still valid then take it to the company service center and if not you can take it to any service center and get your fan replaced.

Replace Thermal Paste

replace thermal paste

While you are at the service center and if you are the one with the old gaming laptop you can ask them to replace your thermal paste. Thermal paste is usually cheap and you can also put it by yourself with help of a youTube tutorial.

It is advised that you replace thermal paste off a laptop every year after your warranty is over.

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Use an External GPU

external GPU for laptop

This one is not a solution based on your laptop but if your hardware cannot handle intense gaming then you can consider investing in an external GPU. Well, we most don’t recommend it in most cases but if you are short on money and cannot buy a new laptop or a PC then this will work for you.