How to Set PS5 as Primary Console Simple and Easy

Hello everyone in this article we will tell you how to set your ps5 as a primary console or how you can activate your ps5 as primary.

Before we move on with the article we want to tell you that you can only set one PS3 as primary, one PS4 as primary, and one PS5 as primary. You cannot have multiple PS5 as primary. Setting a ps5 as primary is not hard as it sounds you can do it by following simple steps.

  1. Go to Settings from the top left corner of the main screen.
  2. Now go to User and Accounts
  3. Under Users and Accounts go to Othersothers under user and account
  4. Select Console Sharing And Offline Play
  5. Now you will see two options, Just Click on Enableenable console sharing in ps5

Yes, you did it! Now, this console will be your primary console.

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If you want to make another PS5 as your primary console then you will have to log in and repeat the same process there and then that will be your only primary console.

If you are still not able to do this tell us in the comments what problems you are facing we might be able to help you.

This video will help you understand how to make a PS5 your primary console.

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How to Connect PS5 to Hotel Wifi Easily

When traveling, staying in hotels can be boring sometimes,  many people nowadays carry their ps5 PlayStation with them so they can make the best out of their time.

Although Hotel Wi-Fi is not one of the safest and fastest internet connections, sometimes they are your only option.  Also, you will need to save your mobile internet data pack for the rest of your travel.

By default, your PlayStation 5 will not allow you to connect with any unknown Wi-Fi. It will need you to authenticate before you connect to it. So we will tell you how to connect your PS 5 to your hotel’s Wi-Fi easily.

But before that make sure you are connected to the hotel’s Wi-Fi through your mobile and you know the password

To connect your ps5 to your hotel’s wifi

Connecting PS5 to a Wifi using Authentication Method

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Head Over to Network>Settings
  3. Now Select Set Up an Internet Connection
  4. Now select the wifi network of your hotel that you want to connect
  5. You will see two options, just click on how to authenticate
  6. Now open your phone and look for a wireless network of your PS5 it can be something like PS5-648 click on it and it will ask for a password
  7. Enter the wifi password and click on connect

Yes, you did it. The network is now authenticated and your PS5 will now connect to your hotel’s wifi.

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