How to Not Spawn in First Person in GTA 5 Online

If you have recently encountered your problem that your GTA online is starting off with first-person mode then do not worry we have got you covered you just need to follow some simple steps so that you can spawn in the third person every time you start with the game.

If you are currently in GTA online mode then

  • The first step is to go to story mode
  • Now open settings and go-to camera settings
  • Make sure you have checked “allow independent camera modes”
  • now switch your default to third person.
  • Now make sure every time you save your game you have to do it on  third-person perspective.

Well done now every time you are the game will load in third-person perspective. The game will remember the camera mode you have chosen before saving. So after you have followed all the steps you just have to save the game with your preferred settings.

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this video from @linnetshowto might help you tweak some settings.

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How to Share Cash with Friends on GTA 5 online

How to Share cash with friends in gta

The fun in GTA online never ends you always have a lot to explore and with friends the fun always gets double. From missions to heist and races there are a lot of ways you and your friend can earn money.

But what to do if your friend is in urgent need of cash in the game and maybe you have some cash that you want to give to your friend. Have you ever thought that is there a way by which you can transfer some of your money to your friend’s account?

Well GTA online has made it possible, however, you cannot directly transfer your money but you can now share some of your money from the task or a mission that you have recently completed. Also to do this you and your friend need to be in the same gaming session.

To share money with friends in GTA Online

  1. Invite Your Friend to the game you are in.
  2. During the Game Open Interaction Menuinteraction menu gta
  3. Now go to Inventory
  4. Click on Cash
  5. You will see several options there, Now click on “Share Cash from Last Job”share cash from last job
  6. Now Select what percentage of cash you want to share with your friend.set cash sharing percentage

Yes, you did it! now that percentage of the cash will deduct from your account and will be transferred to your friends account.

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Keep in mind to share money, you and your friend need to be in the same session, also before sharing you need to complete any mission which gives you money so that you have the money to share.

This trick will not require any mod and will easily work in any platform including PC, PS5, PS3, PS4, and Xbox.

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How to Sell Property in GTA 5 and Earn Cash – GTA online

How to sell property in gta 5

GTA online comes with new features from time to time and never disappoints, Gamers are waiting for GTA 6 but it will take a long time. Until then we can enjoy the new features GTA online brings to us. If you are a GTA online player then you might have bought a property.

All the properties are not much of use but now they can be a source of income in GTA online. GTA online provides a platform to exchange properties. However, it is not possible to just sell the property without buying another one.

For example, if you have a Property worth 1 million dollars and in exchange, you buy a property worth $300,000 then the remaining value which is $700,000 will be credited to your GTA Online bank account. This is a great way to get instant cash when necessary.

And if a cheap property appreciates in value then you can again exchange it for another cheap property and take cash for the remaining value.

To sell a property follow the steps below

Open the in-game browser

gta browser

You can do this using the smartphone in the game

Go to Dynasty 8 Real Estate website

Now look for Dynasty 8 website, or just type on the address bar. Here you will be able to buy and sell properties in GTA 5. Click on View property listings and sort the properties listings from low to high.

Choose the Property you want to purchase

Choose property you want to purchase

Now from the many options available choose the property which you want to purchase, to purchase a property simply click on the green purchase button.

Select the property you want to sell

gta trade property

After you are done purchasing the property you will be redirected to the game and you will be asked if you want to sell a property in exchange. Now you just have to choose a property which you want to exchange. Remember if you want surplus cash then sell a property that is higher in value than the property you bought earlier.

Remember you can only own up to 6 properties at a time, and whenever you buy another property you will be asked to exchange it from your older properties.

Yes, you did it you have sold property if you have exchanged a property that is more in value than the property you bought then the surplus will be credited to your bank account.

And in case if you have bought a property that is higher than the value of the property sold then the remaining will be deducted from your bank account.

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