Is 400 Mbps Good for Gaming, What else to consider

With time the speed of the internet is constantly increasing. We saw 4G after 3G and now the world is switching to 5G network and the craze for online gaming is also increasing. Now your gaming performance will also depend upon your router’s speed.  Also, a fast internet speed gives you and competitive edge in online gaming, especially in FPS.

You might wonder today we get speeds up to 1 Gbps, 2 Gbps, and more. You might also think what should be the speed of your internet connection if you want to play games smoothly.

If you are thinking that is 400 MBPS enough for gaming? Then there is good news for you, anything above 30 MBPS is considered good for gaming. But it is not only the speed that you require for gaming other factors can affect your gaming performance. We will see all the factors in detail below.

400 mbps for gaming


First is latency, latency is nothing but the time required for data to travel a particular distance, in gaming, it is generally referred to as ping. The latency of your internet connection is as important as its bandwidth.

Even if you have a 1 Gbps Network and the latency is very high, you will experience lags or high ping in the game. Latency is measured in milliseconds and there are various apps available by which you can see the latency in your internet connection.

For any normal online game, 50 milliseconds of latency is considered good and if you are an FPS lover then latency below 40 is considered ideal.

Wired/wireless connection

Your internet speed also greatly gets affected by the fact that you are using a wired or a wireless connection. In no scenario, a wireless connection will be faster than a wired one so it is recommended that you use an ethernet cable for gaming.

A direct-wired connection will increase your speed and is also helpful in bringing down the ping rate. Also, make sure your ethernet cable is capable to handle your speed.

Know more about ethernet cables for gaming

Game streaming

If you are a streamer then this will also affect your internet speed for the game because streaming itself eats a lot of bandwidth. Well, if you are a content creator then we recommend you to record first and upload later but if you want to stick with streaming then make sure your internet connection is fast and has the lowest latency possible.

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Game Servers

Sometimes your internet connection is fast but the server itself is slow this is because of the location of the server of the game. If a game does not have a fast enough server for your country then consider switching the server location if that game allows you to do so. Most FPS games will allow you to play on different servers worldwide from one of the servers which have the lowest ping.

Load On Router

If you have only one modem in your house and many family members are using it at the same time then this can slow down your internet connection and also increased latency. So the best thing to do will be to ask your family members not to stream videos or play games while you are playing and the second option is to get a separate internet connection for gaming purposes.


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