Is 240 GB SSD Enough For Gaming – What Else to Consider

Are you building a gaming pc or you are going to buy a gaming laptop and you thinking is 240 GB SSD is enough for gaming or not.

Well, when it comes to SSD they are costlier but more than ten times faster than a hard disk drive. When it comes to speed HDDs cannot beat them as SSD do not have any moving parts.

But speed is not the only thing you need to look for before you buy an SSD for gaming. We have discussed various factors you need to consider before you come to a decision.

Usage (Normal or Only Gaming)

The first factor is usage, even if you buy a 240 GB SSD you will not get all of it for playing games. Firstly you will have to leave some space which is almost 60GB so that your PC or laptop work smoothly apart from that you also have to leave space for your games to function properly. So only having a 240 GB SSD is not a good idea.

Also if you are planning to use the laptop for other purposes then 240 GB is certainly not enough. Because most of the basic software will eat up the space you have and do not think of having multimedia such as movies along with games.

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Number of Games

number of games you want

The second most important factor is the number of games you want to have. If we consider that you only have 240 GB SSD then you will be able to keep only one or two large games. Most of the large games need at least 20 GB of free space to run smoothly.

So practically speaking if you want 3rd game then you will have to delete one of the two games. And reinstalling games several times is not something you would love to do.

In another scenario, you can have a bunch of small games but not too many. You can have at least 5 to 7 games assuming that each game takes up almost 15 GB of space. In this case, you cannot have a bigger game on your PC and in order to have one, you will have to sacrifice other games.

Other Options to Consider

From above you can see that only having 240 GB SSD for gaming does no good. But if you do want to get an SSD then it is better to go with a combination of SSD and HDD. By doing this you will solve both the problems of speed and have enough storage at the same time.

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The best solution to this problem is a 1TB SSD but considering that you are on a budget you can go with a combination of SSD and HDD.

The best combination you can have is 240 GB SSD and 1TB HDD. SSD will make your system smooth to operate and with a 1TB HDD, you will now not be concerned about storage.  Now you can Store 6-7 big games or a combination of big and small games.

A faster HDD

If you are very tight on budget then it is better to go with the faster HDD.  You can consider getting a 1 TB HDD with RPM above 7500.

It might not be as fast as SSD you will not encounter any storage problems and you will be able to explore new games without deleting the old ones. Also, it will give you space for other software and multimedia.

Hope we have helped you to some extent now you will be able to make a wise decision on whether to go with the SSD or a combination of SSD and HDD. Tell us in the comments what do you think.

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