How to Set a Background on a PS5

If you have recently bought a ps5 and if you are wondering that how to set background theme. Well, don’t worry we have got you covered.

The short answer to your question is that ps5 as of now does not have any settings by which you can change your background theme. However, it shows the background theme of the game currently your selector is on.

Trust me we have tried every way on our ps5 and also we have looked all over the internet but we didn’t find anything that could change the background theme of the home screen.

ps5 home screen

Well as of now Sone has not released an update by which you will be able to change the background theme so so it is better to wait. Until then you can keep your selector on different games and enjoy the built-in background. With the background, you will also get some inbuilt music so it’s not that boring.

When Sony releases an update we will be the first one on how you can change your background theme in ps5

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