How to Refund a Game on Steam (2022)

how to refund game on steam

Purchased a game but you feel like it’s not up to the mark? Or you just accidentally purchased the wrong game and not sure what to do now. Well, you are lucky steam has a return policy by which you can get a full refund of the game you purchased.

The return is approved under two conditions, one is that you have played the game for less than 2 hours. And secondly, your purchase should not be older than two weeks. Exceptions are made by the company in some cases so you can apply for a refund even if you do not meet the two conditions.

In this article, we will tell you how to get a refund of your game in steam properly so that your request gets approved without any problem.

Requesting a Refund From Steam

Open The Help Menu

go to steam help

Once you start steam you can find the help menu at the top right menu bar. Go to Help>steam support. If you cannot find it then you can also visit from your pc.

Click on Purchases

steam purchases

You will see a lot of options you just have to click on Purchases Option

View Purchase History

View Purchase History Steam

Now click on View complete purchasing history option.

Select the Game

select a game from purchase list

Now you will see the list of purchases you have done, just select the game that you want to refund.

Click on I Would Like a Refund

I would like a refund steam

From the four options go to I would like a refund option, In the next screen they will ask if you have a technical problem with the app, Click on refund option.

Tell the Reason and Submit Request

Last step steam refund

The last step is to specify a reason for your refund, select an appropriate reason and click the Submit button. You can also add reason to the notes column, make sure you are precise and clear.

Well, once you have completed the steps, steam will review your application and if you qualify they will issue a refund to you within a week.

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Steam Refund Policy

Steam has a very strict refund policy, any downloaded game or content is refundable within a period of two weeks also the number of hours played should not exceed 2 hours. Also, if your purchase is older than 14 days there is very little chance that steam might issue a refund.

If you have played a game for more than two hours you can still apply for a refund. However, it depends on the total game length if your refund will be accepted or not.

You can also apply for a refund if you bought the game just before a sale, they will process a refund and allow you to purchase the game again.

You can also request a refund for subscriptions, gifts, bundles, in-game purchases and wallet refunds.

Do not make it a habit of processing refunds on Steam, once they identify that you are misusing their system they can ban your account. So read and watch reviews before buying any game or subscription from steam.

The refund processed by steam will be credited to your steam wallet as it cannot refund you on the initial payment method. You can use this balance to purchase other games and items. However, there is no way to steam wallet money back to your bank account.

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