How to Play Apple Music on PS5

connect and play apple music in ps5

Apple music has been finally launched in the ps5 and now you will be able to enjoy music with gaming all you need to have is an Apple Music account. You can easily connect your Apple music account with the ps5. If you are facing any problem connecting your account with PS5 then just follow the steps below.

Connect Apple Music with PS5 console

To connect Apple music with PS5 consoles first you will need to download Apple music on your ps5 to do this

  • Go to All apps from the media home and select Apple music
  • Now click on Download
  • The next step is to open the Apple Music app and you can sign up or log in with your account details


Play Apple Music on PS5

After Setting up an Account you can switch on music from Apple Music and later start a game and the music will run in the background

  1. To start music during a game just press the PS button on the dual sense wireless controller
  2. Now on the control section select the menu function card
  3. There you will find Apple music recommendations that match the game you are currently playing or you can choose your own favorite game from their library

By following the steps given here you will be able to play Apple music in between the gameplay and you do not need to switch off the game to start the music.

Till now there is no announcement whether this apple music will be available on PS4 or not. Similarly, Xbox users are also demanding Apple music on their consoles music while gaming is now a new trend and all the consoles providers are adapting do it very fast

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