How to Game Share on PS5 (2022)

The feature of game sharing has been there for a long time and modern consoles, especially in PlayStations. The feature and might not be popular and most people may not use it but it does not line out how useful this feature is.

Many of us have wondered that if this feature will be there in ps5 especially after the launch of the PlayStation Plus subscription.  And yes you can share your PSN subscription too.

Well you can game share by following some of the simple steps given below

  1. Log in to the PS5 with your PSN account
  2. On your ps5 Open Settings from the top right corner
  3. Go to User and Accounts>Otherps5 game share and console sharing
  4. Now you will some options there, Simply click on Console Sharing and Offline Play
  5. Now make sure Console Sharing and Offline Play is enabled on your ps5.

After you have enabled console sharing you can log out of your Playstation network account and your friend will be able to play games that you have downloaded and you will also be able to play it on your own console.

Once you have enabled the feature you will be able to download the games from your PS5 library, it will be available to play for anyone else using your console and they will be able to play it even if your console is offline.

Keep in mind you can only enable console sharing in one ps5 at a time. Although you can change it as many times as you want.

How good the feature might seem but depends on how you use it because it has its own pros and cons.


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