How to Change Camera Angle in Valorant

Valorant is now played worldwide, and this character-based tactical FPS game by Riot games has grown to over 3 million active players daily and popularity still increasing

Camera angle is one of the most important aspects when it comes to FPS games. A wrong camera angle can decrease your performance in the game. And at the same time if the camera angle is according to you then it gives you a competitive edge over other players.

Changing the camera angle in Valorant is not as hard as you think.

To customize camera angle in Valorant,

  1. Go to Settings from the top left corner of the app
  2. Now head over to the controls option
  3. Click on Interface
  4. Now click on  “observer: toggle free camera
  5. Now adjust the camera angle according to your requirement

Yes, you did you finally change the camera angle. You can also adjust other things from the settings such as sensitivity.

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