How to Become a Professional Gamer in India

Becoming a professional gamer in India is not very easy but it is definitely possible. Gamers like Mortal(Naman Mathur) and V3nom(Ankit Panth) have become role models and have shown the potential of gaming in India. We will tell you some steps that can boost your gaming career. There are many problems that an Indian gamer face we will tell you how to counter most of them so that you become a more wise and successful gamer.

Gaming as a profession

1. Set your Mindset

Well, the first step towards becoming a gamer is to accept that it is not going to be easy, especially not in India. There are many problems that will come in your journey of becoming a gamer. Such as non-supportive parents, non-supportive society, problems with money(depends from person to person).

Other than this need to accept that the odds may not be in your favor. Ok so we are not here to discourage you but if you really want to be a gamer you need to accept what comes in your way, you need to know that it is not different than any other work and like any other work it also needs hard work, patience and most importantly persistence. So you need to prepare your mind for everything and also you need to tell yourself that why you need to become a gamer. During the journey don’t forget your ‘why’ and you will enjoy your journey to become a successful gamer.

2. Have a Financial Plan

Financial plan for a gamer

Money is important! You need to understand that you won’t start earning right away when you start gaming. Whether you come from an extremely rich or middle-class family you need to have some sort of financial planning. Well if you are a teenager aged 13-14 maybe now you can relax and focus on your gaming but if you are 18 or above you should know how you are gonna afford food, a decent lifestyle, and things that you require for gaming because not all parents will be willing to support you financially especially for a career like gaming. And you should not be dependent financially on anyone as it only makes the situation worse in the long run.

There are many ways in which you can support yourself financially such as doing a part-time job, doing paid internships, building a youtube channel, or providing any service to the gaming community for which you can get paid. There are a lot of other options for earning. You need to build an earning source that can be enough at least for your survival so that you can focus on improving your gaming skills.

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3. Pick a game/ games

The next step is picking a game that you like. But you should know that you can not pick any random game because the gaming sector and India is concentrated around 5 to 10 games. Whether it be PC or mobile there are not many games that, India plays at an international esports level. For mobile PUBG mobile, free fire, call of Duty and Fortnite are one of the most popular games on mobile. For PC gaming you can go with CSGO, PUBG PC, Fortnite, League of Legends, Dota 2, and apex legends. Right now these are the most popular games in India for professional gaming, the reason we want you to pick up a popular game is that it will help you build an audience and also help you showcase your skills. The more you get noticed, the more chances are that you will be successful in this career. Also, it will bring many more opportunities as a gamer. So pick one or two games that and you enjoy playing and also it is popular at that point of time.

4. Practice and Practice

Practice as a Gamer

After picking up the game the next step to practice and practice. You should play the game with all your heart and focus on improving your skills. You should be the best at the game you are playing. Will you do not need to focus on being the best among all, you just need to become the best you can be. Improving your skill is not a one-day task and will develop over time you should utilize your time in the best possible way and never miss a practice session. In the initial stage focus on your strength rather than weaknesses. Firstly, improve your strengths more and more so that it becomes your edge and then counter your weakness is one by one. You can also bring innovative ways of practicing the game you are playing and also develop some drills. See and learn from the players which inspire you and keep practicing and do not quit

I’m a strong believer that you practice like you play, little things make big things happen. – Tony Dorsett

5. Stay Fit and Healthy

Well staying healthy as a gamer is very important. As a gamer, you can put so much stress on yourself and your body. You can take several steps to keep yourself healthy.

The first and foremost thing is to stay hydrated. Your body needs a good amount of water to function properly. While gaming we often forget to drink water. So keep yourself hydrated while, gaming sit with a water bottle, and also avoid sugary drinks such as coffee or cold drinks. You will notice that you have much more energy now. Also, take frequent breaks during gaming sessions as this will help you avoid cramps and also give your eyes some rest.

After you have completed a match or playing for a long time take a 5 to 15 minutes break, leave the screen and go walk around, this will also make your mind fresh for the next gaming session and will also prevent problems such as gamer’s neck. Also, take a healthy diet and exercise regularly, and most importantly do not put off your sleep and sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a day. With time you will see your energy level going up and your concentration increasing, which will help a lot in your gaming career.

6. Play Local/Online Tournaments

Become Professional Gamer in India

Once you start practicing and develop your skills now it’s time to test your skills. You can do this by playing local tournaments and also by online events of your particular game. This is the time you can analyze yourself and you can know how well you actually play the game. You will come to know where you stand in the whole competition. If you think you are doing well then keep going and if you think you are not that great then keep practicing until you get better. Also during this time, you will get to know how everything works in an Esports event or competition and also the business as a whole. You will meet people and make connections that will help you in your journey.

7. Prove Yourself

The next thing is to prove yourself, yes you heard it right. You need to win tournaments, competitions, and any esports event so that you can get into the eyes of esports teams and they might invite you to play for them. If you are not invited, it’s okay, just keep networking and keep connecting to better and famous players. Join communities, social media groups, and discord channels. Never miss an opportunity to showcase your talent. You can do this by joining practices, scrims, and live streams of other players. Keep yourself in an environment where you keep getting such opportunities.

8. Build an Audience

Well, building an audience is also necessary this will not only help you to showcase your talent but also so can help you financially. You can do this simply by starting a YouTube channel, this will help keep your consistency and you will also be able to make some money. This will also help you if you have any anxiety or stage fear and you will be good at public speaking and it will also boost your confidence. Building an audience has so many plus points that will ultimately help you in your career and your life.

9. Keep Learning and Polishing your skills

Keep polishing your gaming skills

The most important thing is persistence and dedication. You need to keep working on gaming skills and keep improving yourself in other aspects such as teamwork and strategy building. Also keep experimenting with your gaming skills and strategies and you might discover something new inside you that you can use as an advantage.
It is also important not to quit keep working on your weaknesses. Keep exploring new games and the games that are in the trend as this will help you stay relative over time. Even if you are successful do not let that success get into your head and keep working hard. On a journey as a gamer stay healthy, have a good social life, and enjoy gaming and your life as a gamer.

Well, these are the steps that are very important to become a gamer in India. Following these steps will do 97 percent of the work and the rest 3 percent is a bit of luck that you will need in your career. So tell us in the comments what are your views. We will be back with another helpful article, till then happy gaming.

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