How to Share Cash with Friends on GTA 5 online

The fun in GTA online never ends you always have a lot to explore and with friends the fun always gets double. From missions to heist and races there are a lot of ways you and your friend can earn money.

But what to do if your friend is in urgent need of cash in the game and maybe you have some cash that you want to give to your friend. Have you ever thought that is there a way by which you can transfer some of your money to your friend’s account?

Well GTA online has made it possible, however, you cannot directly transfer your money but you can now share some of your money from the task or a mission that you have recently completed. Also to do this you and your friend need to be in the same gaming session.

To share money with friends in GTA Online

  1. Invite Your Friend to the game you are in.
  2. During the Game Open Interaction Menuinteraction menu gta
  3. Now go to Inventory
  4. Click on Cash
  5. You will see several options there, Now click on “Share Cash from Last Job”share cash from last job
  6. Now Select what percentage of cash you want to share with your friend.set cash sharing percentage

Yes, you did it! now that percentage of the cash will deduct from your account and will be transferred to your friends account.

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Keep in mind to share money, you and your friend need to be in the same session, also before sharing you need to complete any mission which gives you money so that you have the money to share.

This trick will not require any mod and will easily work in any platform including PC, PS5, PS3, PS4, and Xbox.

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