How to Get Free Warzone Coins in Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty mobile has its own reputation in Mobile gaming. The games so a very big spike in the number of users after the man of pubg mobile in India. Today the game has its own separate player base. Now is one of the most played Battle Royale games on mobile.

Will COD mobile has recently launched Warzone in its mobile version. This is to celebrate the launching of the Call of Duty Warzone. The game was liked and appreciated by players worldwide just after its launch.

These coins are also known as WarZone tokens and they are widely used in the Pc game. Warzone coins are used to unlock one of the three special characters in the game and can also be used for other purposes of the game later.

There are ways by which you can get free version coins in Call of Duty mobile.

Linking your Call Of Duty Account to Mobile

link your cod account to mobile game

The first step is simple and you just need to link your Call of Duty account to your COD mobile app. In case, you have not made a Call of Duty account then you can go to

If you already have an account then head over to your mobile app go to Settings>Accounts>Login Options. You will see many options click on the call of duty account and then your COD account will be linked to your COD mobile app.

Download the Call of Duty Warzone in Available Platforms

download Cod warzone

Recently Call of Duty Warzone was launched and it is now available on all platforms including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and PC. Great thing is that it is completely free to play.

Show the next step is to download it on any platform you have in your home.

Login with the Same Account

Once you have downloaded the Call of Duty warzone, the next step is to connect your Call of Duty account to the game. Make sure you connect the same account which you used in COD mobile. You can close your COD mobile app for a while after this step.

Play a Match and Receive Coins

redeem warzone coins in cod mobile

The next step you have to play a match in the Call of Duty Warzone. You can select any match type which is available. Once you have finished playing a match you can open your COD mobile app. Check the mailbox you will get free warzone coins. These coins can now be used to unlock any one character.

How to unlock a character search for task force 141 event and then you are good to go.
Keep in mind that you can only unlock one character and once you have made your decision the character will be permanent and the decision is Irreversible.

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