How to Get Free Gold Coins in Dr Driving

free gold coins in Dr driving

Dr driving is one of the oldest and and most played driving simulation game in android. The game involves parking, driving and much more. It was released in 2013 and now is one of the most downloaded games in play store.

You may have noticed that in the game you get gold coins. Gold coins help in progress of the game. You can also purchase gold coins in the game. However, if you do not want to purcase there are several ways you can get gold coins in Dr. Driving for free.

Several Methods to get Free Coins in Dr. Driving

Connect Your Facebook Account

One of the easiest ways to get free gold coins is to connect your Facebook account with Dr. Driving. Once you connect your Facebook account you will receive 100 gold coins for free.

Rate the App in the Play store

Another way to get some free gold coins is to rate the app in Google Play Store. Once you rate the app in the Play Store you will get hundred gold coins for free. The rating does not have to be five stars you can rate it anything you want.

Download Another game from the Developers

Again an easy step to get 100 gold coins for free is to download another game of the same developer. You can download Doctor Gokumu, Dr. Driving 2 you, or any other game that the game suggests. After you download any other game from the developer and connect your account you will get 100 coins for free in Dr. Driving

Switch lanes with blinkers ON

Well, some of you might already know it but for those who don’t. Switching lanes with blinkers on will also get you coins. Every time you switch a Lane with the blinker on you get one free gold coin. It is not compulsory to take a turn so it will not affect your performance.

Win Multiplayer Games

If you have still not start playing multiplayer more then you should start it soon. For each multiplayer mode, you win you will get one free gold coin. You will also lose points when you lose a multiplayer mode but if you have spent enough time in the game then you can start playing multiplayer mode and start winning gold.

Complete in game Achievements

Completing achievements will also get you more gold coins. Every achievement has a reward against it. You can view a list of all achievements that can be completed to earn more gold coins. To view the list go to the game center and then go to the achievements tab and there you can see your progress.
Most of the achievements are easy to finish and you will complete many of them with the course of time.

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By following the steps mentioned in this article you will be able to get many free gold coins in this game. So the main strategy is to be consistent and if you want to get Gold coins regularly then you should play multiplayer mode daily.

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