8 Best Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo Under Rs 2000 in 2022

Most gamers prefer to buy a keyboard and mouse separately, as it allows them to get more accurate specifications according to their needs. But there are some amazing keyboards and mouse combinations that are already available.

And a combo is relatively cheaper than buying both of them separately. So we have picked one of the best gaming keyboards and mouse combo under ₹2000. All of them are selected on basis of their specifications and performance.

Note: Prices are as of the time of research and prices in eCommerce platforms fluctuate from time to time.

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Built and design of the keyboard is very sturdy, the full body is made up of aluminum and the elevation is exactly what you need for gaming.

The keyboard comes with a special mobile holder which is a new feature that can save up space that your mobile takes on your gaming table.

Although the keyboard is a membrane keyboard, it gives you a near-to-mechanical feel. The keys are in perfect elevation and the keycaps are curved which makes it more suitable for intense gaming moments so your finger does not slip over a key when needed.

The keyboard has over 19 anti-ghosting keys so no missing movements. Also, it has multiple RGB lighting and you can set it for over 8 unique lighting effects.


The mouse has an ergonomic design which makes it very comfortable to hold. And the mouse is best suited for long gaming sessions as it only weighs around 108 grams.

If we talk about the sensitivity, the DPI of the mouse can go up to over 7200, which can be adjusted using the software. Also, it has a 60 IPS tracking speed and comes with 20G acceleration.

You will get 7 buttons that can be fully customized using the software. The buttons are crisp and their positioning is precise for gamers.

  • Both Keyboard and mouse are durable
  • Both have braided cable.
  • Both have customizable RGB lighting
  • Anti Ghosting Keys on the keyboard.
  • paint job is average but does not affect performance

Ant Esports Gaming Combo

ant esports gaming combo

Runner Up

  • KM540 Gaming keyboard
  • 7 programmable buttons mouse
  • Good Palm Rest on keyboard


The KM540 gaming keyboard has an amazing build quality, it has a metal alloy frame on the top making it more durable. Also, the keyboard has a good hand rest which makes both typing and gaming easy especially when done for a long time.

There are also two rubberized holders at the bottom which will prevent the keyboard from slipping down the table. Coming to the lighting it has multi-zone RGB lighting which is fully user-controlled.

The keys anti-ghosting, so that they do not miss any input when pressing multiple times. Well, they are also long-lasting and tested for over 50 million clicks.


The mouse is as interesting as the keyboard. The design is very futuristic and the sides are rubberized so that the mouse does not slip in any condition even during aggressive movements while gaming.

The mouse comes with a gaming-grade sensor and there are 4 DPI adjustments available that are 800/1600/2400/3200, this will help you to adjust accordingly with the game you play on the sensitivity it requires.

The mouse has 7 programmable buttons and the side buttons just blend into the design. Other than the buttons you can also control the RGB lighting using its software, and you get over 5 color options.

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  • futuristic design of the mouse
  • Keyboard is very durable
  • Good RGB customizations
  • 4 DPI adjustments
  • DPI cannot go lower than 800 in case of mouse (most fps gamers prefer low dpi)

Cosmic Byte Dark Matter Combo

cosmic Byte Dark Matter Combo

Budget Fit

  • Replaceable keycaps
  • Adjustable DPI
  • Anti Ghosting Keys


If you are tight on budget, no worries, the cosmic byte dark matter combo is a great deal to grab. The design of the keyboard is slim but it has the necessary elevation. Also, the design stands out when compared to other keyboards and overall it looks very attractive.

The keyboard comes with a palm rest which is not so wide but it is enough for most people. All the keys are well placed so that you don’t hit two keys at a time while gaming.

Overall the build quality is average, however, the material used is decent enough. The good thing about this keyboard is that the keycaps are replaceable which you rarely get to see in a combo.

Coming to the backlight you can choose from 3 different color options and backlighting is bright and pretty well suited to the keyboard.


The mouse has a sleek and simple look, it has an ergonomic design and the sides of the mouse provide a good grip while gaming.

The mouse has 6 programmable buttons including the DPI buttons. When the buttons can be programmed using its software while the DPI has 4 presets that are 800/1200/1600 and 2400 dpi.

This mouse is good for gamers who are not very much into FPS gaming, apart from fps this mouse is great for all other types of games. The backlight of the mouse has different colors which change automatically.

  • Replaceable key-caps
  • Both keyboard and mouse have backlight
  • Anti-Ghosting keys
  • Mouse not for fps lovers

Readgear G20 Gaming Combo

redgear G20 gaming combo

Value Pick

  • Double Injected Keycaps
  • Braided Cable
  • Aluminum top


Redgear’s G20 combo has everything you need in a budget keyboard and mouse combo.
The keyboard has a flat design and the build quality is great at this price. The body of the keyboard is made up of aluminum while the back is of hard plastic.

There is good spacing then between the keys and you get floating keycaps in the keyboard. The lighting of the keyboard is good, you get to see multi-zone lighting and keycaps are double injected which makes it good for nighttime use.


The design of the mouse is ergonomic and it gives a perfect grip while gaming, the mouse is very durable and it has a braided cable of about 1.8 long.

The mouse comes with 7 buttons which are fully programmable through its software. And with saving macros the mouse can also save up to 5 profile settings.

The mouse has RGB lighting and you get to choose from 16.8 color customization options, this gives you full control over the mouse backlight and you can make your mouse blend with your gaming setup.

  • Good Build Quality
  • Mouse with DPI upto 4800
  • Good Color customizations available for mouse
  • Linux OS not supported

Redgear Manta Gaming Combo

readgear manta combo

Journey Starter

  • 19 Anti Ghosting Keys
  • Mouse DPI up to 3000
  • Futuristic Design


If you are a casual gamer who want to start their own gaming journey then this combo is just what you want to get started in budget.

The manta gaming combo comes with a redgear blaze gaming keyboard, the keyboard is durable and the body is made up of aluminum, all over the body, the detailing is very fine and clear this makes the keyboard look more attractive.

The keyboard has over 19 anti-ghosting keys to make sure every click of your is recorded enhancing a gaming experience. Also, the keys are long-lasting and are tested for over 10 million clicks. Will you also get a Windows lock key to block any pops up while gaming.

The lighting of the keyboard is decent, the lights can display only one color all over the keyboard and you get to choose from three different colors.


The look of the mouse is very futuristic and attractive. The mouse gives a good grip for gaming and the curve on top makes it more comfortable for gamers with big hands.

The mouse comes with 6 Programmable buttons which are fully customizable using its software. The mouse can save up to 5 profiles according to your needs and you can assign different macros for each game. Well, the buttons are crisp and durable and are tested for over 5 million clicks.

The DPI of the mouse goes up to 3200 and it has 4 presets which are 800/1600/2000 and 3200.
3200 will be enough DPI you are just starting your gaming journey. Also, the tracking speed of the mouse can go up to 50 IPS.

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  • Sturdy built of both keyboard and mouse
  • long cables
  • Good for Casusal Gamers
  • No lighting effects

So, this was our list for best combos, you can also get separate best recommendations under different budgets under our gaming mouse and gaming keyboard sections.

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