Easily Stop Steam From Opening at Startup

Automatic launching of apps when you start your computer can be annoying because you do not always start your computer for the same reason every time.  By default steam also has a default setting by which it opens itself when you start your computer.

Maybe the automatic opening of steam is disturbing or unnecessary and your time gets wasted closing steam every time you start your computer.

Luckily you can turn this setting off on your PC  and get rid of steam launching at startup.

To stop steam from opening itself automatically

Go to Settings option from Steam Menu

steam settings

The first step is to open the steam app, now from the topmost menu go to “Steam” and a drop-down list will appear select “settings” option

Go to Interface From the Side Menu

Once you click settings a new window will open, now look for the interface option in the left sidebar.

Uncheck “Run Steam When My Computer Starts”

stop steam from starting up

You will see various options there now look for or “ Run Steam when my computer starts” make sure to uncheck the option and lastly click on “ok ” to save the settings. Now you are good to go and Steam will not open itself when you start your computer.

Using Task Manager To Stop Steam on Startup

If you are a Windows 10 user you can also use the task manager to stop steam from starting automatically. To do so

  • Go to Start Menu and search for Task Manager
  • Now move to Startup section from the top menu
  • Look for Steam in the list of apps
  • Right Click on Steam and select the Disable option

For Mac Users

Macs also provide an easy way to  handle apps that will start upon boot.

  • Firstly open system preferences
  • Now click on the Users & Groups icon
  • Find and go to your user account
  • Now from the list under Login Items look for Steam and click on the minus button beside it to remove it from starting up.

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