Pubg New State Early Access APK Download

Pubg was the game that created a wire in Indian gaming it was banned earlier but it returned with the name Battleground mobile India similarly pubg new state is the new sensation in Indian gaming which is similar to pubg and is developed by KRAFTON.

To download the pubg new state app you just need to follow the simple steps given below.

  • See the table given below now click on the download button
  • this will take you to the tap tap website where you can get the APK
  • click on download APK a popup will appear with warning now click on Ok a so your download can start.


APKDownload Now
LAUNCH DATE11 November 2022
PLAYERS on a Game100 in one game

Beyond Battle Royale

※ Introducing PUBG: NEW STATE, the new Battle Royale developed by PUBG STUDIOS, the company behind PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG).

In PUBG: NEW STATE, 100 players will fight on a new battleground with various weapons and strategies until only one party remains.
Utilize gear, vehicles, and consumables to survive the free fire zone of the Battlegrounds and become the last Survivor standing!

▣ Game Features ▣

▶Ultra-realistic graphics that exceeds the limits of mobile gaming
– Using global illumination technology, PUBG: NEW STATE surpasses what was previously possible in mobile gaming graphics
– A massive, open-world battleground with a level of realism achievable only by PUBG STUDIOS
– PUBG: NEW STATE defines the next-generation PUBG graphics
– The ultimate PUBG experience in the palm of your hands
– Vulkan(API) enables stable service with improved performance and optimization.

▶ More realistic and dynamic gunplay
– Fully-optimized for the mobile environment, experience the signature PUBG gunplay on your mobile device
– Customize your guns to fit your needs and survive on the free fire zone of the Battlegrounds with PUBG’s unique weapon attachment system

▶ Next generation action-based interactive gameplay
– A new battleground and unique mechanics introduced in PUBG: NEW STATE include dodging, drone calls, and support request
– Utilize new vehicles only available in PUBG: NEW STATE to quickly move across the 8×8 open-world battleground
– An immersive PUBG experience achieved through various objectives in-game and on the Battlegrounds that can turn the tide in your favor

▶ An expansion of the original PUBG universe
– Decades after the original PUBG, new factions emerge on a new battleground in the anarchic 2051
– The survival game, PUBG, evolves into a completely new battleground in PUBG: NEW STATE

▶ PUBG: NEW STATE is the dawn of a new PUBG experience
– The real battle royale of PUBG users, by PUBG users, for PUBG users: PUBG: NEW STATE
– PUBG: NEW STATE brings PUBG to mobile devices while ushering in a new era for the franchise

▣Minimum Requirements▣
CPU: 64-bit (ABI arm64 or higher)
RAM: 2GB or higher
OS: Android 6.0 or higher
Open GL 3.1 or higher / Vulkan 1.1 or higher

How to Get Free Warzone Coins in Call of Duty Mobile

free warzone coins in cod mobile

Call of Duty mobile has its own reputation in Mobile gaming. The games so a very big spike in the number of users after the man of pubg mobile in India. Today the game has its own separate player base. Now is one of the most played Battle Royale games on mobile.

Will COD mobile has recently launched Warzone in its mobile version. This is to celebrate the launching of the Call of Duty Warzone. The game was liked and appreciated by players worldwide just after its launch.

These coins are also known as WarZone tokens and they are widely used in the Pc game. Warzone coins are used to unlock one of the three special characters in the game and can also be used for other purposes of the game later.

There are ways by which you can get free version coins in Call of Duty mobile.

Linking your Call Of Duty Account to Mobile

link your cod account to mobile game

The first step is simple and you just need to link your Call of Duty account to your COD mobile app. In case, you have not made a Call of Duty account then you can go to

If you already have an account then head over to your mobile app go to Settings>Accounts>Login Options. You will see many options click on the call of duty account and then your COD account will be linked to your COD mobile app.

Download the Call of Duty Warzone in Available Platforms

download Cod warzone

Recently Call of Duty Warzone was launched and it is now available on all platforms including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and PC. Great thing is that it is completely free to play.

Show the next step is to download it on any platform you have in your home.

Login with the Same Account

Once you have downloaded the Call of Duty warzone, the next step is to connect your Call of Duty account to the game. Make sure you connect the same account which you used in COD mobile. You can close your COD mobile app for a while after this step.

Play a Match and Receive Coins

redeem warzone coins in cod mobile

The next step you have to play a match in the Call of Duty Warzone. You can select any match type which is available. Once you have finished playing a match you can open your COD mobile app. Check the mailbox you will get free warzone coins. These coins can now be used to unlock any one character.

How to unlock a character search for task force 141 event and then you are good to go.
Keep in mind that you can only unlock one character and once you have made your decision the character will be permanent and the decision is Irreversible.

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How to Get Free Gold Coins in Dr Driving

free gold coins in Dr driving

Dr driving is one of the oldest and and most played driving simulation game in android. The game involves parking, driving and much more. It was released in 2013 and now is one of the most downloaded games in play store.

You may have noticed that in the game you get gold coins. Gold coins help in progress of the game. You can also purchase gold coins in the game. However, if you do not want to purcase there are several ways you can get gold coins in Dr. Driving for free.

Several Methods to get Free Coins in Dr. Driving

Connect Your Facebook Account

One of the easiest ways to get free gold coins is to connect your Facebook account with Dr. Driving. Once you connect your Facebook account you will receive 100 gold coins for free.

Rate the App in the Play store

Another way to get some free gold coins is to rate the app in Google Play Store. Once you rate the app in the Play Store you will get hundred gold coins for free. The rating does not have to be five stars you can rate it anything you want.

Download Another game from the Developers

Again an easy step to get 100 gold coins for free is to download another game of the same developer. You can download Doctor Gokumu, Dr. Driving 2 you, or any other game that the game suggests. After you download any other game from the developer and connect your account you will get 100 coins for free in Dr. Driving

Switch lanes with blinkers ON

Well, some of you might already know it but for those who don’t. Switching lanes with blinkers on will also get you coins. Every time you switch a Lane with the blinker on you get one free gold coin. It is not compulsory to take a turn so it will not affect your performance.

Win Multiplayer Games

If you have still not start playing multiplayer more then you should start it soon. For each multiplayer mode, you win you will get one free gold coin. You will also lose points when you lose a multiplayer mode but if you have spent enough time in the game then you can start playing multiplayer mode and start winning gold.

Complete in game Achievements

Completing achievements will also get you more gold coins. Every achievement has a reward against it. You can view a list of all achievements that can be completed to earn more gold coins. To view the list go to the game center and then go to the achievements tab and there you can see your progress.
Most of the achievements are easy to finish and you will complete many of them with the course of time.

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By following the steps mentioned in this article you will be able to get many free gold coins in this game. So the main strategy is to be consistent and if you want to get Gold coins regularly then you should play multiplayer mode daily.

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How to Pre Register for Battlegrounds Mobile India

how to pre register battlegrounds mobile india

After a long wait finally battlegrounds mobile India is here. The pre-registration of the game starts on May 18th, 2021. Now users can finally register for the game in Play Store and app store. The game link is now back on Play Store and the developer and publisher are Krafton Inc.

Here is how you can pre-register for battlegrounds mobile India.

Open Playstore on your Mobile

The first step is to open the Play Store on your mobile. Make sure you are logged into your Google account in the play store.

Search For Battlegrounds Mobile India

Search for Battlegrounds Mobile india

The next step is to head over to the search option and type battlegrounds mobile India.

Krafton Battleground India Playstore
Click on the battlegrounds mobile India listing. You can identify the original one from the developer Krafton inc.

Hit Pre Register

Pre Register Button Playstore

Once you push the pre-register button. A dialogue box will appear with two options. Click on “install when available”. This option will automatically install the game when it gets released. If you click the “got it” option then you will receive a notification when the game gets released

Turn on Automatic Install

Turn On Automatic Install BGMI

Now scroll down and look for the automatic install option, make sure automatic install is turned on. Now you are good to go the game will automatically install and you will also receive free registration benefits.

Things to Keep in Mind for pre-registration benefits

Pre Registration Benefits Battlegrounds mobile India

When you go for pre-registration make sure you are connected with a Google account in Google Play Store. Only use that account which you want to connect to battlegrounds mobile India. If you previously played pubg mobile before the ban then use the same old google account which you earlier connected to Pubg Mobile before the ban.

Pubg Mobile was banned in India with several other Chinese apps. The game frequently tried to make a comeback but failed multiple times in the past 6 months. Recently we came to know that it has been approved by the government and the website address started circulating.

It was announced by pubg mobile that the free registration of the game will start from 18th May. And the players and fans are very excited as they were waiting for the game for a very long time.

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Can’t Download Apps From Play store : Solved

unable to download apps playstore

Are you facing issues in the play store or you can’t download any apps from play store. These problems are common and are faced by many android users. Well, you don’t need to worry but there is no one solution for this because there are various reasons why you are unable to download any app or game on your phone.

Without wasting any of your time now let’s see all ways you can resolve this download error pending download issue.

Solution for downloading apps from Play store

Clear cache and clear data of the Play store

  1. Go to the settings app of your android device.
  2. Search for Apps manager or Apps & Notifications.
  3. Then search for Google Play store in the list.
  4. Then open storage and tap clear cache.
  5. And then tap clear data option.
  6. Now go back to Play store and again try to download the app.

Check for Pending downloads in the Play store

  1. Open the Play store app.
  2. Go to the sidebar by tapping three grids on the top left corner.
  3. Tap on My apps and games.
  4. Go to the updates section 
  5. Check for pending and ongoing updates and cancel all
  6. Now try downloading the app you want.

Turn-off Auto Updates

Well if you have a pending download issue you will need to turn off auto updates after clearing the updating section of the playstore. To turn of auto updates Go to play store>top left grid>settings and then turn off auto updates.

Check if you have enough storage space

One of the reasons you are unable to download any app from the Play store is that you do not have enough storage. To solve this issue

  1. Go to Settings>storage or open your file manager
  2. If you see there is not enough space then remove some unwanted files and apps.
  3. Go to play store and try your download again

Check for problems with your SD card

Sometimes there are technical issues with the SD card or your SD card gets corrupted. And if your download location is on SD card then you may experience some problems while downloading apps from play store. To solve this SD card problem

  1. Remove your SD card from your device.
  2. Clean the SD card with a soft cotton cloth.
  3. Clean the SD card slot with a hairdryer to remove any dust.
  4. Insert SD card back into your device.
  5. Restart your device.
  6. Go to Play Store and try downloading the app again.

Note: if your SD card is corrupted you can delete all data from SD card or go to a nearby technician to recover your data.

Check your internet connection

The problem can be with your internet connection. If you are using a wifi connection then try restarting your wifi and check if it is working properly. If you are on mobile data then turn on airplane mode and then turn it off, this will refresh your connection. If you are not able to open any website or browse the internet then it’s better to contact your service provider.

Check for problems in Downloads Manager

Errors may occur if your download manager has any problems. There are several things you can do about this.

  1. Go to Settings > Apps Manager
  2. Search for download manager.
  3. Go to storage and then tap Clear cache
  4. Then Tap on Clear data option.
  5. Now visit Play Store and try downloading your app again.

Switching between Google accounts

There can also be any problem with the configuration of your google accounts. So if you have more than one google account then try switching between then and then try downloading the app again.

Removing your Google account and adding it again

To remove your google account

  1. Go to settings>accounts
  2. Then tap Google accounts
  3. Tap the account you want to remove
  4. Now add that account again
  5. Try downloading your app

Clearing cache and data of Google Play Services

To clear cache and data of google play services

  1. Go to the settings app of your phone
  2. Go to apps and notifications or apps manager
  3. Now look for Google Play services
  4. Tap on storage>clear data
  5. Now go back to the play store and download the app

Updating your Android system

To update your android system

  1. Go to settings
  2. tap on About phone>system updates
  3. If there is an update available then complete that update

Uninstalling Play Store Updates

There may be a problem with your play store recent update which can cause this error so to resove this

  1. Go to the settings app
  2. Go to apps manager
  3. Search for Google play store and then tap uninstall updates.

This will solve the problem for many people as most of the bugs comes with an update.

Use a VPN

If you think the problem is only with a particular app then try using a VPN, and if you are successful in downloading it through a VPN and the app is available in your country then the problem is with your ISP. Contact your ISP to resolve this issue.

Force Stop Google Play store

To force stop googe play store go to Settings>Apps>Google Play Store>Force Stop

Restarting your device

Well this problem mainly occurs with an old or a very new device as it can have minor software glitches. Well this can be solved by rebooting your device. To reboot your device hold the power button for a few seconds then click on rebeoot.

Contact support

Tried all of this and still the problem persist? So the last option is to contact google play support. They will help you in finding the root of the problem and resolving it.

Sometimes this errors go by their own so it is better to wait one or two days if you cannot solve it by yourself.

Well, these were some of the ways we found which you can implement if you can’t download apps from play store. If you have found any other way which solve this problem then do mention it in comments so it will be also helpful for others too.




Best Processors for Gaming Mobile in 2022

best processor for gaming mobile

You might have heard YouTubers telling you to buy this smartphone because it has this processor and much more. If you are a gamer and are wondering which is the best processor for gaming mobile in 2021. We will clear all your doubts and help you find the best gaming processor for mobile with reasons.

RankProcessor nameAntutu score
1Apple A14 Bionic660086
2Snapdragon 888740847
3Apple A13 Bionic548,239
4Kirin 9000693,603
5Exynos 2100693600
6Kirin 9000E655788
7Snapdragon 865+619109

We have taken multiple things into account such as software compatibility, hardware compatibility, release date, CPU and GPU

1. Apple A14 Bionic Chipset

apple a14 bionoic chipset
image credits android authority

The Apple A14 is a 5nm chip with LPDD4 RAM it is the fastest chipset in the world right now and it has scored 100/100 in antutu gaming score. But the main thing which makes it outperform is the Apple software which makes gaming smooth. Apple has always set an example when it comes to processors. It has a 4 MB L3 cache size which is more than any other chipset as of now. You can find Apple A14 in iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro

2. Snapdragon 888

snapdragon 888 for gaming

This is the fastest android processor in the world. It has Adreno 660 GPU. It is believed to deliver seamlessly. It can reduce touch latency in gaming by 20%. It is specially designed to play at high frame rates and have low latency gaming. It has a new VRS (Variable Rate Shading) system which increases performance by 30% at the same time increasing power efficiency. The first phone using this is Mi 11 followed by IQOO 7

3. Apple A13 Bionic

a13 bionic chipset

Yea it may be a year old but it still outperforms many of its competitors when it comes to gaming. It has 4 cores and is less power consuming than A12. You can play pubg mobile with an average of 60 Fps. Again the main this which makes it outperform is its compatibility with apple’s software. You can find A 13 Bionic chipset in the iPhone 11 series.

4. Kirin 9000

Kirin 9000 for gaming

It is no joke when it comes to Kirin 9000. Recently it beat snapdragon 888 in GPU performance. It has A 24 core Mali-G78 with Kirin gaming+ 3.0. You can find it on Huawei mate 40 pro. It is 52 percent better than the snapdragon 865+ and is built with 5nm technology. The reason it is in the 4th rank is that the CPU performance of the top 3 is much better.

5. Exynos 2100

This is a completely new chipset that is believed to beat snapdragon 888 in terms of performance. It has  Mali G78 M-14 GPU. Mass production has already started. It is also expected to solve the high power consumption problem with the Exynos chipsets. If it successfully outperforms Snapdragon 888 in terms of the on-device gaming test then we will update its ranking. You will see this new processor in the new Samsung S21 ultra

6. Kirin 9000E

The Hisilicon Kirin 9000E launched on the same date as of  Kirin 9000 and has a slight difference, The Kirin 9000E has 22 core whereas the Kirin 9000 has 24 cores. The Kirin 9000E also has Mali G78 as GPU. It is also one of the best in terms of gaming. Huawei Mate 40 has Kirin 9000E as of now.

7. Snapdragon 865+

The next beast in mobile processors is Snapdragon 865+. Its GPU is called Adreno 650 which is the same as the snapdragon 865 but it performed 10 percent better than it. It also has a higher clock speed and is 10 percent less power consuming than its precedor. It is used in many of the flagships mobiles including ROG Phone 3, Lenovo Legion Phone, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 ultra, and many more.


As of now the best performing chipset is Apple A14 Bionic. It is the winner because of the overall device and its features and its performance in gaming. Apart from gaming, we need to see how overall the device and its software are compatible with its processor which in the end will affect your gaming experience. We will constantly update this article with the launch and testing of new processors

How to Play MPL Games and Win Money – Complete Guide

how to play mpl games complete guide

Want to win cash by just playing games? Well, it is possible now. You can earn money by playing different online games on MPL (mobile premier league) like Ludo, Chess, Pubg Mobile, Candy games, cricket, fruit-chop, etc. In this guide, we will tell you How to play MPL games and win cash. Here is our step by step guide.

how to play mpl games complete guide
image credits MPL

1. Download the MPL application

To start playing games you need MPL mobile app installed on your mobile. You will not get MPL in the Google Play store. So you will need to download it from the official MPL website. You will get a .apk file from the website. You can use referral code 9ZVILB to get a signing cash bonus. Download MPL from here

Click the green download button on the website to download.

mpl download and referral code

2. Choose the game you want to play and earn

The next step is selecting the game which you want to play. MPL has 60+ games to choose from. You can participate in featured events or view every game from the all games section. Most people like to play 1 v 1 battles in the app. You can also play fantasy sports from the MPL fantasy section.

Some of the famous games are

  • Fruit Dart
  • Cricket clash
  • WCC
  • Sudoku
  • baseball star
  • war tanks
  • fruit cutter
  • Rummy
  • Pool
  • Carrom
  • City Surfers
  • Tiny Militia
  • Poker
  • Rouge heights etc.

3. Make scores in games and submit them

After choosing a particular game it will get downloaded inside the MPL app and then you can start playing. Score as high as possible and try to beat high scores set by other players. After your game is over submit your score and you will get rewarded on basis of your score and ranking. Practice and play at least two games daily. Soon you will start winning more and more cash.

The good thing about MPL is you don’t need to have an internet connection to play. But you will need an internet connection to submit the scores.

4. Withdraw earnings

After you have won a certain amount you can withdraw it to your bank or digital wallet. It can be only done once your KYC is completed and doing KYC is compulsory.

To withdraw money from MPL

  • First, launch the MPL app on your mobile.
  • Then go to the top right corner you will see a wallet icon at the top right corner of the page.

mpl wallet icon

  • In the Cash column, see the winning cash section and then click on the withdraw cash option

winning cash option

  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw from your earnings. Then select your withdrawal methods in which you want the money.

withdraw options mpl

  • Then finally click the Withdraw options

The withdrawn amount will immediately come to your bank account or Paytm wallet depending on what you have chosen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does MPL give real money?

Yes, MPL deals with real money games, you can win money by playing games they provide and then withdraw it to your bank account or Paytm wallet. Their team dedicates their whole time improving your gaming experience and their support team is good.

Is it safe to play MPL?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to install MPL and play games on MPL. Millions of people already use it to play and win cash. You can download their app from their website.

How to get free tokens and cash in MPL?

To get free tokens and cash in MPL go near the + sign beside the number of tokens. There you will see different ways of getting free tokens like following people, creating groups, entering email, following MPL’s social media handles, etc.

How to withdraw money from MPL without KYC?

There is no possible way to withdraw money from MPL without KYC. So give them all the details required for KYC and then you can proceed to withdraw your earnings. There are some YouTubers who may tell you some wrong methods but that can land you into legal trouble.

What is the use of MPL tokens?

You can use MPL tokens to play games, however, tokens cannot be converted into money so you cannot withdraw tokens, only winning cash is withdrawable.

Is MPL app legal in India?

Yes, MPL app is a legal app in India and Mobile Premier league is a legally registered private company in India. You need to pay tax on your winnings if it exceeds Rs.10000.

How much can you withdraw from MPL?

The minimum amount is Rs. 1 and the maximum amount one can withdraw from MPL after full KYC is Rs. 100000. However, these may change according to their policies and you can check it in the withdrawal section. Your MPL earnings above Rs. 10000 is taxable. And you will be charged according to your tax slab.

What Fantasy sports are there in MPL to earn money?

There are many fantasy sports available in the fantasy section of the MPL app such as cricket, football, basketball, and baseball. You can get an MPL season pass during IPL and participate in all the matches.

How to use bonus cash in MPL?

Bonus cash in MPL can be used to play different games or fantasy sports. However, only winning cash can be withdrawn to your bank account or Paytm wallet, not the bonus cash.

Why is MPL not on the play store?

MPL app is not on the play store because it does not comply with the play store policies. Playstore does not allow any app which asks for real money to participate in a game and there is real money for winning, so it’s against the play store policies.

Is MPL an Indian app?

Yes, MPL which is Mobile Premier League is an e-sports platform whose headquarters are in Bengaluru and are operated by Galactus Funware Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Can we participate in tournaments in MPL?

Yes, there are many tournaments held over the year and many tournaments of very famous games such as PUBG mobile, free fire, etc.