Who is a Game Publisher? Game Publisher FAQ

game publisher

Who is a Game Publisher?

A game publisher is a company that funds a game’s development or helps in the distribution of a game in a market. A game publisher can be a game producer at the same time.

What Does a Game Publisher Do?

A game publisher can do many tasks, they may have a deal with the developers to fund their game and also help them launch their game in the market.

What all things are Game Publishers good at doing?

As most of the game publishers are big companies they can do all work such as managing project, creating a brand of your game, publicity, advertisement, distribution of rights of the game.

As a developer is it compulsory to use a publisher for launching your game?

No, it is up to your choice and needs. You can also publish your game on steam and other platforms digitally. But with help of a game publisher, you can sell physical copies of your game and they also help in branding, publicity and they will take care of any legal trouble such as game piracy.

How do Game Publishers Earn?

Game publishers earn by various methods which mainly include profits from selling the game and selling the rights and licenses related to the game. They may also make money by in-game purchases made and a game’s merchandise.

How do you become a Game Publisher?

To become a game publisher you do not need a certain qualification or a degree. But you must have a great knowledge of the gaming industry. You can start by becoming an assistant game publisher.

How much does publishing a game cost?

Game publishing is a very costly affair as it includes development, licensing, marketing, and distribution at a very large scale.

Who are the top game publishers in the world?

The top game publishers in terms of revenue are Sony, Tencent, Nintendo, Microsoft, NetEase, Activision Blizzard, EA, Take 2, Bandai Namco, Square Enix. Out of these 5 companies are American, 3 of them are Japanese and two are Chinese.

Who owns a game developer or publisher?

Ownership of a game depends on the type of contract done between the developer and the publisher. In some cases, the publisher is the main owner as it handles the distribution, licensing, and branding of the game. However, in the case of a small indie developer publishing its game on a digital platform, we can say the developer is the owner of the game in this case.

Where can I find the game publisher?

Finding a game publisher for your game is not an easy task. The most genuine method is to discuss with developers about their experiences with different game publishers.

Can I publish my own game?

Yes, you can publish your own game, but then you will have to take care of everything such as managing the game, marketing, handling licensing, legal matters, acquiring users. But yes if you plan to do it all by yourself then you can publish your own game.

If you are an indie developer then you can consider publishing your game with help of digital platforms like steam, you will get a place to manage your game and then you can focus on other aspects such as marketing. Also. read their terms and conditions before signing up.

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game publishing work

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If you have any other Questions related to game publishing you can ask here.

How to Refund a Game on Steam (2022)

how to refund game on steam

Purchased a game but you feel like it’s not up to the mark? Or you just accidentally purchased the wrong game and not sure what to do now. Well, you are lucky steam has a return policy by which you can get a full refund of the game you purchased.

The return is approved under two conditions, one is that you have played the game for less than 2 hours. And secondly, your purchase should not be older than two weeks. Exceptions are made by the company in some cases so you can apply for a refund even if you do not meet the two conditions.

In this article, we will tell you how to get a refund of your game in steam properly so that your request gets approved without any problem.

Requesting a Refund From Steam

Open The Help Menu

go to steam help

Once you start steam you can find the help menu at the top right menu bar. Go to Help>steam support. If you cannot find it then you can also visit help.steampowered.com from your pc.

Click on Purchases

steam purchases

You will see a lot of options you just have to click on Purchases Option

View Purchase History

View Purchase History Steam

Now click on View complete purchasing history option.

Select the Game

select a game from purchase list

Now you will see the list of purchases you have done, just select the game that you want to refund.

Click on I Would Like a Refund

I would like a refund steam

From the four options go to I would like a refund option, In the next screen they will ask if you have a technical problem with the app, Click on refund option.

Tell the Reason and Submit Request

Last step steam refund

The last step is to specify a reason for your refund, select an appropriate reason and click the Submit button. You can also add reason to the notes column, make sure you are precise and clear.

Well, once you have completed the steps, steam will review your application and if you qualify they will issue a refund to you within a week.

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Steam Refund Policy

Steam has a very strict refund policy, any downloaded game or content is refundable within a period of two weeks also the number of hours played should not exceed 2 hours. Also, if your purchase is older than 14 days there is very little chance that steam might issue a refund.

If you have played a game for more than two hours you can still apply for a refund. However, it depends on the total game length if your refund will be accepted or not.

You can also apply for a refund if you bought the game just before a sale, they will process a refund and allow you to purchase the game again.

You can also request a refund for subscriptions, gifts, bundles, in-game purchases and wallet refunds.

Do not make it a habit of processing refunds on Steam, once they identify that you are misusing their system they can ban your account. So read and watch reviews before buying any game or subscription from steam.

The refund processed by steam will be credited to your steam wallet as it cannot refund you on the initial payment method. You can use this balance to purchase other games and items. However, there is no way to steam wallet money back to your bank account.

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Know the Steps to delete Steam Account here

How to Pre Register for Battlegrounds Mobile India

how to pre register battlegrounds mobile india

After a long wait finally battlegrounds mobile India is here. The pre-registration of the game starts on May 18th, 2021. Now users can finally register for the game in Play Store and app store. The game link is now back on Play Store and the developer and publisher are Krafton Inc.

Here is how you can pre-register for battlegrounds mobile India.

Open Playstore on your Mobile

The first step is to open the Play Store on your mobile. Make sure you are logged into your Google account in the play store.

Search For Battlegrounds Mobile India

Search for Battlegrounds Mobile india

The next step is to head over to the search option and type battlegrounds mobile India.

Krafton Battleground India Playstore
Click on the battlegrounds mobile India listing. You can identify the original one from the developer Krafton inc.

Hit Pre Register

Pre Register Button Playstore

Once you push the pre-register button. A dialogue box will appear with two options. Click on “install when available”. This option will automatically install the game when it gets released. If you click the “got it” option then you will receive a notification when the game gets released

Turn on Automatic Install

Turn On Automatic Install BGMI

Now scroll down and look for the automatic install option, make sure automatic install is turned on. Now you are good to go the game will automatically install and you will also receive free registration benefits.

Things to Keep in Mind for pre-registration benefits

Pre Registration Benefits Battlegrounds mobile India

When you go for pre-registration make sure you are connected with a Google account in Google Play Store. Only use that account which you want to connect to battlegrounds mobile India. If you previously played pubg mobile before the ban then use the same old google account which you earlier connected to Pubg Mobile before the ban.

Pubg Mobile was banned in India with several other Chinese apps. The game frequently tried to make a comeback but failed multiple times in the past 6 months. Recently we came to know that it has been approved by the government and the website address started circulating.

It was announced by pubg mobile that the free registration of the game will start from 18th May. And the players and fans are very excited as they were waiting for the game for a very long time.

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How to Run Any Game On a Low End PC

play any high end game on low end pc

Want to play a game desperately? But your hardware doesn’t support it. You are not the only one to face this problem. Upgrading your hardware is not always feasible especially if you only want to do casual gaming.

There are some ways by which you can play games on your low-end PC. But you will need to keep in mind that you may not get the same or good quality but this is the sacrifice you do to play games on a low-end PC.  So without wasting any more time let’s start with our list.

play any high end game on low end pc

Use Nvidia Geforce Now/ Stream games online

nvidia geforce now

One of the easiest ways to play any game you want is to stream them online. The only good thing you will need is a fast internet connection with at least 8 Mbps(1 MB/s) of speed.

There are many cloud gaming service providers such as paperspace, snoost, or Nvidia GeForce now. They are paid but their subscription fee is minimal. Also, they provide free gaming hours and free trials.

We recommend you to go with Nvidia GeForce now, it is one of the most popular cloud gaming services now. The free membership comes with 1 hour of free gaming. They have a very vast variety of games to choose from. Not only in a low-end device you can also play any PC game on a smartphone.

Once you are used to cloud gaming then you can choose a paid plan so there is no limit to the time you are playing. Ge force Now has a subscription plan as low as 10 dollars a month and the games they offer are worth it. Also, cloud gaming is now being considered the future of gaming. This is the best way to play high-end games on any platform without any high-end GPU installation.

Use Compressed Versions of the Game

There are a lot of ways by which you can get compressed versions of any game. A compressed version of a game takes less space and runs on low graphics. Compress versions are not made by the original developers and are the cracked versions of the games so they are not legal.

There are many sites and YouTube channels that provide compressed versions of different games. You just need to make sure that the games you are downloading are safe to play and are free of any malware or viruses so it is always better to scan them before using them. There are always some limitations while you play but most of them are not so significant. Also, they are great if you lack space to have large games.

Play Patched Games

used patched games

Again there are many websites such as Ragnos1997 which will provide you patched versions of many games. They tweak into the software and force the game to run in low graphics.

You will be surprised to see how those high-end games can run so smoothly on such a low-end computer. Obviously, the quality will be average or below but you will be able to play them smoothly and without lag.

You will get most of them for free on their websites and you should definitely try these tools if you have an old pc. The tools are easy to use and have a user-friendly interface.

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Lower Down Game Settings

This is one of the most obvious methods but it works. If your PC is not that old and is capable enough to handle games on low settings. Then you should consider playing them on low settings if the quality is not the problem for you.

lower down graphics

You should play on the lowest settings possible so that the game works smoothly. Also, make sure that no unnecessary programs are running in the background. There are heating issues while playing games you can take steps for efficient cooling. Without upgrading your hardware lowering down game settings is one of the only legit ways to run those games on your pc.

Overclock Your Hardware

Overclocking is basically increasing the speed of your processor. If a game requires 3.5 GHz and your processor is only 3.4 GHz then overclocking can help you to add that 0.1 GHz.
In simple words, it is increasing the clock speed of a processor which was set by the manufacturer.

You do not need to overclock if you already have a good processor. But for low-end pcs overclocking can make it possible to play some of the games which were not earlier in your basket.

Overclocking might seem very exciting at the first but it does not come without its disadvantages. A processor will generate a lot of heat after it has been overclocked. It is also not good for your processor in the long run as it may decrease the overall life of your processor.

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Use an External GPU

external GPU for laptop

If you don’t want to mess with the hardware and don’t want to play games on online game streaming platforms. There is still a thing you can do to play games you like.

You can invest in an external GPU. Your computer or your laptop cannot handle games you can buy an external GPU that can run games for you. They do not usually cost much and can help you run a large variety of games on your low-end PC.

So if you don’t want to change your laptop or PC entirely you can just buy an external GPU. They not awesome unless you are buying a very expensive one. But you will be satisfied if you are a casual gamer or someone who has a low-end PC.

Play Old Legendary Games

If you are unable to use any of the solutions provided above. Then no problem there are still games you can enjoy on a low-end PC. You can play some of the legendary old titles that do not require a high-grade CPU or GPU.

The graphics and the quality might not match the standards of modern games but that does not mean they are not fun to play. You can get a list of games for low-end PC here. They are some of the great games of old times.

Assassins Creed II

We will keep updating this article with new tips and tricks. Also, you may tell us in the comments what worked for you. Until then happy gaming.

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How To Keep Your Laptop Cool While Gaming

Cool laptop while gaming and prevent overheating

Gaming laptops are really great, especially when compared to a normal laptop. They offer speed, they are good for multitasking and most importantly gaming. Overheating is an issue but there are many ways to cool down your laptop.

Gaming laptops usually use a higher grade of hardware. They have a higher-grade GPU, backlit keyboard, high-quality displays with higher refresh rates, and much more. With time they are now becoming slimmer and compact. They are not any less than a desktop when it comes to performance.

Cool laptop while gaming and prevent overheating

They are great, but there has been a problem with gaming laptops since the beginning, which is overheating issues. With so much to do at a single time, heating is inevitable but most of the time laptops maintain that temperature themselves. But if your laptop is overheating while gaming or performing any other tasks, this is a serious issue because it can significantly reduce your laptop’s life and reduce performance.

So we are here with ways to keep your laptop cool while gaming. You will be able to reduce the temperature of your laptop significantly preventing overheating and increasing performance.

Placement of Laptop

use laptop on flat surfaces

Proper placement of a laptop is very important especially when you are playing games. The ventilation system in a laptop takes in air from the bottom of the laptop and releases it to the sides.

So if you keep it on uneven surfaces like your bed for your lap then the vents do not get proper air intake. So it is important to keep your laptop on a flat and hard surface which will allow the fans to take in enough air for proper cooling. If you still want to keep it on your lap then you can use small plywood as a stand or else make sure you are not blocking the bottom vents.

Keep the Room Cool

Ok, so just the placement of the laptop is not enough. Sometimes it may happen that your laptop is overheating because the external environment hot. So keeping the room cool is also necessary. The cooler your room will be, the cooler air your fans will take in keeping your laptop’s temperature lower.

You are more likely to experience this problem in summer than in any other season. Will the ideal room temperature for the laptop to function properly is between 18°C to 35°C. So if your room temperature stays above 35 degrees celsius then that can add to your laptop’s temperatures rising up.

So make sure your room is properly air-conditioned and you maintain a cooler environment while gaming.

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Clean Your Laptop

Dust is the enemy of hardware, the air going in through the vents builds up a lot of dust on your internal hardware. Whether you have a messy room or you have a very clean room, dust will find its way to your laptop so you can’t prevent it. You should clean your laptop every 4 to 6 months.
Well here is how you can do it:

  • First, switch off the laptop and let it come to the normal temperature, and then clean the vents and the sides with help of a small soft brush
  • If you know how to open a laptop(unscrew from the backside) then open it and clean the parts again with a soft brush, be careful and do not try to move or disturb any part.
  • If you do not know how to do the above step then take it to a nearby service center they will do it for you. If you can’t go there then try buying some compressed air spray and then spray it to the vents. Make sure you keep the spray bottle straight upright. Keep doing until you see no dust particles.
  • After you are finished doing the above process, switch on the laptop and then run your fans at full speed. You can do it by using various software available for free. This will help you remove any dust that is left inside.

If you follow these steps, then you are good to go to play games again. You will start to see noticeable changes in temperature and it also increases the life of your laptop.

Use Cooling Pads

Apart from the above-mentioned steps, you can also use an external cooling system to lower down the temperature of your laptop. To do this you can buy a cooling pad, cooling pads are usually cheap and you can manage to get one around 10-15$(₹800-2000).

But before you buy a cooling pad you need to see which type of cooling pad is best for you. Only buy a cooling pad that is powered from an external source and not from the laptop or else, it will only decrease your battery performance.

laptop cooling pads for gaming

There are two types of cooling pads available in the market, one which throws air towards your laptop and the other which throws a year away from your laptop, choosing one actually depends on what laptop you are using and in what environment. Also, go for a cooling pad that has more than 2-3 fans because only two fans will not be enough especially for a gaming laptop.

Look for software problems

There can be many software problems that can cause your laptop to heat. These can include problems such as too many software running in the background or a particular software that is clashing with your current game. They can also be used with the cooling software designed for your gaming laptop. There are several ways in which you can solve this issue

laptop cooling software

  • Go to the start menu and search for task manager, now click on processes and close all unnecessary tasks or applications which are running in the background. To end a task right-click on it and choose the End Task Option.
  • Go to the Dedicated cooling software of your laptop, for example, it is Nitrosense for Acer Gaming Laptops. Now look for any setting which can cause an issue, mostly the dedicated software will give you enough options to cool down the system and increase performance.
  • If you stream using your laptop then compare the temperature when you stream and play and when you just play. The streaming software can put an extra load on your laptop. Try a different streaming software or stream using a different PC connected.

Lower Game Settings

Well, this is obvious but it is one of the best ways to lower down the temperature while gaming. Your laptop might perform well when you bought it but with time passing and games being updated every year they demand more and more hardware capabilities such as a more advanced GPU, extra RAM, and much more.

Lowering down the game settings such as resolution and frame rate can help you in lowering the temperature of your gaming laptop as it will significantly reduce the burden on the CPU and GPU.

Playing in medium and low settings will also make your game faster as there is data to render. This is mostly done by fps players to increase who play online fps and other competitive games.

Look for Fault in Fans

One of the Other major reasons that your laptop is overheating can be due to any fault in your fans. This is more likely to happen in old laptops. There are several ways you can find that your fans are working properly or not.

Faulty fans in laptop

One of the easiest ways is to download any software which shows the fan speed. Usually, your dedicated cooling software also shows the fan speed. Check if the speed of a fan is very low even when you are playing games. This might indicate that your fan is broken or damaged.

Also if you hear a cracking/rattling sound from your fan then you can take it as an indication that your fan is damaged. It is best not to take matters into your own hands as changing fans in laptops is not an easy task.

If your warranty is still valid then take it to the company service center and if not you can take it to any service center and get your fan replaced.

Replace Thermal Paste

replace thermal paste

While you are at the service center and if you are the one with the old gaming laptop you can ask them to replace your thermal paste. Thermal paste is usually cheap and you can also put it by yourself with help of a youTube tutorial.

It is advised that you replace thermal paste off a laptop every year after your warranty is over.

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Use an External GPU

external GPU for laptop

This one is not a solution based on your laptop but if your hardware cannot handle intense gaming then you can consider investing in an external GPU. Well, we most don’t recommend it in most cases but if you are short on money and cannot buy a new laptop or a PC then this will work for you.

How Good Are Gaming Laptops For Everyday Use

gaming laptops for everyday use

Well if you are planning to buy a new gaming laptop or just thinking about replacing your own laptop on which you work and you might be wondering how good are gaming laptops for everyday use. If you are here for a short answer, then yes, they are very good for everyday usage but if you go deeper then it depends on what work you do.
We will tell you what should be there in a laptop that suits both your gaming and work needs and how good a gaming laptop stands when used for everyday work.

Advantages of Having a Gaming Laptop For Everyday Use.


gaming laptops for everyday use

Will a gaming laptop has a lot of advantages, apart from games it will be able to do any of your work very smoothly and without any problem. You can also do hardcore multitasking without any lag issues. You can attend your meeting with dozens of chrome tabs open and a Python program is running at the same time, this is from my personal experience. A gaming laptop can easily overkill any everyday task.

Extra Features and Convenience

Will having a gaming laptop can also let you do many things that a normal laptop cannot do. For example, if you are a programmer you will definitely need a laptop with a GPU, you will also require a laptop with a good processor for some tasks such as video editing, photo editing. Also, most modern-day programs require a GPU to run smoothly. If you have a gaming laptop then you can do all these tasks easily. And such tasks can be very time-consuming and become a headache if you try to do them on a normal laptop.

You can look for best gaming laptops under different price ranges here.

Disadvantages of Having a Gaming Laptop For Everyday Use.

Battery and Pricing

Battery has been a problem since gaming laptops has come into existence. Gaming laptops are known for having poor battery life. Although the situation is changing now they still do not offer the best when it comes to battery. So if you are looking to buy a gaming laptop you need to see very carefully that the battery life is good or not. Also if you work with your charger plugged into your laptop then this will not be a problem.

The other thing which might bother you while buying a gaming laptop is definitely its price. As the specifications increase price also increases. It will not be fair to say that companies charge more for a gaming laptop and most of the time it justifies its price. But when you compared it with a normal laptop then you may feel it is pretty expensive. 

We have a list of top laptops for gaming and daily use

Best Laptop for Gaming and Work

Acer Nitro 5acer nitro 5 gaming laptopView on Amazon
Lenovo Ideapad Gaming 3Lenovo Ideapad gaming laptopView On Amazon
HP Pavilionhp pavilion gamingView On Amazon


How to Become a Professional Gamer in India

Become Professional Gamer in India

Becoming a professional gamer in India is not very easy but it is definitely possible. Gamers like Mortal(Naman Mathur) and V3nom(Ankit Panth) have become role models and have shown the potential of gaming in India. We will tell you some steps that can boost your gaming career. There are many problems that an Indian gamer face we will tell you how to counter most of them so that you become a more wise and successful gamer.

Gaming as a profession

1. Set your Mindset

Well, the first step towards becoming a gamer is to accept that it is not going to be easy, especially not in India. There are many problems that will come in your journey of becoming a gamer. Such as non-supportive parents, non-supportive society, problems with money(depends from person to person).

Other than this need to accept that the odds may not be in your favor. Ok so we are not here to discourage you but if you really want to be a gamer you need to accept what comes in your way, you need to know that it is not different than any other work and like any other work it also needs hard work, patience and most importantly persistence. So you need to prepare your mind for everything and also you need to tell yourself that why you need to become a gamer. During the journey don’t forget your ‘why’ and you will enjoy your journey to become a successful gamer.

2. Have a Financial Plan

Financial plan for a gamer

Money is important! You need to understand that you won’t start earning right away when you start gaming. Whether you come from an extremely rich or middle-class family you need to have some sort of financial planning. Well if you are a teenager aged 13-14 maybe now you can relax and focus on your gaming but if you are 18 or above you should know how you are gonna afford food, a decent lifestyle, and things that you require for gaming because not all parents will be willing to support you financially especially for a career like gaming. And you should not be dependent financially on anyone as it only makes the situation worse in the long run.

There are many ways in which you can support yourself financially such as doing a part-time job, doing paid internships, building a youtube channel, or providing any service to the gaming community for which you can get paid. There are a lot of other options for earning. You need to build an earning source that can be enough at least for your survival so that you can focus on improving your gaming skills.

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3. Pick a game/ games

The next step is picking a game that you like. But you should know that you can not pick any random game because the gaming sector and India is concentrated around 5 to 10 games. Whether it be PC or mobile there are not many games that, India plays at an international esports level. For mobile PUBG mobile, free fire, call of Duty and Fortnite are one of the most popular games on mobile. For PC gaming you can go with CSGO, PUBG PC, Fortnite, League of Legends, Dota 2, and apex legends. Right now these are the most popular games in India for professional gaming, the reason we want you to pick up a popular game is that it will help you build an audience and also help you showcase your skills. The more you get noticed, the more chances are that you will be successful in this career. Also, it will bring many more opportunities as a gamer. So pick one or two games that and you enjoy playing and also it is popular at that point of time.

4. Practice and Practice

Practice as a Gamer

After picking up the game the next step to practice and practice. You should play the game with all your heart and focus on improving your skills. You should be the best at the game you are playing. Will you do not need to focus on being the best among all, you just need to become the best you can be. Improving your skill is not a one-day task and will develop over time you should utilize your time in the best possible way and never miss a practice session. In the initial stage focus on your strength rather than weaknesses. Firstly, improve your strengths more and more so that it becomes your edge and then counter your weakness is one by one. You can also bring innovative ways of practicing the game you are playing and also develop some drills. See and learn from the players which inspire you and keep practicing and do not quit

I’m a strong believer that you practice like you play, little things make big things happen. – Tony Dorsett

5. Stay Fit and Healthy

Well staying healthy as a gamer is very important. As a gamer, you can put so much stress on yourself and your body. You can take several steps to keep yourself healthy.

The first and foremost thing is to stay hydrated. Your body needs a good amount of water to function properly. While gaming we often forget to drink water. So keep yourself hydrated while, gaming sit with a water bottle, and also avoid sugary drinks such as coffee or cold drinks. You will notice that you have much more energy now. Also, take frequent breaks during gaming sessions as this will help you avoid cramps and also give your eyes some rest.

After you have completed a match or playing for a long time take a 5 to 15 minutes break, leave the screen and go walk around, this will also make your mind fresh for the next gaming session and will also prevent problems such as gamer’s neck. Also, take a healthy diet and exercise regularly, and most importantly do not put off your sleep and sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a day. With time you will see your energy level going up and your concentration increasing, which will help a lot in your gaming career.

6. Play Local/Online Tournaments

Become Professional Gamer in India

Once you start practicing and develop your skills now it’s time to test your skills. You can do this by playing local tournaments and also by online events of your particular game. This is the time you can analyze yourself and you can know how well you actually play the game. You will come to know where you stand in the whole competition. If you think you are doing well then keep going and if you think you are not that great then keep practicing until you get better. Also during this time, you will get to know how everything works in an Esports event or competition and also the business as a whole. You will meet people and make connections that will help you in your journey.

7. Prove Yourself

The next thing is to prove yourself, yes you heard it right. You need to win tournaments, competitions, and any esports event so that you can get into the eyes of esports teams and they might invite you to play for them. If you are not invited, it’s okay, just keep networking and keep connecting to better and famous players. Join communities, social media groups, and discord channels. Never miss an opportunity to showcase your talent. You can do this by joining practices, scrims, and live streams of other players. Keep yourself in an environment where you keep getting such opportunities.

8. Build an Audience

Well, building an audience is also necessary this will not only help you to showcase your talent but also so can help you financially. You can do this simply by starting a YouTube channel, this will help keep your consistency and you will also be able to make some money. This will also help you if you have any anxiety or stage fear and you will be good at public speaking and it will also boost your confidence. Building an audience has so many plus points that will ultimately help you in your career and your life.

9. Keep Learning and Polishing your skills

Keep polishing your gaming skills

The most important thing is persistence and dedication. You need to keep working on gaming skills and keep improving yourself in other aspects such as teamwork and strategy building. Also keep experimenting with your gaming skills and strategies and you might discover something new inside you that you can use as an advantage.
It is also important not to quit keep working on your weaknesses. Keep exploring new games and the games that are in the trend as this will help you stay relative over time. Even if you are successful do not let that success get into your head and keep working hard. On a journey as a gamer stay healthy, have a good social life, and enjoy gaming and your life as a gamer.

Well, these are the steps that are very important to become a gamer in India. Following these steps will do 97 percent of the work and the rest 3 percent is a bit of luck that you will need in your career. So tell us in the comments what are your views. We will be back with another helpful article, till then happy gaming.

Can’t Download Apps From Play store : Solved

unable to download apps playstore

Are you facing issues in the play store or you can’t download any apps from play store. These problems are common and are faced by many android users. Well, you don’t need to worry but there is no one solution for this because there are various reasons why you are unable to download any app or game on your phone.

Without wasting any of your time now let’s see all ways you can resolve this download error pending download issue.

Solution for downloading apps from Play store

Clear cache and clear data of the Play store

  1. Go to the settings app of your android device.
  2. Search for Apps manager or Apps & Notifications.
  3. Then search for Google Play store in the list.
  4. Then open storage and tap clear cache.
  5. And then tap clear data option.
  6. Now go back to Play store and again try to download the app.

Check for Pending downloads in the Play store

  1. Open the Play store app.
  2. Go to the sidebar by tapping three grids on the top left corner.
  3. Tap on My apps and games.
  4. Go to the updates section 
  5. Check for pending and ongoing updates and cancel all
  6. Now try downloading the app you want.

Turn-off Auto Updates

Well if you have a pending download issue you will need to turn off auto updates after clearing the updating section of the playstore. To turn of auto updates Go to play store>top left grid>settings and then turn off auto updates.

Check if you have enough storage space

One of the reasons you are unable to download any app from the Play store is that you do not have enough storage. To solve this issue

  1. Go to Settings>storage or open your file manager
  2. If you see there is not enough space then remove some unwanted files and apps.
  3. Go to play store and try your download again

Check for problems with your SD card

Sometimes there are technical issues with the SD card or your SD card gets corrupted. And if your download location is on SD card then you may experience some problems while downloading apps from play store. To solve this SD card problem

  1. Remove your SD card from your device.
  2. Clean the SD card with a soft cotton cloth.
  3. Clean the SD card slot with a hairdryer to remove any dust.
  4. Insert SD card back into your device.
  5. Restart your device.
  6. Go to Play Store and try downloading the app again.

Note: if your SD card is corrupted you can delete all data from SD card or go to a nearby technician to recover your data.

Check your internet connection

The problem can be with your internet connection. If you are using a wifi connection then try restarting your wifi and check if it is working properly. If you are on mobile data then turn on airplane mode and then turn it off, this will refresh your connection. If you are not able to open any website or browse the internet then it’s better to contact your service provider.

Check for problems in Downloads Manager

Errors may occur if your download manager has any problems. There are several things you can do about this.

  1. Go to Settings > Apps Manager
  2. Search for download manager.
  3. Go to storage and then tap Clear cache
  4. Then Tap on Clear data option.
  5. Now visit Play Store and try downloading your app again.

Switching between Google accounts

There can also be any problem with the configuration of your google accounts. So if you have more than one google account then try switching between then and then try downloading the app again.

Removing your Google account and adding it again

To remove your google account

  1. Go to settings>accounts
  2. Then tap Google accounts
  3. Tap the account you want to remove
  4. Now add that account again
  5. Try downloading your app

Clearing cache and data of Google Play Services

To clear cache and data of google play services

  1. Go to the settings app of your phone
  2. Go to apps and notifications or apps manager
  3. Now look for Google Play services
  4. Tap on storage>clear data
  5. Now go back to the play store and download the app

Updating your Android system

To update your android system

  1. Go to settings
  2. tap on About phone>system updates
  3. If there is an update available then complete that update

Uninstalling Play Store Updates

There may be a problem with your play store recent update which can cause this error so to resove this

  1. Go to the settings app
  2. Go to apps manager
  3. Search for Google play store and then tap uninstall updates.

This will solve the problem for many people as most of the bugs comes with an update.

Use a VPN

If you think the problem is only with a particular app then try using a VPN, and if you are successful in downloading it through a VPN and the app is available in your country then the problem is with your ISP. Contact your ISP to resolve this issue.

Force Stop Google Play store

To force stop googe play store go to Settings>Apps>Google Play Store>Force Stop

Restarting your device

Well this problem mainly occurs with an old or a very new device as it can have minor software glitches. Well this can be solved by rebooting your device. To reboot your device hold the power button for a few seconds then click on rebeoot.

Contact support

Tried all of this and still the problem persist? So the last option is to contact google play support. They will help you in finding the root of the problem and resolving it.

Sometimes this errors go by their own so it is better to wait one or two days if you cannot solve it by yourself.

Well, these were some of the ways we found which you can implement if you can’t download apps from play store. If you have found any other way which solve this problem then do mention it in comments so it will be also helpful for others too.