Razer Kraken V3 Activation Code Scratched Solutions

Recently Razer launched the Razer Kraken v3x gaming headphones and the gaming community has shown a good response which can be seen through increasing sales.

However, there has been a problem that the players are facing who have recently bought the new headphone.

To activate your headphone you need to scratch and get the code that is given on the activation card which comes with the headphone. However, while scratching for most of the users the code is also getting scratched.

Will you do not need to worry Razer support will help you with your problem all you need to do is contact them with the details given below.

  1. Full name:
  2. Email:
  3. Phone number:
  4. Proof of purchase:
  5. A photo showing the damaged activation card.
  6. The email address that is associated with your Razer ID
  7. A photo showing your headset’s serial number.

Make sure you provide them with all of this information so that they can solve it at one go and they do not have to email you for the same. Giving all this information will save time and your problem will be solved as soon as possible.

To raise your request you can create a ticket on your Razer account or you can go to Razer support and just type a query with all this information mentioned. You can use Google Drive link to insert images if asked for attachments.

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How to Redeem Playstation Plus Code on PS5

Got a new game or any in-game accessories for your ps5? Now you will have to redeem the code for getting that into your ps5. If you are wondering how you can redeem the code of your Playstation Plus on your new ps5 then do not worry we have got you covered. To redeem any code on your ps5 just follow the simple steps given below.

To redeem any code in ps5

  1. On the Home Screen search for PlayStation Store
  2. Then in the store click on the three dots on the top right-hand side.
  3. Now under your avatar you will get a redeem code option
  4. Now enter your 12 digits redeem code
  5. After entering the code click on redeem

Now you will get the respective accessories of the code you have entered.

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This Video from @jayyycee might help you in the process

congratulations you have successfully redeemed the code on your ps5, Now you can enjoy your new items and games, and each time you want to redeem a code you can follow the same process. If you are encountering any problems let us know in the comment box.

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How to Play Apple Music on PS5

connect and play apple music in ps5

Apple music has been finally launched in the ps5 and now you will be able to enjoy music with gaming all you need to have is an Apple Music account. You can easily connect your Apple music account with the ps5. If you are facing any problem connecting your account with PS5 then just follow the steps below.

Connect Apple Music with PS5 console

To connect Apple music with PS5 consoles first you will need to download Apple music on your ps5 to do this

  • Go to All apps from the media home and select Apple music
  • Now click on Download
  • The next step is to open the Apple Music app and you can sign up or log in with your account details


Play Apple Music on PS5

After Setting up an Account you can switch on music from Apple Music and later start a game and the music will run in the background

  1. To start music during a game just press the PS button on the dual sense wireless controller
  2. Now on the control section select the menu function card
  3. There you will find Apple music recommendations that match the game you are currently playing or you can choose your own favorite game from their library

By following the steps given here you will be able to play Apple music in between the gameplay and you do not need to switch off the game to start the music.

Till now there is no announcement whether this apple music will be available on PS4 or not. Similarly, Xbox users are also demanding Apple music on their consoles music while gaming is now a new trend and all the consoles providers are adapting do it very fast

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How to Blow Up Cars in GTA 5 Without getting Caught

gta blow cars

There are several ways by which you can blow up cars in GTA 5. Some of them will raise your wanted level but there are also some ways by which you can blow up Cars without raising the wanted level. So without wasting any more of your time let’s start.

Without Raising Wanted Level

  • So the first step is that you need to have a Petrol Can
  • With that lay down some fuel on or below the cars you want to blow.
  • The next step is to bring another car and ignite the fire using the exhaust of the car you are driving.
  • Now the fuel catches up fires and the car will blow and you will not have any stars on the wanted level.

If you do not care about the wanted level then there are multiple ways by which you can blow up cars like gunfire, sticking a bomb to the car, or simply shooting on the gas tank of the car.

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How to Not Spawn in First Person in GTA 5 Online

If you have recently encountered your problem that your GTA online is starting off with first-person mode then do not worry we have got you covered you just need to follow some simple steps so that you can spawn in the third person every time you start with the game.

If you are currently in GTA online mode then

  • The first step is to go to story mode
  • Now open settings and go-to camera settings
  • Make sure you have checked “allow independent camera modes”
  • now switch your default to third person.
  • Now make sure every time you save your game you have to do it on  third-person perspective.

Well done now every time you are the game will load in third-person perspective. The game will remember the camera mode you have chosen before saving. So after you have followed all the steps you just have to save the game with your preferred settings.

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this video from @linnetshowto might help you tweak some settings.

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How to See Players in Lobby In GTA 5

gta 5 players in lobby

Can’t figure out how to see players in your GTA 5 lobby well don’t worry we have got you covered you will be able to see the number of players and the names of players.

To see how many players are in your lobby follow the below instructions according to your device.

For PC users

  • If you are playing on a PC then you need to click the letter Z on your keyboard.
  • This will display the names of players in your lobby.
  • If you want to go to the second list press Z twice.

For PS4, PS5 users

If you are on a PS4 or a ps5,

  • Then the first step is to hit the pause button on your controller
  • Then go online and then go to players
  • by this you will be able to see everyone in that session.
  • If you don’t want to do this you can just push on the D-pad on your controller

Congratulations now you can successfully see the number of players in your online GTA session.

Tell us in the command box if this worked for you. Also, tell us if you are facing any other issues


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How to Set PS5 as Primary Console Simple and Easy

Hello everyone in this article we will tell you how to set your ps5 as a primary console or how you can activate your ps5 as primary.

Before we move on with the article we want to tell you that you can only set one PS3 as primary, one PS4 as primary, and one PS5 as primary. You cannot have multiple PS5 as primary. Setting a ps5 as primary is not hard as it sounds you can do it by following simple steps.

  1. Go to Settings from the top left corner of the main screen.
  2. Now go to User and Accounts
  3. Under Users and Accounts go to Othersothers under user and account
  4. Select Console Sharing And Offline Play
  5. Now you will see two options, Just Click on Enableenable console sharing in ps5

Yes, you did it! Now, this console will be your primary console.

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If you want to make another PS5 as your primary console then you will have to log in and repeat the same process there and then that will be your only primary console.

If you are still not able to do this tell us in the comments what problems you are facing we might be able to help you.

This video will help you understand how to make a PS5 your primary console.

You can also raise specific queries here and start a discussion

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What does Clutch Mean In Gaming – How to Perform One

What does clutch mean in gaming

Many times you might have hurt players saying I have done a 1 v 5, 1v 4, 1 v 3 clutch, or something similar to this. You might be wondering what does clutch actually means in gaming. People started using this term when online shooting and competitive games became popular. Well, we will help you understand what people mean when they use the word clutch when it comes to gaming.

Meaning Of Clutch In Gaming

A clutch is when a player single-handedly defeats two or more players in an unfavorable situation or when the odds were against him. This term is mostly used in Battle Royale and other online FPS games. In these situations, the player uses his all-game knowledge, abilities, and skills to win over multiple opponents.

Clutches mostly turn the outcome of the game and indicate how well the player has performed in a particular game.

Clutches in gaming are mostly expressed with the verses (vs) symbol. For example, if you have done a 1 v 4 clutch that means you have defeated 4 players single-handedly in a situation during a game. Similarly, 1 v 5 means you have defeated 5 players and so on.

In this video you will see some of the best 1 v 5 clutches in CS: GO

What you need to perform a clutch

You cannot just perform clutches anytime in the game. Clutches happen according to the situation you are in. But to perform a clutch efficiently in a game you will need.

  • Skills for that game
  • Presence of mind
  • Practice and experience in the game
  • And a bit of luck

You have to be able to keep your mind cool and let it focus on the situation. If you have the appropriate skill set for the game and you know are able to sense the next move of the opponent then you just have to act accordingly and most likely you will end up doing a nice clutch.

Already you are against two or more players so apart from the skills you also need to have some luck on your side. Just try to keep your mind cool and do not panic. Believing in your skillset and your practice will help you cool down your mind and you will act smartly even in adverse situations.


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7 Working Ways to Solve Sweaty Hands Problem While Gaming

solve sweaty hands problem while gaming

Your hands start sweating whenever you start playing games or it happens after you have played for a certain period of time. Well, this problem is common and is experienced by many gamers all around the world. Sweaty hands not only disturb you from the game but can also reduce your speed significantly.

There are various reasons why your hands may be sweaty while gaming. Well, you do not need to worry because this problem can be solved. There are several ways which you can try to counter the sweaty hands’ problem

Alcohol-based Hand Wipes

alcohol based hand wipes

Alcohol is a natural astringent, so when you use the alcohol-based hand wipe, it will dry up your pores and narrow it down so so there is little or no sweat coming out of your hands while gaming. The effect is short-term but it is good and does not have any bad effects.

You can also use hand sanitizers, apply it thoroughly on your hand before gaming and let it dry and then you can continue your game

Use Baby Powder

baby powder for sweaty hands

Another way to encounter sweaty hands is to use baby powder. Baby powder will dry up your hand and will work as a temporary solution to sweaty hands.

Make sure you use powder that does not have talcum in it because studies have shown that talcum is harmful. The Powder will absorb any fluid on your hand and you just have to sprinkle a little whenever you feel your hands are getting sweaty. If you cannot do it in between the session then make it a habit of applying some before the gaming session.

Do you know You might be a backseat gamer unknowingly


One of the easiest ways to reduce hand sweat is by using antiperspirant or hand deodorant,  these are mostly used to treat hyperhidrosis. Basically, the chemicals in this product will mix with your sweat and fill up your sweat pores so the overall perspiration is decreased.

To use it, take a very small quantity and rub it on your hands for up to 1 to 2 minutes and let it dry. While this can work wonders for some people, it can develop some side effects for others so if you ever have any side effects then please consult your physician.

Coconut Oil

One of the most natural products that is effective in reducing and sweat is coconut oil. Coconut oil is also a natural antiperspirant. The lauric acid present in the oil helps eliminate sweat-causing bacteria.

coconut oil for sweaty hands while gaming

While gaming it may be difficult to use coconut oil as it can make your hands slippery but if you make it a habit to apply it every day you will certainly see a good reduction in sweating. The best thing about coconut oil is it is natural and it does not have any side effects.

To use it take 4 to 5 drops on your palm and rub it thoroughly like a cream. You will start noticing the difference within 2 to 4 weeks.


There are a lot of options available in the market and gloves are one of the most effective ways to reduce the impact of sweat on the controller on the keyboard. Even if you sweat inside the gloves you will not lose the grip on the controller or the keyboard.

If you have decided to go with gloves then make sure they are breathable and can soak up sweat to a certain extent. Half finger gloves are one of the most popular among gamers. You can also go with full gloves. This totally depends upon your problem and your needs and what glove you are most comfortable with.

gaming gloves for hand sweat

It is not compulsory you go with a certain one that is marketed as a glove for gaming, you can also try out your normal gloves. If they work for you then you have saved some books and no need to buy a new one.

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Most of the time you may experience stress at the time of intense movements and a rush of adrenaline. But sweaty hands could also be a consequence of improper diet. If you are fond of eating too much junk food and food that usually contains a lot of acidic substances such as vinegar then it can be a major reason for sweating.

junkfood increases sweating

Apart from that if you much of sugar aerated drinks then it can also cause you to sweat because the body makes a lot of insulin to process the sugar and change it into energy, the result is you will sweat more.  Keep a healthy diet and avoid sugar and caffeine drinks. Sugar is not at all healthy for your body and leads to many health-related problems such as obesity, diabetes, and heart diseases.

Taking Necessary Breaks

Whatever the game might be you always chances have to take small breaks. The major cause of sweat in the hands is anxiety and tension while gaming.

take breaks while gaming

It is normal for you to be tense during an intense gaming session. But it is always better to take small breaks and relax for a while, this will help your body to cool down and in the meantime, you can just walk around, do some stretching, go out and breathe some fresh air and then come back for the game.

Use Anti Silicon Slips

Anti silicone lips are super easy to get you can get them on any online store or e-commerce website. These are some sticky small materials and they will never let the controller go out of your hand. You can just stick some of those onto your controller or you can roll some stickers together to cover your fingers. This can be a temporary solution to enhance your grip.


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How to Add Friends in Steam (2022)

Stumbled upon someone random on steam and you want to make them friends? well yes it is possible you can add them on your friend list and you can play  any online game with them later on steam.

To make friends in steam you need to have a purchase of a minimum of $5 without any purchase you won’t be able to invite anyone as a friend on steam  so as you mean that you have already have spent a minimum of five Dollars we will tell you how to add friends on steam

To add a friend on steam

Go to Friends Menu from the toolbar

steam friends menu

The first step is to open the steam application and open the toolbar from the top of the app 

Select Add a Friend Option

add a friend in steam

Now a drop-down menu will appear select add a friend option from the drop-down menu

Generate Code Or Send Invite

generate invite code steam

Now you will have two ways by which you can add friends on steam first option is by sending a generated friend code to your friend after sending the friend code they will be able to accept your friend request by using the code on the same page on their steam account.
The next option is by sending them an invite to be your friend you can do this by clicking the send invite button and they will get a notification on their steam app once they accept the invite you will be able to add them as friends

Add Each Other on Friend List

friend list steam

Now you both will able to add each other to your friend list  and enjoy gaming together

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Add Friends Without Paying a Penny

Well if you have not yet spent 5 dollars on steam then there are still ways in  which you can add friends on steam.

  • Firstly you can search the steam community for other players and share your invite link for or them to click and get added to your friend list.
  • You can also link your Facebook account to your Steam account to find friends on Steam,  this is one of the easiest methods  and does not require you to spend anything
  • If you have a friend who has already spent $5 then you can ask them to send you an invite and you  both can be friends on steam now
  • Also under various multiplayer games, you will get options to add friends inside the game so you do not necessarily need to add them to your steam friend list to play with them

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