Best Cheap Gaming Mouse (under ₹1000) in India 2022

best cheap gaming mouse india

With the growth of competitive gaming, the task of finding a perfect gaming mouse in your budget is also becoming difficult. When it comes to a gaming mouse there are many different things that separate it from a simple mouse. Don’t worry we have made that easy for you. We have made a list of best cheap gaming mouse in India. All of them are selected based on their features, design, built quality, and price.

So let’s not waste any more time and start with the list.

We have selected the mouse in the range of Rs 400 to Rs 1200. This is done to show the best affordable ones on this list.

Redragon Phaser M609

Redragon Phaser M609 gaming mouse

The Budget King

  • 6 programmable Buttons
  • 4 backlight colors
  • Adjustable DPI
Warranty1 Year
DPIup to 3200
  • It has a DPI that goes up to 3200 DPI, you can adjust it according to your requirements. Different available DPI adjustments are 1000/1600/2400/3200 DPI.
  • This mouse is good for both games that require high and low sensitivity. For FPS games you can keep it low. Whereas for other games like racing or adventure you can keep it high.
  • The polling rate is 1000 Hz which is ideal for a gaming mouse and the polling rate is also customizable through its software.
  • This mouse has a total of 6 programmable buttons which includes 2 customizable thumb buttons. Usually, these many buttons are sufficient for every gamer. The feel and settings of the button feel good in the hand.
  • Now coming over to built quality the mouse is overall light and durable. While clicking on the buttons you can feel they are fast and smooth, and you will not feel any type of hindrance in any of the buttons.
  • The mouse fits perfectly in the hands with a good resting curve at the back. The look of the mouse is premium and the design is attractive.
If you want a budget gaming mouse with nearly all the features available at this price range then I prefer you to go with Redragon M609.


  • Lightweight
  • DPI adjustable up to 3200
  • Braided Cable
  • Not for FPS gamers who like less than 1000 DPI

Zebronics Zeb Transformer – M

Zebronics Zeb Transformer M

Most Affordable

  • Up to 3200 DPI
  • Backlight
  • 6 Buttons

Zebronics have always made affordable products, and even at low prices, the quality is products are always good. They always have very good at among lower price ranges.

Warranty 1 Year
DPIup to 3200
Type Wired
  • The Zeb Transformer M has a very highly sensitive and precise optical sensor. It has dedicated buttons for adjusting DPI. The exciting thing about this mouse is that it has both forward and backward options for DPI adjustments. In most gaming mouse at this price range, you get only one button. With only one button you will waste some time tapping at one button again and again if you want to go to the previous DPI setting.
  • There are four DPI adjustments available in this mouse and they are 1000/1600/2400/3200 DPI. However, most FPS players like DPI less than 1000. If you have a very high-resolution screen like a 2k or a 4k then a higher DPI works better. Also if you play games that require high character movements then a higher DPI is better.
  • There are a total of 6 buttons in this mouse. However, the side button has been mentioned as forward and backward so they may not be programmable.
  • The built quality is nice, the base is made up of metal which makes movement smooth. The design is sleek and fits perfectly into the hand. It has braided cable so it will be good for long use. The scroll also works smoothly and you can feel that hit while scrolling.
  • There are 7 led lights inside it which changes color automatically. However, the lighting is good but sometimes it feels like it is over lightning as it doesn’t come out evenly.

This is the best mouse for casual gamers who want to start their gaming journey or are looking to upgrade their normal mouse to a better gaming mouse.

  • Good design
  • Metal base for smooth movement
  • Adjustable DPI up to 3200
  • Braided Cable
  • Not for FPS games

Ant Esports GM100

Ant Esports GM100 mouse

Overall Performer

  • 60 IPS tracking speed
  • 1000 Hz polling rate
  • DPI up to 4800
Warranty1 Year
DPIup to 4800

Ant Esports has its origin in India and they are working to provide top quality gaming products at affordable prices since 2016.

  • The GM 100 has DPI settings up to 4800. This is good for players who like a highly sensitive mouse. There are four available adjustments for DPI that are 1200/2400/3200/4800.
  • The polling rate is 1000 Hz which is also very good. You can adjust the polling rate to 125 Hz, 150 Hz, 250 Hz, and 1000 Hz. You will need to install its software to do this.
  • Despite being the fact that the lowest DPI is 1200, it can work really better than expectations for FPS games because it has 60 IPS tracking which works on a 1 ms input delay. And at the same time, you can customize the polling rate according to your FPS games need.
  • This works really well for RPG and other games with no lag and smooth movement.
  • It has 5 LED lights inside it. Although LEDs are not programmable the look it gives is very great specially in dark.
  • The design is simple but elegant. It fits perfectly in the hand and is comfortable to hold.
  • There are 5 buttons that are fully programmable. The buttons are light to click but at the same time, they are very durable. 

This mouse is good for gamers who play RPGs and MMOs. It can be called decent for casual FPS games but if you play only FPS games you need to tweak into some settings accordingly.

Overall this mouse has tried to touch every aspect a gamer need in a gaming mouse. And if you want a good mouse which has all the features and is cheap then GM 100 is for you.

  • DPI adjustments up to 4800
  • Fully programmable buttons
  • 4 polling adjustments
  • IPS Tracking
  • No low DPI settings for FPS lovers

Dragonwar ELE-G9 Thor

dragonwar thor mouse


  • 4 DPI Adjustments
  • Macro function
  • 7 Control Buttons
Warrantyonly for manufacturing defect
DPIup to 3200
  • Dragonwar is famous for its gaming peripherals and they have a very good range of products.
  • With Dragonwar ELE-G9 you get on the fly DPI settings. The available DPI adjustments are  800/ 1600/ 2400/ 3200. It is suitable for all types of gamers, and if you experience problems with high DPI while playing FPS games then you can change DPI to 800.
  • The exciting thing about this mouse has a macro function that could help you make any repetitive task easy while gaming. It will be handy for games, but you may need to install separate software to use the macro function efficiently.
  • There are a total of 9 buttons out of which 7 are fully customizable according to your need. These are more than sufficient. The button built quality is nice and the click is very smooth
  • The design is very attractive and futuristic. Also, it is comfortable for all types of gamers considering everyone has a different grip. The mouse is lightweight yet durable.
  • The thing we didn’t like is it gives a warranty but only for any manufacturing defects.
  • There are several customizations available with the software for all types of gamers.
If you want to start your gaming and want a mouse to play all types of games then we say you can go with this. This has everything you need in a budget gaming mouse.
  • Macro Function
  • DPI settings from 800 to 3200 DPI
  • Ergonomic and futuristic design
  • Braided Cable
  • Warranty only for manufacturing defect
Here was our selection for best cheap gaming mouse. They have almost everything you can get in the budget range. There were many other options but we found that these 4 gaming mouse are the best. Tell us in the comments what do you think about it or if we have missed something.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DPI in a gaming mouse?

DPI stands for dots per inch. It is used to refer to the number of dots per inch a device can detect. When you change DPI the speed and precision of the mouse changes. Most professional FPS players prefer lower DPI so there no excessive movement while aiming. Whereas for RPG and MOBA games gamers prefer higher DPI. The more options you have in DPI the better the gaming experience you will have.

What is Polling Rate and how does it affect gaming?

Polling rate can be defined as how many times the mouse reports its position to the computer.Polling rate of 1000 Hz means it will report its position 1000 times in a second.

You can adjust the polling rate through the mouse software according to your need. 500 Hz is sufficient for most of the game as 1000 Hz doesn’t make much noticeable difference and can waste CPU resources sometimes.

Fortnite System Requirements – Can I Run Fortnite

fortnite pc

Fortnite System Requirements for PC 2021 and everything including specifications and setup to need to run it on your PC.

fortnite pc

Minimum system requirements

  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Graphics Card: Intel HD 4000
  • CPU: Intel Core i3-2100
  • File Size: 30 GB
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit

Recommended System Requirements

  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870 or equivalent DX11 GPU
  • Graphics Memory: 2 GB VRAM
  • CPU: Core i5-7300U 3.5 GHz
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit or Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6

Important Requirements

  • Download Size: 30 GB
  • You should keep more free space up to 50 GB to run the game smoothly.
  • Fortnite does not support NVIDIA graphic cards on a MAC.

fortnite system requirements

About Fortnite

Fortnite is a battle royale game. It is a free multiplayer game that you can play with your friends. You will be dropped into an island and to win you need to be the last player or the last team standing. Fortnite now chapters with an average season lasting 10 to 12 weeks.

Release DateJuly 25, 2017
DownloadDownload Fortnite
Game TypeAction/Battle Royale
Active Players350 Million

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play Fortnite on Xbox 360?

You cannot play it on Xbox 360 but you will be able to play it on Xbox One, to download it all you need is Xbox live gold subscription. You can download it for Xbox One from here.

Can you play Fortnite on ps3?

No, unfortunately, Fortnite cannot be played on a PS3 because Fortnite uses Unreal Engine 4 of Epic Games and PS3 does not support this technology. This is mainly because Unreal Engine 4 was made long after PS3 was released and it is not technically possible to develop this game for PS3.

Can I Run Fortnite?

Well, you do not need much to run Fortnite. Even if you have a low graphics processor like intel HD 4000 and at least 4 GB RAM then you are good to start. However, for a smooth gaming experience, we recommend you to have 8 GB of RAM and for graphics, you can go with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870. You can run Fortnite on a processor as low as i3 2100 but we recommend you to have at least Core i5-7300U. The download size of Fortnite is around 30 GB and we recommend you to keep an additional 20 GB free for optimal performance.

Can you play Fortnite on ps5?

Yes, you can play Fortnite on ps5 as ps5 is backward compatible and most of the ps4 games can be played on ps5. You can download Fortnite for ps5 here

Can you play Fortnite on ps vita?

Yes, you can play Fortnite on ps vita by streaming it through ps4 but it will be almost impossible to play and you cannot expect a good gaming experience.

Can you play Fortnite on Chromebook?

Yes, you can now play Fortnite on Chromebook, you can do this by using the NVIDIA cloud gaming platform also known as Geforce Now. The game will feel just like the PC Fortnite.

How old you need to be to play Fortnite?

To play Fortnite you need to be at least 13 years old. And if you are below 18 years then you will need permission of your legal guardian to play Fortnite. The age criteria to play competitive events of Fortnite is also 13 years but it may vary from country to country as per their respective laws.

Also Read: Valorant  PC System Requirements and Alll you need to Know 

Jio Fiber Vs Airtel Xstream Fiber Detailed Comparison

jio fiber vs airtel xstream fiber

Jio fiber vs Airtel Xstream Fiber which is better? There are different broadband plans available in India from both Reliance Jio and Airtel. And many times it becomes difficult to choose between them. If you want the best fiber broadband plans for you then you are in the right place. We have done a detailed comparison considering all possible aspects.

So now let’s see all the plans from both the companies we will start from the lowest and then go to the highest

Jio Fiber Vs Airtel Xstream Fiber Speed

Jio Fiber PlansSpeedAirtel Xstream PlanSpeed
Rs 39930 MbpsRs 49940 Mbps
Rs 699100 MbpsRs 799100 Mbps
Rs 999150 MbpsRs 999200 Mbps
Rs 1,499300 MbpsRs 1,499300 Mbps
Rs 2,499500 MbpsNANA
Rs 3,9991 GbpsRs 3,9991 Gbps
Rs 8,4991 GbpsNANA

The Jio fiber plans start with Rs 399 with 30 Mbps of speed whereas the starting plan for Airtel Xstream is Rs 499 with a speed of 40 Mbps. So if we talk about affordability Jio Fiber’s first plan is more affordable although Airtel’s Rs 499 plan offers 40 Mbps that doesn’t make much of a difference. This is because 10 Mbps is 1.25 MB you can calculate using Mbps to MB calculator. So if you are looking for a cheap plan then I should say go for Jio.

Also in terms of variety, you will get more plans in Jio than Airtel. As you can see Jio has a, 500 Mbps, and an extra 1 Gbps plan which Airtel does not have. Well, that extra 1 Gbps plan in Jio has more FUP data limit.

Note: The actual speed for both the service provider will be different and it will depend upon your location. In Metro Cities you are likely to get more speed than you can get in a small city. However, there are more factors like no. of people using that service in your area, density of population and many other factors.

Jio Fiber Vs Airtel Xstream Fiber Pricing

Jio Fiber PlansAirtel

Xstream Plan


in Rs

Rs 399Rs 49930 MbpsJioRs 100
Rs 699Rs 799100 MbpsJioRs 100
Rs 999Rs 999150 Mbps/200 MbpsAirtelNA
Rs 1,499Rs 1,499300 MbpsTieRs 0
Rs 2,499NA500 MbpsJioNA
Rs 3,999Rs 3,9991 GbpsTieRs 0
Rs 8,499NA1 GbpsJioNA

Well out of 7 we get that Jio is the winner in 4 plans which includes  500 Mbps, and 1 Gbps plan which Airtel does not have. Whereas Airtel is the winner in one plan.

For Rs 399 Jio plan vs Rs 499 Airtel plan, you will end up saving Rs. 100 monthly. Considering that 10 Mbps, in reality, will not make much difference. So from Jio Bronze and Airtel Unlimited plan, Jio Bronze is the winner.

Now coming to the 100 Mbps Plan. Jio offers its Silver plan for Rs 699 whereas the same 100 Mbps is offered in the Airtel Premium plan for Rs 799. So here Jio Silver plan is the winner in which you save Rs 100 monthly basis.

Jio has a Rs 999 Gold plan which gives the speed of 150 Mbps whereas the Airtel Entertainment plan also costs Rs 999 but you get 200 Mbps of speed. You will not save anything here but wIth the Airtel Entertainment plan, you get 50 Mbps more speed. So the winner at this price is Airtel.

There is a tie between Jio and Airtel for 300 Mbps and 1 Gbps plan. However, differences can be noticed in features other than speed.

Also, Airtel does not have a 500 Mbps plan which makes Jio win the competition at that particular price point.

Jio has an extra 1 Gbps plan of Rs 8499 which has a FUP limit of a whopping 15000 GB. Airtel does not have any plan for more than Rs 3999 so for more data limit you will need to consider Airtel Postpaid.

Jio Fiber Vs Airtel Xstream FUP Data Limits

Jio Fiber PlansFUP Data LimitAirtel Xstream PlanFUP Data Limit
Rs 3993,300 GBRs 499 3,300 GB
Rs 6993,300 GBRs 799 3,300 GB
Rs 9993,300 GBRs 999 3,300 GB
Rs 1,4993,300 GBRs 1,499 3,300 GB
Rs 2,4994,000 GBNANA
Rs 3,9997,500 GBRs 3,999 3,300 GB
Rs 8,49915,000 GBNA NA

Many people are unaware of FUP limits while buying a fiber broadband connection. Well, FUP stands for fair use policy. In telecom, it is used for data limits. Although the data is unlimited you will not get that same speed for that unlimited data. In simple words, after your FUP data limit has been reached then the speed will significantly reduce. For both Jio and Airtel, the reduced speed is around 1 Mbps.

Now let us see the plans. For the first four plans for both the service providers the FUP data limit is the same that is 3300 GB. The Airtel Fiber does not have a plan for Rs 2499 so we cannot compare it there.

The real significant difference we will see is in 1 Gbps plans. In Airtel, you get the same 3300 GB while in Jio you get more than double which is 7500 GB so if you are looking for a 1 Gbps fiber connection with more data then Jio is best for you.

There is also a 1 Gbps plan of Rs 8499 in Jio Fiber but we do not think it justifies its cost in terms of data limit because it is double the 3,999 plan. In fact, you will end up paying Rs 500 extra.

Jio Fiber Vs Airtel Xtream OTT subscriptions

Jio Fiber OTT Apps

Jio Fiber PlansOTT Apps
Rs 399NA
Rs 699NA
Rs 1,499
Rs 2,499

You do not get any OTT apps subscription with Jio in Rs 399 and Rs 699 plan. After that in Rs 999 Gold plan, you get 14 apps worth Rs 1000 which does not have Netflix. Well after that you get Netflix basic in diamond plan with other 14 apps. And similarly, you will get Netflix Standard in Diamond plus and platinum plan with 14 other apps. And at the last plan which is the titanium plan you get Netflix Premium.

You will need a Jio set-top box to avail OTT benefits

Airtel Fiber OTT Apps

Airtel Fiber PlansOTT Apps
Rs 499Airtel X stream, Wynk Music, Shaw Academy
Rs 799Airtel X stream, Wynk Music, Shaw Academy
Rs 999Airtel X stream, Wynk Music, Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Zee 5
Rs 1,499Airtel X stream, Wynk Music, Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Zee 5
Rs 3,999Airtel X stream, Wynk Music, Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Zee 5

Well in Airtel we do not as many OTT apps we get in Jio but we do get Airtel Xstream, Wynk Music, and Shaw Academy even in their first two plans and that can be used in your mobile too.

For Rs. 999 plan and above to stream Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Zee 5 you will need Airtel Xstream set-top box.


For both the service providers the calling is free and unlimited for all the plans. For international calling, Jio gives you unlimited international calling at Rs 500. Airtel will charge for international calling at standard rates.

Set-top box

Both Jio and Airtel provide you with a set-top box that can display at 4k resolution. Both offer a set-top box for free with one-time refundable installation fees. Both are smart boxes with smart features.


Jio also comes with a feature that allows you to pick up your landline call from your mobile phone. Airtel does not have any such feature.

Also, Jio supports playing games on its set-top box supporting different types of controllers.

Final Verdict

Well, we saw in both Jio Fiber and Airtel Xstream were good in different aspects. But when we compare in terms of overall features then Jio fiber is much better than Airtel Xstream Fiber. In the end, it completely depends on you that what feature are you looking for in a fiber connection. And whether it is for home or for work. If you want to try for free then Jio offers a 30-day free trial. You should definitely give it a try. Tell us what do you think in the comments.


Best Processors for Gaming Mobile in 2022

best processor for gaming mobile

You might have heard YouTubers telling you to buy this smartphone because it has this processor and much more. If you are a gamer and are wondering which is the best processor for gaming mobile in 2021. We will clear all your doubts and help you find the best gaming processor for mobile with reasons.

RankProcessor nameAntutu score
1Apple A14 Bionic660086
2Snapdragon 888740847
3Apple A13 Bionic548,239
4Kirin 9000693,603
5Exynos 2100693600
6Kirin 9000E655788
7Snapdragon 865+619109

We have taken multiple things into account such as software compatibility, hardware compatibility, release date, CPU and GPU

1. Apple A14 Bionic Chipset

apple a14 bionoic chipset
image credits android authority

The Apple A14 is a 5nm chip with LPDD4 RAM it is the fastest chipset in the world right now and it has scored 100/100 in antutu gaming score. But the main thing which makes it outperform is the Apple software which makes gaming smooth. Apple has always set an example when it comes to processors. It has a 4 MB L3 cache size which is more than any other chipset as of now. You can find Apple A14 in iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro

2. Snapdragon 888

snapdragon 888 for gaming

This is the fastest android processor in the world. It has Adreno 660 GPU. It is believed to deliver seamlessly. It can reduce touch latency in gaming by 20%. It is specially designed to play at high frame rates and have low latency gaming. It has a new VRS (Variable Rate Shading) system which increases performance by 30% at the same time increasing power efficiency. The first phone using this is Mi 11 followed by IQOO 7

3. Apple A13 Bionic

a13 bionic chipset

Yea it may be a year old but it still outperforms many of its competitors when it comes to gaming. It has 4 cores and is less power consuming than A12. You can play pubg mobile with an average of 60 Fps. Again the main this which makes it outperform is its compatibility with apple’s software. You can find A 13 Bionic chipset in the iPhone 11 series.

4. Kirin 9000

Kirin 9000 for gaming

It is no joke when it comes to Kirin 9000. Recently it beat snapdragon 888 in GPU performance. It has A 24 core Mali-G78 with Kirin gaming+ 3.0. You can find it on Huawei mate 40 pro. It is 52 percent better than the snapdragon 865+ and is built with 5nm technology. The reason it is in the 4th rank is that the CPU performance of the top 3 is much better.

5. Exynos 2100

This is a completely new chipset that is believed to beat snapdragon 888 in terms of performance. It has  Mali G78 M-14 GPU. Mass production has already started. It is also expected to solve the high power consumption problem with the Exynos chipsets. If it successfully outperforms Snapdragon 888 in terms of the on-device gaming test then we will update its ranking. You will see this new processor in the new Samsung S21 ultra

6. Kirin 9000E

The Hisilicon Kirin 9000E launched on the same date as of  Kirin 9000 and has a slight difference, The Kirin 9000E has 22 core whereas the Kirin 9000 has 24 cores. The Kirin 9000E also has Mali G78 as GPU. It is also one of the best in terms of gaming. Huawei Mate 40 has Kirin 9000E as of now.

7. Snapdragon 865+

The next beast in mobile processors is Snapdragon 865+. Its GPU is called Adreno 650 which is the same as the snapdragon 865 but it performed 10 percent better than it. It also has a higher clock speed and is 10 percent less power consuming than its precedor. It is used in many of the flagships mobiles including ROG Phone 3, Lenovo Legion Phone, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 ultra, and many more.


As of now the best performing chipset is Apple A14 Bionic. It is the winner because of the overall device and its features and its performance in gaming. Apart from gaming, we need to see how overall the device and its software are compatible with its processor which in the end will affect your gaming experience. We will constantly update this article with the launch and testing of new processors

How to Play MPL Games and Win Money – Complete Guide

how to play mpl games complete guide

Want to win cash by just playing games? Well, it is possible now. You can earn money by playing different online games on MPL (mobile premier league) like Ludo, Chess, Pubg Mobile, Candy games, cricket, fruit-chop, etc. In this guide, we will tell you How to play MPL games and win cash. Here is our step by step guide.

how to play mpl games complete guide
image credits MPL

1. Download the MPL application

To start playing games you need MPL mobile app installed on your mobile. You will not get MPL in the Google Play store. So you will need to download it from the official MPL website. You will get a .apk file from the website. You can use referral code 9ZVILB to get a signing cash bonus. Download MPL from here

Click the green download button on the website to download.

mpl download and referral code

2. Choose the game you want to play and earn

The next step is selecting the game which you want to play. MPL has 60+ games to choose from. You can participate in featured events or view every game from the all games section. Most people like to play 1 v 1 battles in the app. You can also play fantasy sports from the MPL fantasy section.

Some of the famous games are

  • Fruit Dart
  • Cricket clash
  • WCC
  • Sudoku
  • baseball star
  • war tanks
  • fruit cutter
  • Rummy
  • Pool
  • Carrom
  • City Surfers
  • Tiny Militia
  • Poker
  • Rouge heights etc.

3. Make scores in games and submit them

After choosing a particular game it will get downloaded inside the MPL app and then you can start playing. Score as high as possible and try to beat high scores set by other players. After your game is over submit your score and you will get rewarded on basis of your score and ranking. Practice and play at least two games daily. Soon you will start winning more and more cash.

The good thing about MPL is you don’t need to have an internet connection to play. But you will need an internet connection to submit the scores.

4. Withdraw earnings

After you have won a certain amount you can withdraw it to your bank or digital wallet. It can be only done once your KYC is completed and doing KYC is compulsory.

To withdraw money from MPL

  • First, launch the MPL app on your mobile.
  • Then go to the top right corner you will see a wallet icon at the top right corner of the page.

mpl wallet icon

  • In the Cash column, see the winning cash section and then click on the withdraw cash option

winning cash option

  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw from your earnings. Then select your withdrawal methods in which you want the money.

withdraw options mpl

  • Then finally click the Withdraw options

The withdrawn amount will immediately come to your bank account or Paytm wallet depending on what you have chosen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does MPL give real money?

Yes, MPL deals with real money games, you can win money by playing games they provide and then withdraw it to your bank account or Paytm wallet. Their team dedicates their whole time improving your gaming experience and their support team is good.

Is it safe to play MPL?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to install MPL and play games on MPL. Millions of people already use it to play and win cash. You can download their app from their website.

How to get free tokens and cash in MPL?

To get free tokens and cash in MPL go near the + sign beside the number of tokens. There you will see different ways of getting free tokens like following people, creating groups, entering email, following MPL’s social media handles, etc.

How to withdraw money from MPL without KYC?

There is no possible way to withdraw money from MPL without KYC. So give them all the details required for KYC and then you can proceed to withdraw your earnings. There are some YouTubers who may tell you some wrong methods but that can land you into legal trouble.

What is the use of MPL tokens?

You can use MPL tokens to play games, however, tokens cannot be converted into money so you cannot withdraw tokens, only winning cash is withdrawable.

Is MPL app legal in India?

Yes, MPL app is a legal app in India and Mobile Premier league is a legally registered private company in India. You need to pay tax on your winnings if it exceeds Rs.10000.

How much can you withdraw from MPL?

The minimum amount is Rs. 1 and the maximum amount one can withdraw from MPL after full KYC is Rs. 100000. However, these may change according to their policies and you can check it in the withdrawal section. Your MPL earnings above Rs. 10000 is taxable. And you will be charged according to your tax slab.

What Fantasy sports are there in MPL to earn money?

There are many fantasy sports available in the fantasy section of the MPL app such as cricket, football, basketball, and baseball. You can get an MPL season pass during IPL and participate in all the matches.

How to use bonus cash in MPL?

Bonus cash in MPL can be used to play different games or fantasy sports. However, only winning cash can be withdrawn to your bank account or Paytm wallet, not the bonus cash.

Why is MPL not on the play store?

MPL app is not on the play store because it does not comply with the play store policies. Playstore does not allow any app which asks for real money to participate in a game and there is real money for winning, so it’s against the play store policies.

Is MPL an Indian app?

Yes, MPL which is Mobile Premier League is an e-sports platform whose headquarters are in Bengaluru and are operated by Galactus Funware Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Can we participate in tournaments in MPL?

Yes, there are many tournaments held over the year and many tournaments of very famous games such as PUBG mobile, free fire, etc.


Best Budget Friendly Acer Gaming Monitors India 2022

Budget friendly acer gaming monitor

Well, the gaming industry is growing day by day. And so the need for gaming hardware. If you are an Acer fan and searching for budget-friendly monitors for your gaming setup then you have come to the right place. After reading this article you will find your best budget-friendly Acer gaming monitor. And we hope in the end there will be no confusion in your mind.

So without wasting any of your time let’s start.

We have rounded up the best budget Acer gaming monitors according to their specs. The price ranges from Rs. 7000 to Rs 30000. As the price increases, you will see better specifications.

Best Budget Acer Gaming Monitors

Acer Nitro QG221Q

QG221Q acer gaming monitor

View on Amazon View on Flipkart 

Display Size

21.5 Inch

Display Resolution1920 X 1080 (Full HD)
Refresh Rate75 Hz
Response Time1 MS
Panel TypeVA panel
Warranty3 Years

Key Features

  • AMD Radeon Free Sync
  • Acer Bluelight shield
  • 250 nits Brightness

If you are looking for a gaming monitor at a very affordable price then Acer Nitro QG221Q is best for you. It has a full HD display and a decent display size of 21.5 inches. The price is less than a regular budget smartphone.

It has a very good response time of 1 MS from which you can enjoy fast-paced games. Also, it has AMD Radeon Free Sync which will remove any visual tear or choppiness for a smooth gaming experience.

It also has a blue light shield which will protect your eyes from strain due to long gaming hours. Also, it reduces the glare of the monitor. It has one VPA and two HDMI ports. 

The brightness is 250 Nits and you cannot ask for more at this price and also the Acer display widget has almost everything you want to adjust in a display. Another plus point is that it has 3 years of warranty. Overall it is the best pick if you want a gaming monitor for less than Rs. 10000.

  • Good Refresh Rate
  • No Black bleeding
  • Almost Frameless display
  • Good for setups with AMD processors
  • Less brightness with VRB

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Acer Nitro VG240YB

Acer Nitro VG240YB gaming monitor

 View on Amazon

Display Size

23.8 Inch

Display Resolution1920 X 1080 (Full HD)
Refresh Rate75 Hz
Response Time1 MS
Panel TypeIPS panel
Warranty3 Years

Key Features

  • AMD Radeon Free Sync
  • Adjustable stand
  • Dark level adjustments
  • 250 nits Brightness

This Acer Nitro VG240YB comes with an IPS panel which gives a much great picture quality than a VA panel. It works better with VRB. It has a 75 Hz refresh rate with 1 MS second response time which is nice at this price range.

The screen is Full HD and is 23.8 inches wide. The main best thing about this monitor is that it is -5 degree to 20 degrees adjustable so it will be comfortable to your eyes and neck even if you are close to the monitor.

Again it comes with AMD free sync so there will be no tearing of picture and a smooth gameplay experience. It has 1 VPA and 2 HDMI ports. The brightness is 250 nits with Acer digital adjustment widget.

It comes with a black boost with 11 different dark level adjustments so you will be able to see through the details of the game clearly. So if you are looking for a budget gaming monitor under 12000 then this is made for you.

  • AMD free sync
  • IPS display
  • Adjustable Stand
  • Blue light shield
  • VRB okay not great

  • Only 250 nits brightness

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Acer Nitro VG240YP

Acer Nitro144 Hz monitorView on Amazon

Display Size

23.8 Inch

Display Resolution1920 X 1080 (HDR 10 Ready)
Refresh Rate144 Hz
Response Time1 MS
Panel TypeIPS panel
Warranty3 Years

Key Features

  • 144 Hz Refresh Rate
  • AMD Radeon Free Sync
  • HDR 10 Ready
  • Adjustable stand

This is one of the cheapest 144 Hz gaming monitor you will find. The screen is 23.8 inches wide with an HDR 10 Ready display resolution. HDR Ready means it can take HDR signals. So you will be able to see the color depth and sharpness when compared to a non-HDR ready monitor.

It also has AMD free sync for a lag-free and tear-free experience. The response time is 1 MS and comes with a 3-year warranty. The picture quality is better when you use a display port cable instead of an HDMI.

It has an IPS panel for better picture clarity. The frame is very thin and the screen is wide. With 144 Hz fast-paced frame loading will not be any difficult. And you will experience smooth blur-free gameplay. Also, the monitors can tilt from -5 degrees to 20 degrees. So if you are looking for a good 144 Hz gaming monitor at an affordable price you can definitely pick this one.

  • 144 Hz Refresh Rate
  • Smooth gameplay with AMD free sync
  • HDR 10 Ready
  • Adjustable stand provided
  • Not for Very High FPS

Check Price onAmazon 

Acer KG271P

acer kg271p

View on Amazon

Display Size

27 Inch

Display Resolution1920 X 1080 (Full HD)
Refresh Rate165 Hz
Response Time0.7 MS
Panel TypeTN panel
Warranty3 Years

Key Features

  • 165 Hz Refresh Rate
  • AMD Radeon Free Sync
  • 0.7 MS Response Time
  • 2 stereo speakers
  • 400 nits brightness

This is another beast from Acer in budget gaming monitors. It comes with 165 Hz Refresh Rate which speeds up the frame rates and lowers rendering time and input lag giving a smoother gaming experience.

Also, the 0.7 MS response time is will never let your enemies escape giving you fast and smooth gameplay without any ghosting issues or image dragging.

It has 2 stereo speakers of 2W each. It has 1 DVI dual link up, 1 HDMI, and 1 display port. Also, the display port cable is included in the box.

It has a TN panel with 400 nits of brightness. You will get 178 degree of viewing angle and the screen is almost frameless. You will also save some space on your desk because it has a three ponged stand which also looks stylish.

It comes with AMD free sync so you will experience lag and flicker-free gaming. You will also get Acer Game Mode settings which have 8 different types of pre-set display modes. So you want one of the best budget gaming monitors with a fast response time and to play high fps games then go for it.

  • TN panel with 400 nits brightness
  • Acer game mode features

  • 178-degree viewing angle

  • 2 Stereo speakers
  • Display Port Cable included
  • Good black level
  • no impactful cons

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Acer Nitro VG271U

Acer nitro VG271U

View on Amazon View on Flipkart

Display Size

27 Inch

Display Resolution2560 x 1440 (WQHD) (2K)
Refresh Rate144 Hz
Response Time1 MS
Panel TypeIPS panel
Warranty3 Years

Key Features

  • 144 Hz Refresh Rate
  • AMD Radeon Free Sync
  • IPS panel
  • WQHD (2K)

It is the best 2K monitor available at the budget price ranges and with an IPS display the color depth and sharpness can be easily differentiated from its competitors. It has 400 nits of brightness with a 100 percent sRGB color gamut. 

With 1 MS response time and with the 2K resolution you will get picture perfection and at the same time, the Acer Bluelight shield will protect your eyes from any strain.

There are different game modes for different types of games you play like sports mode, action mode, racing mode, etc. This will further enhance your gaming. Also, it has Acer’s display widget with a wide variety of display adjustments so you can set it according to your need.

The black boost technology it has is great and you will not experience any black bleeding or ghosting issues. Like others, it has AMD free sync for smooth gameplay and is also good for fps games. There are two HDMI 2.0 ports, one Display port 1.2 and it also has two built-in 2W speakers. Overall this monitor has everything which a budget gaming monitor should have. So if you are looking for a gaming monitor with high resolution and all the other important features then go for it.

  • 2K resolution provided
  • IPS Display for color depthness
  • Different game mode color setting and acer display widget
  • 144 Hz with 1 MS response time
  • Might flicker with VRB

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Some more affordable Acer gaming monitors


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for while buying an Acer gaming monitor?

Well, two main criteria are Refresh rate and Response time, the refresh should be at least 65Hz and the response time, in any case, should not exceed 5 MS otherwise you will not get smooth gameplay and there will be tearing or frame drop issues. Ideally refresh rate of 120 Hz or more is recommended.

Is Acer monitor good for gaming?

Yes, Acer is one of the top companies making gaming accessories which include gaming monitors they make both budget and premium monitors of standard quality. We have mentioned the best budget monitors by Acer in this article. For premium and high-end monitors, you may check the Acer predator series.

Will AMD sync make my gameplay smooth?

Yes, AMD free-sync will help to remove any screen lag or tearing issues but you will need to have a good GPU in your PC or console too for running games smoothly without lag. AMD free-sync removes only the input lag of the monitor and not of the PC.


Best Gaming Headphones Under Rs 10000 in India 2022

best gaming headphones under 10000
 Are you searching for proper gaming headphones in India? But also you are confused and not sure what to buy under this price range. Believe me, you have come to the right place. Well, we have got everything covered in this article. Which will help you pick your best gaming headphone under Rs. 10000. So without wasting any of your time let’s start.
For you, we have rounded up some of the best gaming headphones under 10000 and in the end, we have done a detailed comparison. So you can choose which headphone best suits you.
Best gaming headphones under 10000

Best Gaming Headphones Under 10000 Rs.

1. Razer Kraken Mercury Gaming HeadsetCHECK PRICE
2. Alienware Stereo Gaming HeadsetCHECK PRICE
3. Sennheiser GSP 350CHECK PRICE
4. Razer Kraken X CHECK PRICE
6. HyperX Cloud Core (HX-HSCC-2-BK/WW)CHECK PRICE

Best Gaming Headphones in India Under 10000

1. Razer Kraken Mercury Gaming Headset

gaming headphones under 10000


  • Custom tuned 50 mm drivers
  • Cooling gel-infused over-ear cushions
  • Bauxite aluminum frame
  • 1-year warranty
  • 3.5mm Audio cable
  • Weight 321 gms

Razer Kraken Mercury has the 7.1 surround sound feature which will give you precise and positional sound for an immersive gaming experience.

It has cooling gel-infused over-ear cushions which will make gaming for long hours easy and comfortable and will also eliminate heating issues. Also, no pressure is created on the sides of your head.

It has a 3.5MM Audio jack which makes it compatible with all devices from PCs, mobile phones to gaming consoles.

It is lightweight and bauxite aluminum makes it durable. The 50mm drivers deliver excellent sound quality. Noise cancellation feature is also good.

  • Good Surround Sound
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Software enabled surround sound
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Echo Suppression not great in Microphone


2. Alienware Stereo Gaming Headset

alienware gaming headphone



  • 2-year warranty
  • Immersive Audio with 50m drivers
  • Weight 350gm
  • USB to 3.5mm convertibility
  • Great Built Quality

This Alienware gaming headphone has several unique features that make it stand out in this segment. It has a microphone that is certified by discord for its clarity and noise cancellation.

It is very comfortable to wear and has a very sleek and attractive design. However, you may feel it is heavy when used for long hours. Also, this is not recommended for fps games.

You can also swap its USB connection to a 3.5mm audio jack which makes it compatible with different platforms such as mobile phones, PC, X-Box, Nintendo Switch, etc.

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Discord VoIP certification for Microphone
  • Attractive Design
  • Not for FPS gaming
  • Not for long hours of gaming

3. Sennheiser GSP 350

best pc gaming headphones




  • 2-year warranty
  • Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound
  • Weight 262gm
  • Best for PC
  • Noise Isolation

This headphone is one of the best headphones for PC gaming. It has a Dolby 7.1 Surround sound feature which will help you hear every single detail in the game.

It has downloadable software letting you choose among four different equalizers, noise reduction, and sidetone settings which will give you a more immersive gaming experience.

However, you will need a converter to connect it through a Mobile phone or tablet. The built quality is good but not that great. The noise cancellation this headphone offers is amazing.

Overall the headphones are good for moderate usage for two or three years.

  • 2-year international warranty
  • Dolby 7.1 surround sound
  • Custom software for sound
  • Noise Isolation
  • Built quality good but not great at this price
  • Late Customer Service Response

4. Razer Kraken X 

razer kraken




  • lightweight
  • 1-year warranty
  • Durable
  • Bendable microphone
  • 7.1 Surround sound

The Razer Kraken X offers awesome sound quality at this price point. It has 40mm drivers and also 7.1 surround sound for perfect positional audio in gaming. 

It has a bendable microphone with noise cancellation feature. The clarity of the microphone is great. It has Oval Ear Cushions & Adjustable Headband Slider makes it comfortable to wear for long hours.

Again the design seems okay but not great and the headphone feels light to wear. You can get both USB and 3.5mm variants for the same headphone. 

However, in the software, you get nothing more than turning on and off the surround sound. If you have a slightly low budget you can go with these. These headphones will deeply enhance your gaming experience.

  • Dolby Atmos Surround sound
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Lightweight
  • Poor software support for surround sound
  • Non-conventional volume controller


5. Corsair HS60 PRO





  • Discord certified microphone
  • Detachable Microphone
  • Software customized 7.1 surround sound
  • 2-year warranty
  • Weight – 320g

Again if you are looking for other brands. Corsair is the one which can deliver. The Corsair HS60 PRO is another beast at this price range and this headphone will surely not disappoint you.

It has a 7.1 surround sound feature which is fully customizable through its software.

The microphone has great noise cancellation and is discord certified for its clarity. Apart from this, the microphone is also detachable. However, the bass is good and clear for gaming but not for other purposes such as listening to music.

Although the built quality is okay but comfort will depend from person to person.

  • Surround sound with good software
  • Noise cancellation
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Detachable microphone
  • It May be not comfortable for everyone.

6. HyperX Cloud Core (HX-HSCC-2-BK/WW)

Hyperx gaming headphone



  • Best for PC and PS4
  • Virtual 7.1 surround sound
  • Detachable noise-canceling microphone
  • Weight 356g
  • 2-year warranty

If you want a gaming headphone at a slightly lower price then this is perfect for you. HyperX Cloud Core has a virtual 7.1 surround sound. A detachable noise-cancelling microphone. The sound quality is great at its price.

It has an aluminum frame which makes it durable and is also comfortable to wear. It is compatible with all types of devices from PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. Its foam is thick and comfortable on the ears. Also, the built quality and design are great.

  • Virtual 7.1 surround sound
  • Great built quality
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Detachable noise-cancelling microphone
  • No impactful cons

Detailed comparison of best gaming headphone under 10000

Headphone rated from featuresSound


1. Razer Kraken Mercury Gaming Headset10/109.5/109/109.5/10CHECK PRICE
2. Alienware Stereo Gaming Headset9.5/108.5/108.5/1010/10CHECK PRICE
3. Sennheiser GSP 3509.5/107/1010/109.5/10CHECK PRICE
4. Razer Kraken X 9/109/1010/108.5/10CHECK PRICE
5. Corsair HS60 PRO9/108.5/109/108/10CHECK PRICE
6. HyperX Cloud Core(HX-HSCC-2-BK/WW)9/1010/109/108/10CHECK PRICE

Frequently Asked Questions

Are gaming headphones better?

Yes, most of the time you will find that a gaming headphone is much better than a normal headphone due to its multiple functionalities which not all normal headphones offer. If you are into gaming then you should surely buy these as you can also use them for other purposes such as listening to music, watching a video etc.

Do these gaming headphones have an Inline controller.

Yes, all gaming headphones have an inline controller. Inline controllers are used for adjusting volume, muting the microphone, and in some cases for the surround sound feature.

What headsets do pro gamers use in 2021?

Yes, many of the above-mentioned headphones are used by pro gamers and youtube streamers. However, pro gamers and streamers use gaming headphones which are very costly. That ranging anywhere from Rs 5000 to 40000.

What are the best budget gaming headphones?

For this, you can refer to our article for best gaming headphones within 1000. You will get a detailed comparison on the top 6 headphones at that price range so you can choose the best for you.

Are gaming headphones noise cancelling?

Yes, all the headphones we have mentioned noise cancellation. You can also see which one of them is best in noise cancellation and which is not.

Do pros use 7.1 surround sound?

Yes, if you are a pro gamer you definitely need surround sound to hear precise positional audio in the game like footsteps of other players. It deeply affects your gaming experience. And if you are a pro then you can easily spot the difference between fake and real surround sound. Also for better gaming, you should go with headphones that have stereo sound with surround sound.

Are expensive gaming headsets worth it?

Yes, when you compare you will see a huge difference between an expensive gaming headphone and a budget one. Expensive headphones have more features compared to a budget headphone and are superior in sound quality. Also, expensive headphones are more comfortable and durable than budget headphones.

















Top 6 Best Gaming Headphones under Rs 1000 in India 2022

havit headphone under 1000

Searching for proper headphones for gaming can be a hectic task mostly when you are only going to buy them once. Well, when it comes to headphones for gaming you definitely need to pick the right one whether it is for hearing footsteps in PUBG or for other games. Whatever game you play you don’t need to worry. We have selected the best gaming headphones under Rs. 1000. This will enhance your gaming experience and help you become a pro in your game.

These headphones are compatible for most devices from mobiles, PCs, to gaming consoles. At the end you will get a detailed comparision

1. Cosmic Byte GS410

cosmic bye headphone


This Cosmic Byte G410 is at top of our list due to its excellent features at this price point. Its sound quality is clear and also has deep bass which makes it perfect for gaming. Its mic is very sensitive which picks up sound clear and easy. It has a cushion head pad which is very comfortable for long gaming hours. Also, the Microphone is adjustable. It is a great pick at this price range. It can be used in Mobiles, PCs, and PS4.

2. Redragon H120


Red dragonH120


This one is at second on our list and is also used by professional gamers. The specialty of this headphone is its noise cancellation feature. You can easily play games or listen to music without worrying about the noise outside. It fits easily and also has an adjustable microphone. Another good thing about this headphone is that it has a good directional driver which gives precise sound while gaming. So you can easily identify where the footsteps are coming from. This is aa perfect value for money product.

3.Havit H2032d

havit headphone under 1000


The next best deal for gamers is Havit H2032d. The headphones are simple but cool. With led lights at the sides, it makes it look more attractive. It’s 40 mm high-quality speaker delivers an awesome gaming sound experience but cannot fulfill for other purposes like watching music. But the main missing feature is that it does not offer surround sound. Overall product is decent and you can grab it during the festive season when discounts are offered.

4. Ant Esports H520W



This headphone made by Ant esports also comes with RGB led light and it also has surround sound feature. Again this has a 40 mm speaker which offers decent sound quality and gaming experience. This headphone is also quite durable and can work for long hours. The mic quality is good but it doesn’t offer very good noise cancellation. We can also say bass is good at this price range. Its cable quality is nice but you will need a splitter to connect it to a PC with a 2.0 audio jack.


5. Screem Gamegod

screem gamegod


This mic offers awesome sound quality at this range and also the mic is highly sensitive. It is comfortable to wear and fits easily and overall good for gaming. It is compatible with pc, x box and mobile. But when we compare it to the products listed above we can say the sound quality is not that great but again it is durable and is comfortable for long gaming hours.

6. Cosmic Byte H11

COSMIC STARDUST under rs 1000


Well, another headphone from cosmic byte for a decent gaming experience. The length of the mic is good and it is adjustable so your friends can hear you clearly. Rest other features are good and this one can be a few hundred bucks cheaper than the previous ones. But the main drawback is that you may feel uncomfortable when you play for long hours. The sound clarity is good with deep bass. Basically, you can grab it if you play for like 1 to 1 and a half hours a day. This will surely not disappoint you.

In this table, we have done a detailed comparison of gaming headphones at this price range. 



















































Final Verdict

After so much comparison of different features, it depends on what type of gaming you are in. You like more comfort, more features, a specific feature, or an overall good headphone. We have given you the best gaming headphones within this price range. The final decision resides with you. Overall all the products are good and you need to which headphone among these are best fit for you. Tell us in the comments if we have missed something or what headphones do you like. Till then happy gaming.