5 Best Gaming Keyboards Under Rs. 2000 in India

Gaming keyboards today are more of a necessity than a luxury. Moreover, it is not very easy to find a perfect gaming keyboard for your gaming setup. There are different types of gaming keyboards with different features you may require some of them and some maybe not useful for you. Well if you are in a search of a gaming keyboard with all the necessary features then you are in the right place. We have selected one of the best gaming keyboards under Rs. 2000 in India. This list is made keeping in mind the build quality, the price, lighting, feel, and many other features. If you want a keyboard at a cheaper price then check out our list of best keyboards under ₹1000

The prices mentioned here are from the time of research and are subject to change as prices in e-commerce platforms fluctuate continuously.

Best Gaming Keyboards Under ₹2000
Redgear Shadow AmuletView on Amazon
Ant Esports MK1000View on Amazon
Quantum QHM 9800View on Amazon
Zebronics Zeb WarView on Amazon
HP GK320View on Amazon

1. Redgear Shadow Amulet

Redgear Shadow Amulet  Gaming Keyboard

Mechanical Beast

  • Windows lock Key
  • Crisp keys
  • Anti Ghosting Keys
Warranty1 year
Weight1.3 Kg

The first in our list is the Redgear Shadow Ammulet the design of the keyboard is sleek it has a smooth finish overall and is made up of metal from the top and the base is made up of plastic

When the shadow blade is a mechanical keyboard that is equipped with mechanical blue switches which gives a good tactical and crispy feel and you can play and type effortlessly with good speed. The keycaps are floating and are curved which makes typing more comfortable also you got the windows to lock is so no more pop-ups while gaming.

The keyboard has a very interesting control that does all the work for controlling media that includes play pause volume control etc. Coming to the lighting it has 22 spectrum LED mode for day and night and it can be adjusted according to your requirements.
The cable is not braided and is about 1.5 meters long. The Keycaps can be removed which makes it easy to clean well the good thing about this keyboard is that you do not need any additional software to adjust anything it is just a plug-and-play keyboard.

  • 26 Anti Ghosting Keys
  • Removable Keycaps
  • 22 spectrum LED
  • Long cable
  • Tactical and crispy feel
  • cable is not braided

2. Ant Esports MK1000

Ant Esports MK1000

Tactical Best

  • Compact Design
  • 9 Preset Effects
  • Mechanical
Warranty1 year
Weight0.82 Kg

The next one on our list is the Ant eSports MK1000. It is a full mechanical keyboard which is tenkeyless so no number keys here also this makes the keyboard very compact and easy to carry around. A paragraph overall the keyboard is very sturdy and it has Doubleshot molded abs keycaps and brushed metal panel which is abrasion resistant

The keyboard has blue switches which are very accurate and responsive when it comes to typing or gaming it gives your a completely different feeling from a normal keyboard and they are also long-lasting tested for over 50 Million clicks. It has 87 anti-ghosting keys how to make sure that your every action is recorded and even after pressing multiple keys at the same time every command is recorded without any confusion.

The LED lighting of the keyboard is just awesome there are 6 rows and each row has a specific color when there are over 9 preset lighting effects to choose from and also two slots available so that you can make your own custom lighting effect.

It also has some handy keys such as Windows lock, backlight brightness control, backlight effects, so that some of your tasks become easy.

  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Blue Switches
  • 87 anti-ghosting keys
  • extremely durable build quality
  • The keyboard can be erratic at times

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3. Quantum QHM 9800

Quantum QHM 9800 keyboard

The Sturdy One

  • Hot-swappable B23 switches
  • Spill-Proof
  •  12 adjustable light modes 
Warranty1 year
Weight0.98 Kg

The third one on the list is a beast in all aspects. It is a very durable full mechanical keyboard. The build quality is great and it is also made spillproof to prevent any damage from accidental spilling or splashes.

It is b-23 blue switches which gives a good tactical feel while typing all the keys are quite noisy but if you love to hear the keyboard sound then this is for you. Also, the keycaps are removable so cleaning becomes easy and the keys are non fading Doubleshot keycaps which make makes it more durable

The Lightning of the keyboard is good they are 6 LED RGB colors with 12 adjustable light modes with different elimination effects. Quantum QHM9800 is 4 heavy users especially if you game for long hours how are you do work their intense typing is involved suggest blog writing.

  • 12 adjustable light modes
  • Blue Switches
  • Spill-Proof
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be noisy for some people

4. Zebronics Zeb War

Zebronics Zeb War keyboard and mouse

Budget Pick

  • Keyboard and Mouse Combo
  • 2 Step Stand
  • Membrane
Warranty1 year
Weight1.4 Kg

OK, so the fourth one on our list is the Zebronics Zeb war gaming keyboard. Well, this one is a membrane keyboard and the design of the keyboard is slim and simple. Overall all the specs and the keyboard are pretty decent it has got some integrated media control keys which makes the process handy it has also got the windows lock key, the Rupee key, and a key to control the lighting of the keyboard. Also, all the keys have laser keycaps so you do not need to worry about letters disappearing.

The keyboard has two steps below it so as to provide enough elevation while gaming or typing. The cable is long and braided and the USB is gold plated to prevent it from rusting.
Will the lighting of the keyboard is pretty decent but the problem here is that the light does not pass from the keys but from the space is between the keys although it looks good, it does not serve the main purpose that is visible keys in the dark.
Will the best thing about this keyboard is that you also get a mouse with it and everything in a budget range most likely you will get this keyboard and mouse combo for under thousand bucks.

  • mouse and keyboard combo
  • Durable Build
  • Long and braided cable
  • Lights from the side of keys and not from the keys

5. HP GK320

HP GK320 gaming keyboard

Value for Money

  • Gaming Chipset
  • N key Rollover
  • Matt keycaps
Warranty1 year
Weight0.87 Kg

The next mechanical gaming keyboard on our list is the HP GK320, the build quality of the keyboard is certainly very good for gaming it has a very compact ergonomic design and has a good elevation which supports faster gaming and typing.

The keys are good and durable it has the 104 keys layout. The keys are mechanical blue switches that give a clear sound while gaming although sometimes you can hear the sound of spring of some keys. The key caps are delicate and are injected using the double injection Technology which makes them wear-resistant and the letters do not fade. The keys are also long-lasting that are tested for over 50 million clicks.

Coming to the lighting effect it has Rainbow lighting and each row has a different color you can easily adjust the brightness and the lighting effects with the help of a button and there are several more colorful lighting effects that you can have according to your setup.
Also, the USB port of the cable is gold plated which will slow down oxidation and prevented it from rusting. The cable also has a magnetic ring which will prevent any electromagnetic interference from the outside world and make the transmission more clear and precise.

  • Good Elevation
  • Anti Ghosting Keys
  • Cable with magnetic ring
  • Durable blue switches
  • Letters are broad and clear
  • Nice lighting effects
  • Sometimes spring may make a noise

So this was our list for best picks under ₹2000. Tell us in the comments which keyboard do you like and also check our list of best keyboards in different price ranges. Also, share your views in the comment box and tell us if we missed something. We will be back with new and amazing product picks, till then happy gaming.

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