Best Gaming Keyboard Under Rs. 1000 in India

If you look back 10-15 years most of the devices such as a mouse or a keyboard were not given much importance in the gaming industry. Also, most of the time such keyboards were very expensive to buy. But now the time has changed, you get specialized keyboards made keeping in mind the needs of a gamer, and all these at very affordable rates. These are not only used for gaming but are also used by writers for typing.

There are many options on the internet which makes it difficult to choose the correct product. So we have selected some of the best gaming keyboards under ₹1000. If you have more budget or are looking for mechanical keyboards then check other price ranges for keyboards

The prices are as of when we were researching about the products and prices in e-commerce platforms fluctuate from time to time.

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1. Zebronics Zeb-Transformer-k

zebronics zeb transformer k

The Best

  • Windows lock key
  • Sturdy Aluminum body
  • Long cable
Warranty1 year
Weight1.27 Kg

Zebronics is an Indian company and they have a reputation for making top-quality gaming products at affordable prices.

The Zeb transformer k has a body made of aluminum which makes it more sturdy and prevents it from sliding down the surface while typing. Also, the aluminum base gives it a much-required elevation.

It has a full-fledged keyboard with over 104 keys including 12 multimedia keys which are essential for normal work. The letters on the keys are made with the help of a laser, so you do not need to worry about letters disappearing. You will also get the windows-lock key. The keys are durable tested for over 80 million clicks. Well, you will not get a very clicky sound from the keys as it has a more smooth click.

The keyboard has RGB lighting. However, the lighting is designed to glow from the sides of the keys. You can set RGB lighting for different zones on the keyboard. The keyboard has 3 light modes and 1 off mode.

The Zebronics Zeb Transformer K has a long cable of around 1.8 meters and the cables are braided so even if you have too many wires running around it will not mess with your keyboard signals.

We have also done a review on Zebronics Zeb mouse also you can check our mouse picks here

The Zebronics Zeb K is the best membrane keyboard in this price range. The build quality of the keyboard is very nice and the keys are smooth and silent. It is a perfect keyboard for gaming as well as general usage.
  • Long and braided cables
  • Smooth and silent clicks
  • Full aluminum body
  • Multi-zone RGB lighting
  • Lighting from the sides of the keys and not from the keys.

2. Cosmic Byte CB-GK-02

Cosmic byte corona


  • 19 Anti Ghosting keys
  • 9 RGB customizations
  • braided cable
Warranty1 year
Weight0.8 kg

Cosmic Byte has emerged as a leading game peripheral manufacturer, they have good quality products for all price range.

The cosmic byte corona has a slim and sleek body. The body is made up of hard plastic. They provide a tilt mechanism that can be adjusted according to your comfort.

Coming to the main part that is the keys, it is a membrane keyboard and the keys are slightly elevated for better feedback. Also, the keys are long-lasting as they are tested for over 10 million clicks. It is very easy to clean the keyboard as all the keys are removable.

The keyboard has different multi-use multimedia keys to make your daily tasks easier. With all these, there are over 19 Anti-ghosting keys. So no loss of input while playing games or typing at a very fast speed.

The cable is around 1.6m long and it is braided to prevent electromagnetic interference. USB of this keyboard is gold plated to save it from rusting.

It has RGB backlighting with ample customizations available. you get 4 different levels of brightness and 9 different color combinations so you can easily sync it with your gaming setup. It also has a microphone which makes an LED react to the sound nearby.

This keyboard also has drain holes so if you spill a drink you do not need to stop and start cleaning, you can continue the action and maybe clean later.

This keyboard is an all-rounder, everything you need is already here with good keys, braided cables, and RGB lighting. This is one of the best keyboards in this price range.
  • 19 anti-ghosting keys
  • Drain holes
  • Good RGB customization available
  • Removable keys makes cleaning easy
  • Microphone synced with RGB

    3. Redgear Blaze

    Redgear Blaze Gaming keyboard


    • Nice Detailing
    • Windows lock key
    • Compact Design
    Warranty1 Year
    Weight0.89 kg

    Redgear has made its reputation in the gaming Industry although their product range is very narrow but the quality of the products is top-notch.

    Coming to the Redgear blaze it is a semi-mechanical wired gaming keyboard, the body is durable and is fully made up of aluminum the detailing done is very perfect the edges of the aluminum unibody are cut with non-crystalline tolerances measured in Microns. The place is suited for both the higher and the lower DPI gamers. Also, the design is compact it gives you space to move your mouse and it is easy to carry keyboards in small gaming bags

    Whether it is a day or night time it doesn’t matter the lights off bright enough the place has amazing three LED color lighting. Although it does not have any features like different zone lighting. Well, you can change the colors manually or you can set it on auto change.

    Well by playing games the window popup will no longer annoy you because it has the windows lock option so now you can play your game without any interruption. Coming to the keys they have been tested for over 10 million clicks to make sure they are long-lasting. The keys are raised and it feels very smooth and crisp when clicking. Also, the keyboard has over 19 anti-ghosting keys so that there is no loss of input while gaming and you do not miss any action

    Overall the Redgear blaze is a very good keyboard if you are just starting out with your gaming journey although it is a membrane Keyboard it gives a slight field of a mechanical keyboard this is a good keyboard also for writers.
    • Anti-ghosting keys
    • Gives the feel of a mechanical keyboard
    • Full aluminum Body
    • some times you may experience hard-pressing problems

    4. HP K500F

    HP k500f gaming keyboard

    Perfect for Setup

    • Rainbow backlight
    • Slim Design
    • Elevated Keycaps
    Warranty1 Year
    Weight0.69 kg

    Will HP does not need an introduction there are the industry leaders when it comes to computer peripherals. The HP K500F has a simple but elegant design the body is made up of plastic however the quality of the plastic used is top-notch and overall the keyboard is very durable.
    The keys have Double capping to make it more durable and they are tested for over 10 million clicks. The keys are thick and you get to see a more nice curve on the top of the keys which gives you extra grip also there are over 26 anti-ghosting keys to make sure your gaming is more seamless and you do not miss any input even when you click multiple keys at the same time.
    The lighting is pretty good at this price point it is called the rainbow backlight. Although you cannot change the colors, you can change the brightness level and you get different preset lighting combinations.

    When the keyboard is very slim it also comes with a keyboard stand to tilt it according to your needs. Also, the are the keys are in multiple elevations to enhance your typing experience.

    Overall this is a very good keyboard for beginners and amateur gamers as it has a good build quality and essential features that a gamer needs.
    • different lighting combinations
    • Good build and design
    • Adjustable stand
    • Nice grip on the keys
    • 26 anti-ghosting keys
    • no impactful cons

    5. Evo Fox Fireblade

    Evo fox fireblade

    Value for Money

    • 10 KEYLESS
    • Easy to carry
    • Braided cable
    Warranty1 Year
    Weight0.49 kg

    The build of the EVO fox Fireblade is quite durable the keyboard is made up of hard plastic material it is a 10 keyless membrane keyboard so you will not get the number keys here this is perfect if you have very little desk space and also so make it easy to fit in bags

    Coming to the keys the paint job done on the keys is not very impressive but it does not matter as the letters are engraved using laser the keys are also long-lasting and have been tested for over 10 million clicks. The keyboard has 19 anti-ghosting keys which make sure your every action is recorded you can adjust the sensitivity boat with the buttons and the software

    Well the cables are needed to eliminate electromagnetic interference and there is also a magnetic Ring On The Wire to enable more precise data transmission

    The RGB lighting of the keyboard is simply great the lights are bright and off and you get three Rainbow lightning effects including the starting and the breathing effect.

    Well, the Evo Fox Fireblade is a decent keyboard with all the necessary features a gamer needs also the keyboard completely justifies its price. So if you are new to gaming keyboards then you can start with this.
    • 19 anti-ghosting keys
    • easy to fit in bags
    • letters are engraved using laser
    • static and breathing effect
    • no num keys

    6. Redgear Grim

    Redgear Grim keyboard for gaming

    Budget Pick

    • Slim
    • Floating keys
    • Stainless steel panel
    Warranty1 year
    Weight0.79 kg

    Redgear grim is similar to the Redgear blaze however the difference here is the pricing. The design of the redgear grim simple and slim it has a plastic body except for the front panel which is made up of stainless steel also it has a bracket at the bottom of the keyboard which gives you a comfortable distance and elevation according to your need

    The grim has floating keys to actualize pressure accordingly this is because we apply different pressures while gaming as well as typing. The keys are long-lasting and are of the best quality at this price.

    Coming to the lighting the keyboard has a very bright backlight, it has four-zone RGB lighting to blend in with your game setup. Although it does not have any dedicated software you can turn off the backlight using the scroll lock.

    Well the redgear grim is a very good keyboard for typing and a decent keyboard for gaming if you are new to gaming and want a cheap gaming keyboard so start with then the redgear grim will provide value for your money.
    • Cheap and value for money
    • Good build quality
    • four-zone lighting
    • keys are not so crisp

    Well, these were our picks for the best keyboards under Rs 1000, well if you have a slightly higher budget then you can get some good mechanical keyboards under ₹2000. Also, tell us in the comments which keyboard do you like, we will back with some amazing recommendations. Till then happy gaming.

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