5 Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming 2022

When it comes to gaming you will certainly want an uninterrupted internet connection. And we all know that ethernet cables are much faster and efficient than wifi. There are many types of ethernet cable available on the Internet which only leads to confusion. So for you to save your time in research. We have selected the best ethernet cables for gaming in 2021.

Different factors such as speed, cost, durability, flexibility have been kept in mind while selecting these products.
Warranty2 Year
Speed40 Gbps
Bandwidth2000 Mhz
Conductor Gauge26 AWG

This RJ45 cable has a gold plated plug which prevents it from corroding and making it durable for long use. It has 26 AWG copper conductors.

The transmission speed is 40 Gbps which is the highest among commercially available ethernet cables and this is more than enough for gaming and other purposes. And the bandwidth you get in the cable is 2000 MHz.

The Cat 8 cable is compatible with PC, PlayStation, PS3, PS4, PS5, x box, routers, cable modems, DSL, and many other devices. It is also backward compatible with Cat7/6/6e/5/5e ethernet devices.

The Cable has an aluminum braided shield with a thick PVC coating outside it. Although the cable is rounded it is still very flexible.

This cable is very good for gaming and streaming, and with this, you are very unlikely to experience any lag. With its high uploading and downloading speed, you will not have any lag while downloading, streaming or laying online games.

It is available in different sizes

Sizes Available
1.6 feet/0.5mVIEW ON AMAZON
3.3 feet/1mVIEW ON AMAZON
5 feet/1.5mVIEW ON AMAZON
6.6 feet/2mVIEW ON AMAZON
10 feet/3mVIEW ON AMAZON
16.6 feet/5mVIEW ON AMAZON
26.6 feet/8mVIEW ON AMAZON

Choseal Cat 7 Cable

choseal cat 7 ethernet cable

Runner Up

  • 1000 Mbps Speed
  • Flexible
  • PVC Protection
Warranty1 Year
Speed1000 Mbps
Bandwidth600 Mhz
Conductor Gauge32 AWG

Well, this is a previous generation to the Cat 8 cables. A cat 7 cable can provide you with a maximum of 10 Gbps of speed. However, you can expect this cable to run at a constant speed of 1000 Mbps without any lag.

It has a bandwidth of 600 MHz which is two times faster than a cat 6 cable.

The specialty of this cable is that it is flat. So it becomes easy to carry and clean. Moreover, flat cables are also more flexible than rounded ones. This also makes them easier to install as it bends through the corner without taking much space and with less hassle

The cable is 8mm thick and is very durable. It has PVC coating from the outside.

It is compatible with routers, adapters, PC, PS3, PS4, PS5, X Box, and other network appliances. This cable will be best to pick for gaming and other purposes

Sizes Available
3.3 feet/1mVIEW ON AMAZON
6.6 feet/2mVIEW ON AMAZON
10 feet/3mVIEW ON AMAZON
16.6 feet/5mVIEW ON AMAZON

UGREEN Flat Ethernet Cable Cat7

ugreen flat ethernet cable

Premium Pick

  • 4 shielded twisted pair
  • 10 Gbps speed
  • Clip protector
Warranty1 Year
Speed10 Gbps
Bandwidth600 Mhz
Conductor Gauge26 AWG

Ugreen has made its reputation when it comes to cables and it is one of the most trusted brands for cables. This Ugreen cable will give you up to 10 Gbps of speed and it has a bandwidth of 600 MHz.

The cable port is gold plated which protects it from corrosion. And you will also get a clip protector which will protect the RJ45 port from external disturbances.

It is flat which makes it easy for any installation and it also makes it more flexible. The pvc coating at the top makes it more durable for long use.

It is compatible with  PCs, network-attached storage devices, routers, modems, Xbox, PS2, PS3, PS4, PS5, and game boxes. It is one of the best ethernet cables for gaming if you are looking for zero-latency gaming with no interruptions. It is best premium pick in ethernet cables.

AmazonBasics Cat-6 Ethernet Cable

amazon basics cat6 ethernet cable

Most Affordable

  • Multiple Lengths
  • 1 Gbps Speed
  • Good material quality
Warranty1 Year
Speed1000 Mbps
Bandwidth250 Mhz
Conductor GaugeNA

The Amazon Basics Cat 6 ethernet cable offers you high-speed data transfer up to 1 Gbps and gives a bandwidth of 250 MHz. The cat 6 ethernet cable is almost ten times faster than its predecessor cat 5 which offered 100 Mbps of speed.

The cables are durably made with PVC coating. They are rounded which makes them less flexible for corners when compared to the flat ones. But that doesn’t make any performance difference compared to any other cat 6 cables.

There are up to 5 lengths available for this amazon basics cable. The cable is compatible with routers, PCs, Network adaptors, PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox, and other gaming consoles.

If you want a good and fast ethernet cable at affordable rates then this one is best for you. Also there are many choices for length of the cable.

Sizes Available
5 feet/1.5mVIEW ON AMAZON
10 feet/3mVIEW ON AMAZON
14 feet/4.26mVIEW ON AMAZON
25 feet/7.6mVIEW ON AMAZON

Zosion Cat 8 Cable 

zoison gaming ethernet cable

The Speed King

  • 40 Gbps Speed
  • SSTP Shied
  • Durable

If you have a very high-speed internet connection at home and you want to use it at its full potential, then Zoision Cat 8 should be at the top of your list.

It supports high speed up to 40 Gpbs with a bandwidth of 2000 MHz which is more than three times faster than a Cat 7 cable. This cable can run your high speed internet connection at its full potential.

The port is gold plated to prevent it from corroding. And it is 4 pair SSTP (Shielded Foil Twisted pair) which means it will be shielded from any electromagnetic interference which can hamper the signal quality.

This cable is rounded but is very flexible. There is 0.8mm black color PVC coating on the cable which makes it more tough and durable for long use.

It is very good when it comes to gaming and streaming at the same time. Also you will experience zero latency gaming with this cable.

It is compatible with PCs, Network adapters, routers, PS3, PS4, PS5, X Box, and many other gaming consoles and hardware.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Ethernet Cable?

To keep it simple we can say an ethernet cable is a wire that will connect your electronic device to a local area network. Those devices can be your PC, router, PS3, PS4, PS5, or any other network demanding device. The best way to select a cable will be to ascertain the performance you need. The cable should not be too long and it should be durable so you can enjoy FPS and other games at their best. A weak and very long ethernet cable will slow down your internet connection which will ultimately affect your gaming experience.

What is Cat in Ethernet Cable?

Many people get confused while buying ethernet cable because they don’t know the meaning of cat. Well, the term “cat” in ethernet cables simply means category of ethernet cables. There are different types of ethernet cables available in the market. The standard ones that are mostly used are Cat 5e and cat 6 ethernet cables because these are easily available.

What are the types of Ethernet Cable?

There are eight types of ethernet cables that have been launched so far. The technology have been improving from time to time. Over the years the speed and efficiency as well as durability of cables have been increased

The types/categories of ethernet cables that are available are

  • Cat 3
  • Cat 5
  • Cat 5e
  • Cat 6
  • Cat 6a
  • Cat 7
  • Cat 8

What Category Ethernet Cables should we use for Gaming?

Cat 3 and 5

The Cat 3 and the Cat 5 ethernet cables are the oldest forms of ethernet cables. And the technology has become obsolete. Therefore it is not recommended to use cat 3 and cat 5 cables for gaming. A Cat 3 cable provides a maximum speed of 10 Mbps which converts to 1.2 MB per second and has a bandwidth of 16 MHz which is very low. And a Cat 5 ethernet cable gives a speed between 10-100 Mbps and has a bandwidth of 100 MHz.

Cat 5E

In Cat 5e ethernet cable the ‘e’ stands for enhanced. This is the upgraded version of cat 5 ethernet cable. They are one of the most used cables today because it is easy and cheap to produce them. This cable can be used for gaming but it is not recommended because it may not be able to provide you high speed at a constant rate. A cat 5e supports speed from 1000 Mbps to 1 Gbps but the bandwidth is 100 MHz which is the same as a cat 5 cable.

Cat 6

A Cat 6 cable is faster than a Cat 5e cable and it can handle speed up to10 Gpbs for a maximum length of 55 m. The maximum bandwidth of a Cat 6 cable is 250 MHz. Also, Cat 6 cables are more expensive than Cat 5 and Cat5e cables. Cat 6 cable is good for gaming if you are looking for a fast ethernet cable to start playing FPS or other online games. Cat 6 ethernet cable is for gamers who want a good ethernet cable at affordable rates.

Cat 6a

A Cat 6a is an enhanced version of the Cat 6 cable. Here the ‘a’ stands for augmented. This is because the Cat 6e cable supports double bandwidth than the Cat 6 ethernet cable. They support to speed up to 10 Gbps up to 55 m. Whereas the bandwidth is 500 Mhz that is double than that of a Cat 6 cable. You can also use cat 6a cable for gaming as they are faster than cat 6 and are also shielded from electromagnetic interferences. The cost difference of both the cables is minimum.

Cat 7

Cat 7 cables are faster and more efficient than Cat 6 and Cat 6a cables. They are always shielded and are backward compatible for Cat 6a, Cat 6, and Cat 5 cables. They support up to 100 Gbps up to 15m, This makes them the fastest ethernet cables that are in use today. They have a maximum bandwidth of 600 MHz However commercially you are likely to get a cable that supports 10 Gbps of speed. They are very good cables for zero-latency gaming and can be a good pick for online gaming and streaming.

Cat 7a

The Cat 7a is the augmented version of the cat 7 cables. The speed is the same as 100 Gbps for a length of 15m but the bandwidth is 1000 MHz. Cat 7a cables are expensive than its predecessors and are used for very specific purposes. They are perfect for gaming, and you will not experience any interference, and you will get high-speed internet at a constant rate. This is for those game lovers who have a very high-speed internet connection at their home.

Cat 8

Cat 8 are the latest type of ethernet cables available today. They have a bandwidth of 2000 MHz and can support speed up to 40 Gbps for a maximum length of 30m. The Cat 8 cables are always shielded because they have a very high frequency and can support very high-speed for a long time. The Cat 8 cables are more expensive but are the best options available. Without a doubt, they are the best ethernet cable for gaming which provides zero latency with no interruptions. Cat 8 cables is the best pick for long use.

What is Electromagnetic Shielding? How it affects gaming?

Electromagnetic shielding over a cable is usually made up of braided aluminum or copper. This is usually done because electromagnetic waves from outside the cable can disturb and interfere with the frequencies inside the cable. Which will ultimately slow down or interrupt your internet. So it is also important for gamers because most of the gamers use many powerful appliances and their wires may pass the ethernet cable and hamper the connection.

Before you understand shielding you need to understand types of wires inside a cable

Twisted Pair(TP) – These have two wires twisted over each other to prevent cross talk. These are one of the most prevalent in the industry after the fiber optic cables.

Unshielded Twisted Pairs(UTP) – These twisted pairs of wires do not have any type of cover to protect themselves from outside interference. This makes them more flexible and cheap however we do not recommend unshielded cables for gaming.

Shielded Twisted Pair(STP OR SSTP) – These twisted pairs are protected with a conductive shield which is braided and is usually made up of copper or aluminium. This is done to reduce noise in the network and improving the quality of the connection.

Foiled Twisted Pair(FTP or SFTP) – Foiled twisted pairs are similar to STP. They use a foil to shield the connection. They are used for noise reduction and improve the connectivity. These cables can also be used for gaming as it is protected from outside interference to some extent.

Some categories of wires have Shielding while other do not

Category of cableShielding
Cat 3Unshielded
Cat 5Unshielded
Cat 5eUnshielded
Cat 6Unshielded/Shielded
Cat 6aShielded
Cat 7Shielded
Cat 7aShielded
Cat 8Shielded

How to choose a good ethernet cable for gaming?

There are several things you need to consider when you are buying an ethernet cable.


For length, you need to see how far your gaming setup is from your modem or router.
For 15m and less you can consider Cat 7 and if it is more than 15m go for a Cat 8 cable.


The choice of the cable largely depends on the speed of your internet connection. If you have a very high-speed internet connection say, 500 Mbps, 1 Gbps, or above you would not want a Cat 5e or a Cat 6 cable to ruin your experience. So for speed anything above Cat 6a is fine.

Rounded or Flat

Should your cable be rounded or flat? You should decide this based on where you are going to install the cable. As we know flat cables are more flexible and easy to install but there are chances that a flat cable can get damaged. Whereas rounded cables are comparatively more durable and strong. So if you think that the ethernet cable is to be installed at a place where the surrounding doesn’t disturb it much then go for a flat cable. And if you want a more durable cable then you can consider the rounded one.

Shielded or Unshielded

This should be an easy choice. All the latest category cables today are shielded and we do not recommend using an Unshielded cable for gaming. As with an Unshielded cable, there are more chances of electromagnetic interference which will hamper your overall network quality and will not give you zero-latency gaming. Also changes in speed while gaming can alter the quality of output or result in lag for online Fps games.

Quality of Material

Before buying an ethernet cable you should always look at what material the outer covering is made up of. We recommend you should pick a cable that has PVC coating from the outside as it provides better insulation and protection from the outside. PVC is also resistant to most of the chemicals including acids, oils, and alkalies. Also, PVC is stronger compared to other plastics and it has resistance to abrasion. You need to be careful before buying an ethernet cable because some of them use very low-quality plastic instead of PVC which decreases the life and durability of the cable.

Port Protection

Nowadays most ethernet cables have protectors that protect the port from unwanted snags when not in use or while moving from one place to another So you must see that your ethernet connector has a protector. Also, it is better if the RJ45 connector is gold plated which can prevent it from corrosion.

Wifi or ethernet cable which is faster and good for gaming?

We all know that ethernet cables are faster than a wireless wifi connection. Although when you are closer to the wifi the differences are minor. But when you move farther from wifi then you can see there is a significant change in speed and stability. So we prefer ethernet cable over Wifi for gaming because ethernet cable provides more stable and speedy internet even at a distance from a router or a modem.


We end up here with all about the best ethernet cable for gaming and we know a true gamer would do everything to make his internet connection fast. In the end, you should also have a fast internet connection. By comparing everything you can pick a cable that is best suited for your gaming setup and fits into your budget. We recommend you to use Cat 8 cables for gaming as they offer higher speed and bandwidth for a longer length. Also, Cat 8 are the latest category of cables and are better shielded compared to a Cat 7 or Cat 6.

Tell us in the comments if we missed something and which cable are you going to use in your gaming setup.

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