Backseat Gaming: Meaning, History, Concept and More

Well, Backseat gaming is not a new concept, here we will tell you everything about what is backseat gaming from meaning, history, and consequences.

what is backseat gaming
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The term backseat gaming might seem new but the concept of it has been there for a long time now. In fact, it is there from the time when gaming started. You and I might not realize but we all have, some or the other time have done backseat gaming. While there is nothing wrong with backseat gaming but some might considered it annoying mostly when it is done more than one can handle or tolerate.

What is Backseat Gaming

In simple words, backseat gaming refers to when a spectator of a game constantly and actively comments on the moves made by the player of a game.

He or she is not a commentator but rather a live critic or a judge who is mostly not required while live gaming.

To understand what is backseat gaming let us go through an example. Suppose you are playing again on your pc, Xbox, or whatever platform you have with yourself. And while you are playing, your friend sitting with you who is not directly playing the game wants to instruct you, tells you what to do, what not to do and how good or bad your moves were, and what else you could have done. And all this is happening in real-time and you are still playing the game. Here your friend is backseat gaming.

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What is wrong with backseat gaming?

Apart from the gamers who are able to ignore backseat gamers, it is mostly annoying for others. Imagine someone commenting on every move you make and telling you how you could have done better, most people don’t like it and after all, it is only a game.

Also, backseat gaming distracts the main gamer from the game and they might also experience pressure for performance, stress or anxiety. Apart from the pressure, a gamer is already facing in the game. Now he or she also has additional pressure to perform because of someone sitting behind them.

So backseat gaming also creates confusion in the mind of the person who is actually playing the game and it might result in the person making more wrong moves or decisions in the game which can directly affect the outcome of the game.

Backseat gaming completely eliminates the fun out of the game because someone from behind is constantly annoying you. And because of this, you might not feel to play a game at that point in time.

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How to avoid backseat gaming?

To avoid backseat gaming:

  • Consider playing in a room alone and make sure the room is closed and no one can enter while you are gaming
  • If this is not possible for you, and you are playing with your friend sitting behind you then make it clear between you and your friend that what qualifies as backseat gaming and you do not like it at all.
  • And also avoid doing backseat gaming yourself if your friend is playing.

Health Effects

If someone is constantly backseat gaming with you then it can affect your health and behaviour, with time you may develop anger or grudge towards that person even if it is baseless.

It can also make you someone who easily gets angry or someone who is annoyed with little things.

Backseat gaming for progress

However annoying it might be you can also use backseat gaming for your own benefit. For example, if a friend has already completed a level in a game, and you are stuck in it. Then he or she can guide you on how you can clear that level.

Again this will take away the fun element of the game but you will successfully complete the level and it can help you to progress in the game.

In another case if someone is teaching you how to play a particular game then in this case they are backseat gaming but this time this is useful for you as you are learning something. Also when backseat gaming is done in a limited amount and with the consent of the gamer it can produce good results.


now we can conclude that backseat gaming has more disadvantages than advantages. Backseat gaming not only a no is the real gamer but also affects behaviour and relationships so it is best to avoid backseat gaming.  Even if you you don’t know how to play a game it is better to figure it out on your own rather than having someone sitting beside you.

Also to avoid back ship giving in general consider playing games which you are master in or have played for long time this will give a backseat gamer less chance to to judge you and comment on your gaming.

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