Asus Vs Dell Gaming Laptop: Which are Better in 2022

Many companies make laptops for gaming nowadays and some have established their name well in the gaming industry. Asus and Dell both have their origin way back to the 1980s. And now both of them make gaming laptops and other gaming products. To find which among both of them is best while buying a gaming laptop we need to keep certain aspects in mind which is important for a gamer.

We have done a detailed comparison of Asus and Dell gaming laptops keeping in mind the pricing, features, support provided by the companies, built quality, design, history of both the companies and we have also listed out and compared the best budget models and top models from both the companies.

Variety and Pricing

Both Asus and Dell have their own different categories of laptops. The prices we take here for comparison are of Asus and Dell’s official online stores and not of other e-commerce sites.

Asus TUF gaming and Vivobook gaming Series

Asus has two dedicated laptop series for mid-range and budget gaming laptops. The TUF Gaming series laptop has over 12 options to choose from and the starting price is somewhere between Rs. 46000 to Rs 50000. Whereas the Asus Vivobook gaming series have over 7 different models to choose from and the starting price is around Rs. 50000. So in total, you have around 19 different gaming laptop models to choose from.

Best Budget Asus Laptops

Asus tuf 505dt gaming laptop


GTX 1650 4GB Graphics

Ryzen 5-3550H



View on Amazon
Asus Vivobook 14

Asus VivoBook 14 X412FJ-EK176T

NVIDIA GeForce MX230

Core i5 8th Gen


512 GB SSD

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Dell Inspiron and Vostro

The Dell also has two categories for mid-range and budget laptops but most of them are certainly not made for gaming as they only have intel integrated graphics. The starting price of a Dell laptop to have a gaming graphic card is Rs. 56000 and that too has an AMD Radeon 610 card only.

Best Budget Dell Laptop

dell inspiron 3593 laptopDell 3953

10th Gen Ci5-1035G1



2GB NVIDIA MX 230 Graphics

View on Amazon

Asus ROG vs Dell Alienware Laptops

Asus has a special sub-brand ROG(Republic of Gamers) for gaming whereas Dell has Alienware for gaming. The ROG has over 138 laptops including sub-models in the ROG series. The price of the ROG series starts from as low as Rs. 78000.

The Dell Alienware has over 8 gaming laptop models to choose from and the starting price is Rs. 175000 and above. But unlike ROG, Alienware does not have many sub-models. Instead, they have more customizations that customers can choose from and make a laptop according to their own preference.


The most essential thing in a gaming laptop is its GPU. Asus starts its gaming laptop Range AMD Radeon™ RX 560X, with 4GB, GDDR5 VRAM and it will cost you around Rs. 49000 with the very next model having NVIDIA GTX 1050 with 4GB of VRAM. Whereas in Dell laptops the cheapest laptop to have a graphic card for gaming cost around Rs. 57000 and you will get an AMD Radeon 610 series graphics card with 2 GB of VRAM.

Well here is the main difference, when you look for a Dell Laptop in a range of Rs 57000 to Rs 80000 you will get only NVIDIA® GeForce® MX350 with 2GB GDDR5 graphics memory. You need to pay Rs 85000 and above to get an NVIDIA GTX SERIES graphics card (1650 Ti). So with the degradation of GPU Dell is comparatively costlier than Asus.

Graphics CardAsus LaptopsDell Laptops
AMD Radeon RX seriesRs. 47000Rs. 57000
NVIDIA GTX seriesRs 49000 Rs. 90000

Heating and Cooling

With the system playing high graphics demanding games, you cannot ignore heating issues as heating directly affect the performance and life f the laptop. When we compare different laptop models from both the companies we can say that most of the Asus gaming laptops have better cooling systems than Dell Laptops. This is mainly because ASUS has over 3 laptop series only dedicated to gaming


Well, honestly gaming laptops are not known for their batteries. No doubt they need to run very high graphics which consume a lot of battery. They tend to have everything a gamer wants except battery life. However, in terms of battery life, we saw Dell Laptops performing better than Asus.

Dell laptops also focus on work and other stuff so they tend to have more battery. You can expect your gaming laptop to last for over two and half hours for gaming and around 4 to 6 hours if you are doing other things such as writing an article, browsing, watching a video, etc.

Software Customization and Updates

Both Dell and Asus Laptops comes with the latest Windows 10 installed on them. We found Dell gives more software customization to the customer and it can be easily done from their store which has a lot of options such as Antivirus, premium support, photo, and video editing solutions, and some office products. Obviously, they charge for the software but if you have already decided that you want a particular software then it makes the task easy for you giving you everything at a click.

Also, both the companies give regular driver updates but we found Dell is slightly faster than Asus in giving the driver updates. The other updates like the OS software updates are mostly handled by Windows and are automatic as they have windows 10.

Customer Support

Customer support of any company should be fast, personalized, and satisfactory. To know which among these two companies have good customer support we randomly asked 6 queries to each company at their support forum and also mailed them. The average time to respond was 7-10 hours from Dell and 12-15 hours from Asus. Also for more technical help, Dell referred us to the nearest Dell store. Dell was much faster at connecting calls compared to Asus. 

When you compare the number of stores you will find that there are way more official stores of Dell than Asus. Although, Asus is slowly increasing its number of stores they are far behind as of now.

Need for Support

While we were doing our research we found something interesting that we think is important to share with you. Most of the time we need support from companies is when somethings do not work properly or do not work at all. We read as many negative reviews from multiple e-commerce platforms and found that comparatively, some Dell laptops were more prone to hardware not working properly or working at all.

Whereas for Asus most of the negative reviews were about the battery performance or some minor software problems and most of them could be solved without going to a store. So you are going to experience fewer errors as an Asus laptop user compared to a Dell laptop user. While we cannot put it bluntly as a fact as it will be unfair to Dell so we are now researching more on it. Also if you give a Dell laptop for repair against a warranty then most likely they will replace the defective parts with refurbished products and this is clearly mentioned in its product warranty.

Design and Build Quality

Laptops are getting slimmer and slimmer with time and companies have the challenge to make them more durable.

Asus Design

Asus TUF laptops have good design and build quality which is appropriate for cooling. Asus works a lot to make their laptop slimmer and the Vivo book series is known for that. Also, the TUF laptops are known for their tough design and durability. The TUF laptop mostly has an overall hexagonal design and they look more futuristic. They were the Red dot design award winner in 2019.


Dell Design

Dell Laptops have a minimalistic and simple design. The design is made keeping the needs of students and office workers. They also have many slim laptops but that comes with more price. You are most probably not going to get amazed after seeing a Dell laptop. However, Dell laptops are mostly durable, and when it to design they give you many colors to choose from. Well if you look at Alienware laptops you can see an elegant and unique design.



Dell Innovation

dell latitude innovation

Dell has left its mark when it comes to innovation. They have brought many innovations in terms of size, display, and power. They are well known for bringing special features for students, businessmen, and employees.

They were one of the first companies to narrow down the screen bezels. Also, you can see their latest innovations in the XPS and Alienware series. Dell has been successful in making lightweight laptops without compromising battery life or hardware. 

Asus Innovation

Rog zephyrus duo 15

Asus is one of the best innovators in technology and it reflects directly through its products. The innovation they bring often amazes you like the second screen in ROG Zephyrus duo 15. They have also brought some features like the Aura which links the lightning and colors with music, temperature, or in-game actions. Also, they have their own intelligent cooling software which is very useful for gaming, and also they have made their design in a way that promotes optimum cooling.

Overall Asus is famous for its innovation and every new feature they bring mostly is very useful and also appealing.

When to Choose Dell

If you want a laptop built with your own preference then Dell has many customizations available for you. However, those customizations come at a price that makes Dell laptops expensive. Well if the price is not the issue for you then you can get a perfectly balanced laptop according to your needs.

Also, you don’t need to worry about support because the support provided by Dell is world-class and you can expect all your problems to be addressed and solved fast. Apart from the support Dell also provides other services to small businesses and consulting to all users.

When to Choose Asus

If you have price constraints don’t worry Asus have laptops in almost every price range. They have special laptops for gamers, businesses, and regular users. And in all the price range the performance they offer is excellent. Many varieties are of laptops are available which fulfill the needs of different users.

The design of the laptops is futuristic and they are also durable at the same time. The support offered by the company is not very great but there are very less chances that you will be in need of any support. 

Overall Asus has laptops for everyone and at every price range with great specifications. Also if you want a gaming laptop on a low budget then Asus is best for you.


We saw Asus winning the battle on pricing by providing excellent specifications at all prices. When it comes to variety, Asus offers a lot of laptop models and their sub-models to choose from. Dell brings variety by the various customization options it has.

Asus also has a lead in terms of GPU as it offers much better GPU at lower prices. Well, Dell is way ahead of Asus when it comes to customer support as they are fast in responding and solving problems of their customer. There is a neck to neck battle for both companies when it comes to premium gaming laptops as both ROG and Alienware laptops give tough competition to each other.

Both companies do pretty well when it comes to innovation and both of them focus on their customer needs.

Well, laptops are a one-time buy and you want your laptop to fulfill your needs for a long time. While searching for a laptop look for different companies and compare different models according to their features and pick a laptop that delivers the best in your budget.

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